Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Colours in the late afternoon


Tonight there were some shades of pink, grey, gold and lemon in the western sky.Nature provides wonderful scenes.afternoon sky from the front garden July 2013

Evening sky 28th July 2013

Three little homes, all empty now, but they have given shelter, warmth and comfort to many during their working life. Now on the ground, rescued for a photo shoot.Three nests

Baby nest, maybe for a waxeye or Silvereye. All bird  photos courtesy of Internet.

Baby nest


This is a middle sized nest, maybe a fantail.

Middle nest 


The largest nest might have been home to a thrush or blackbird family

Large nest 


The variety of feathers in each nest was astounding, this mottled one l stood out , quite different to the grey and white.

Mottled feather in Middle Nest

Very soon the birds will again be building their nests for the new season.Many hours as they search for dry twigs, grass, moss, and feathers to make a soft bed for eggs, then baby birds. When we just  go to the building  company  and choose a plan!!!

Quotation of the day from  Maya Angelou

“ A free bird leaps on the back of  the wind

and floats downstream till the current ends,

and dips his wings in the orange sun’s rays and dares to claim the sky”

Greetings from Jean


camp and cottage living said...

This has me wondering where the birds have relocated.
Will they ever be neighbors again?
That's a pretty bush Jean. What is it named?

Nancy J said...

Hi, it is a Calistemon, or Bottlebrush, so called as the flowers resemble that. It has bright red flowers, will post a photo when there is some colour. Cheers from Jean. p.s. lots of birds everywhere this week,feeding on grubs and worms from the lawn, insects on bushes, there were so many kinds every day.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a sweet post about homes of our feathered friends.

Love your sunset photos too.

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

Carol Mattingly said...

Those skies are so beautiful and those nests are cute as an be.

TexWisGirl said...

lovely skies.

Linda said...

Lovely series of photos, Jean.

Nancy J said...

Thanks all, the sky has been truly beautiful lately, with colder air the colours deepen just for that brief time. The further south you go, more lovely than here. Maybe when we go to congratulate Kaz and Ralph, more photo opportunities other than the "engagement" ones. Greetings from Jean

Lindsjö taxar said...

Hi Jean!
Great skies, we got overcast the whole day but warm, some thunder could I hear.
Doggies are doing well again

Maureen said...

You certainly have a good collection of used nests there Jean! How on earth did you manage to capture a shot of the fantail?

Nancy J said...

Maureen , all bird pics off the net, I have tried, and tried, and again, but they are elusive!!! Maybe one day. We had lots of wind, and over 3 days the nests were all in different parts of the garden. Too sad to see them thrown away. Lindsjo, so glad doggies are AOK again. Cheers from Jean