Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
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Friday, 1 July 2011

Final shipments

The last boxes of bags are arriving,ready for the trip to Japan.This week the Post Haste van arrived early one morning, the energetic driver, ( as they all seem to be) ran round to the door and carried in the big box. I signed the notepad, it seemed to be almost invisible writing!! How can they decipher that into something legible that can be recognised and entered in their filing system??

Many many thanks, Post Haste.post Haste Van July 2011 Your generosity has been so much appreciated, first you took the huge box of donated fabric, cord and ribbon to Auckland, and then brought the finished bags back here,  direct to the front door..This box contained the 99 bags  made by a group of Auckland ladies, who gathered together, several times, and sewed non-stop. This is the final lot from them, 2 previous parcels have arrived already over the past few weeks. Photos of the bags, and names will follow. Watch the next page !!!

Then Mr Short arrived with a bag of bags, and an armful as well. These came from the ladies at Halcombe, a small country community near Feilding. The bags have lovely contrast linings, and could be used either way depending on the colour preference. Knot bags, shoulder bags, a small crochet bag, they will all be greatly treasured.
Halcombe bags July 2011 007Bags from H 3 July 2011,
Bags from Halcombe 1 July 2011Halcombe bags July 2011 009bags from H 2 July 2011
Now I am using Live Writer, the photos are a bit  easier to arrange, and as I have progressed with the blog, taking the photos has also improved from the beginning. Still not perfect,  apologies to the ladies who sewed bags at the beginning.Your photos could have had a better display and arrangement of the many bags.

 All a learning curve, or a steep slope!!!

I have had 2 emails from Japan, and the bags that have arrived are so appreciated, and …wait for it… . these comments will make us realise how worthwhile the sewing has been,
“ The bags are beautiful. Thank you for giving your time and talent” From April Snyder at Camp Zama.
And from Tanya ( I sent her some photos so she would be able to decide if the bags would be suitable for Donald McDonald House)
“The pictures of the bags that so many of you have made are just beautiful! Much more than what I had expected. These are obviously put together with such love, whoever receives one will feel the comfort and thought of the maker.

A selection of bags is going to Donald McDonald House, and the others again to the Tohoku region. I would like to thank Mark Pearson again for his assistance in sending the bags to the various places.

Mark, Wintertime is here waiting for you on your return to  New Zealand.

Cheers from  Jean

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