Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Norton and No Photos

 This past week has seen me having Norton problems.  Phone calls, remote chat on line, the invisible man taking control of MY laptop, uninstall, reinstall, still could not do a scan. Finally yesterday, after my "incident" had been sent to the "escalation department" it seemed to have been solved. then  yesterday, a little later, I could not turn off my laptop, open it, or do anything at all!!! Luckily I had saved the incident report number ( memo, save everything !!), phoned another man in another country, and maybe, just maybe at 11 a.m. my user profile will be where it should be. So no photos,  no news, nothing of great interest, unless you are a Norton user. On Google, this is a common problem,  but they do not want to admit that. Hugh's laptop has a slightly different keyboard to mine, and I will be SOOO HAPPY when mine is restored  again. So I have written this direct on Blogger, not from Live Writer which I find so much easier.
I have pink tulips out in full flower, more Iris in bloom, Hugh's Dad's memorial weeping silver pear has white blossom galore.Spring is here in abundance.
Quotation of the day, authour unknown
" Save it for a rainy day"
Greetings from Jean


Barb said...

Once upon a time, I used Norton with Windows but the last couple years I've converted to Mac and haven't looked back. It's stressful to have computer or wireless issues. You feel literally disconnected! Good Luck.

Nancy J said...

Yes, I needed more than good luck. They did not phone at 11 a.m. I rang them at 11.25, and yes, a person would call back within 4 hours. I needed a time, so 3 p.m. is the magic hour. Wait and see are the words for today. Cheers from Jean.

Julie Fukuda said...

Computer issues mean that you have a computer and use it often enough to be frustrated when things go bonkers. I guess that's progress?
But then, if it weren't for that computer, I wouldn't have gotten to know you. How sad that would be!
As they say in Japan, "Gambatte" (hang in there)!

Susan Heather said...

It is SO frustrating when the computer goes on the blink. Hope things come right soon.

Lindsjö taxar said...

Yes I know how it is...very frustrating. I installed a new computer but we have still problems with the router, a strong one...internet is dropping sometimes..we have very fast line in...
Hope you will manage all your problems