Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Glowing in the Dark


The other night I was in the garden, late, and looked at the Agapanthus. They seemed to glow, in the camera  light.

Agapanthus glowing in the dark

I had sewn poppy seeds that were 3 years old, had not been kept in cold storage, so my hopes were not high.However they have bloomed, and if we have no wind tomorrow ,will have more pics. This is one beautiful flower.

Poppy flower

On Friday 11th, our Rotorua family were arriving late, a  surprise for Hugh, his birthday was on the 10th. Shortly before they drove in, this  delicate  band of colour  was in the western sky.Muted shades, clouds hovering, very little wind, dark trees, nature is wonderful.

Night sky 9 p.m. 11th Jan 2013

Quotation of the day, from Scharmel Iris

“ The poppy opes her scarlet purse of dreams”

Greetings from Jean


Susan Heather said...

Great photos - I see Hugh and Max have the same birthday.

Brian King said...

Beautiful shots! Love the colors in the sky!

Barb said...

That frilly poppy is gorgeous - my poppies are always so dependable even in this harsh environment. Happy Birthday to Hugh!

Nancy J said...

Thank you all, I cannot decide when I have the ready money, will I get a much better telephoto or true macro lens? Think the telephoto wins, as I do so like landscape and skies specially.Cheers from Jean

Jim said...

Happy Birthday to Hugh, somewhat belated!!
LOVE Poppies. I think they are the prettiest flower....so delicate and colourful.