Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Today’s Newspaper Cartoons


From 1989, to 2004, on TVNZ, there was a program called

“ Holmes”

This was  Sir Paul Holmes at his best, controversial, inquiring, compassionate,  with interviews that  had that extra oomph. He left in 2004,  amid some controversy after a comment that many did not like.

Monday to Friday, for 15 years, 7 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. New Zealanders watched and listened to, the then, Paul Holmes, at his scintillating best.

At the end his words would be,

“ Those were our people today, that’s Holmes tonight.”

Today in the NZ Herald and the Dominion Post are these cartoons from  Rod Emmerson and Tom Scott.

They portray  Sir Paul, arriving at the Pearly Gates, Sir Peter waiting for his arrival, but the tables are turned in favour of Sir Paul.

Both cartoons courtesy of the internet.

Rod Emmerson's Cartoon 2nd February 2013

And here is Sir Paul Holmes, his first show in Heaven.

Tom Scott's Cartoon 2nd February 2013

I am fortunate to be  the age I am, which  means I have enjoyed the programs, interviews, seen  many  sides of this man,  for many years,  but the two cartoons today  depict him at his very best.

Sir Paul, I hope the Pearly Gates were open wide, the microphone ready, and an assured captive audience listening to every word.

Quotation of the  day from Henrik Ibsen

“ A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed”

Greetings from Jean


Jim said...

Jean, so sorry for your loss! He sounds like a wonderful human being. Sir Paul Holmes will sorely be missed by all your countrymen.
Thanks for stopping by today. Always great to see you here!

Nancy J said...

Thanks Jim,yes he will be missed by many, and as long as I can remember the NZ Herald has had a cartoonist, with some truly remarkable, memorable cartoons.Sir Gordon Minhinnick was the pre-eminent cartoonist from 1939 to 1976, and after retiring, contributed for another 10 years. I totally admire anyone who can put pen to paper and come up with these remarkable drawings, so talented. Hope you have all recovered from the many helpings of The Cake!! Greetings from Jean

Susan Heather said...

Love both the cartoons. When I visited Max yesterday a gentleman at the same table who is usually very happy was ranting and raving about his wonderful father and uncles and swearing at other residents - apparently this was all brought on by the article in the Herald on Paul Holmes.

I was unable to discover the connection but he was really upset and, obviously, disliked Paul intensely.

Nancy J said...

Yes Susan, love or hate, that is the extent of what many NZ'ers feel. The cartoons, I thought they were so good, and many of us do not get papers delivered now. Poor man, he must have been so upset, and not able to help what he was saying.Life can be so cruel at times. Hope all is Ok with you. greetings from Jean

Barb said...

Sir Paul sounds like an icon - both in NZ and in Heaven!

Kat said...

I am not familiar with Sir Paul Holmes but from what you have written, that quote at the ends sounds so appropriate, and is to true for all of us to remember. WIth love and ladybug hugs, Kat

KB said...

Barb said almost exactly what I was planning to say! Lovely quote.

Lindsjö taxar said...

Hi Jean!!
Hope you are doing ok!!
Good cartoons :-)

sophie...^5 said...

Sounds like a grand ol' fellow who knew exactly what and how to say it!!

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