Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

January Images through the years

Mount Ruapehu, taken from high above Waiouru, A perfect day.
January 2005
Ruapehu from Tracey's

January 2006, sunrise, capturing the colours that changed every second.
sunrise  8th January 2006

Lemon Day Lily, colours that shone so well against the darker green
January 2007
Lemon day lily

“Long Drop Lodge”
“Short Stay Only”
in the Catlins area, Otago, January  2008
long drop  Catlins area

The old tree at Waitahuna, outlined in the early morning light, January 2009
The old tree outlined in the early morning

A stream in the Kaweka Forest Park, January 2010
stream in the Kaweka Forest Park

Monet’s Hexagon, an original pattern from Shirley Goodwin.
Mine is started, waiting to be bound. January 2011
Monets Hexagon ,Shirley Goodwin's pattern

Dierama, or Lady’s Wand, in the wind and the almost dusk.
Muriel ,my Mum-in-law loved this plant, and her aunt told her
“thems flowers are called Angel’s Bells, my dear”
this must have been about 1924 or so.
Well. tonight the  Angel’s Bells moved as the wind swirled
from the south.
Dierama or Lady's Wand, in the wind

Quotation of the day,  with reflections on the year past,
sadness and joy, old friends and new friendships, and the challenges of  the year ahead,
from Hillaire Belloc, 1870-1953
“From quiet  homes and first  beginning ,
Out to the undiscovered  ends,
There’s  nothing worth the wear of winning,
But laughter and the love of friends”
Cheers from Jean


Shirley Goodwin said...

Lovely photos (especially that quilt!)

Nancy J said...

Yes Shirley, I like the quilt so much too!! Have sent you an email with a real photo of my very own Monet's Hexagon, waiting for a binding, one of the TO DO projects sitting in the wings. Enjoy your time until classes start again. Cheers from Jean

HG's Blog said...

Great photography!!!!!!!

Tanya said...

I so love to see the New Zealand scenery! How I would like to visit someday!

Your husband's pictures the other day were lovely too (and the lovely model.)