Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Thursday, 26 September 2013

San Francisco, we thank you


San Franciso from the Marin Headlands (framed)

Today was the final race for America’s Cup.

Oracle Team USA won, but to all of us in New Zealand, Dean Barker, Ray Davies, your team, and all the Team New Zealand members, you are truly the winners. You raced so well, with races snatched from you, winds too light,  winds too strong, and the expertise, technology and financial backing given to Oracle was all to their advantage.

These words from Dean Barker, before the Cup was presented to Oracle skipper James Spithill.

“ Firstly, I would like to thank the city of San Francisco for putting on what’s been the most amazing event, and  for  being such fantastic hosts.

You’ve made the team feel incredibly welcome here, and we are very thankful for that.

To Oracle, Amazing.”

Dean went on to thank all the team, the support crew, families and friends, and us back here for support throughout the whole campaign.

We look forward to greeting you all on your return to NZ, a huge welcome is waiting .


I,  too, and on behalf of all in New Zealand,  give many thanks to the San Francisco community, for the hospitality so generously  given to our New Zealand team, this has been continued for many months, and like so many here, we wished we would be able to reciprocate.Thank you all…


Our lives continue at slow pace, Hugh is in much pain, waiting to se an orthopod, meantime on tablets,(lots!!) ,  on crutches ( the walking stick is back in the cupboard), I have been promoted to driving the quad, and had a lesson in using the bandsaw!!! Wow, I didn’t clear the cut pieces of wood off the bandsaw table before I cut the next one, a lesson soon learnt very well, stern words from the man, as this can be dangerous.

I did say that I am ready to do almost anything I can, but do draw the  line at driving the Nissan 4WD, and towing the camping trailer as well, our larger vehicle is manual, and I so prefer an automatic gear change. This is so much easier after spinal surgery, and although my surgery  was many years ago, using a clutch is still too difficult for me.

So my blog might have few/not many/ NO  photos or words for  some days, as I try to manage the extra workload, and all the other jobs that I took for granted when Hugh was fit and well,  and the main thing in   providing lots and LOTS of TLC.

Quotation of the day, author unknown

“     Life is like a camera…..

Focus on what’s important,

Capture the good times,

Develop from the negatives,

And if things don’t work out,

Take Another Shot”

Greetings from Jean


Susan Heather said...

I couldn't watch today's race - too stressful.

Sorry to hear Hugh is still far from well. I hope you are better with all that extra workload. Do take care.

with love

Carol Mattingly said...

I'll pray for pain free days for both of you and be careful working that saw.

Nancy J said...

Thanks Susan and Carol, another early start ,pain free would be wonderful right now. Susan, I watched the race, and Dean's words, he is gracious and humble, then I left, couldn't bear to see any more. Lots of comments about the nationalities on Oracle's team. And, I promise to take care. Cheers, Jean.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

I love your quote.........so good. It is hard when the one who knows how to do every thing.........cant do it any longer. My prayers are with you and your husband. I am in awe of you........I want to learn how to use a bandsaw!!! My husband is going to teach me how to weld in a couple of weeks.........I want to create some garden art and we are building a storage shed together............he is one brave man to try to teach me. LOL I did not get to see the race........but it sounds wonderful.

Michaele said...

Oh I just love the last quote! You always amaze me in what you are willing to take on. We do what we have to do right? Please take care!

Nancy J said...

Thanks Kathleen, Hugh too has a welder, hope I don't have to use that too. The band-saw I think is lots easier to use. Greetings from Jean.

Nancy J said...

Thanks Michaele, I'm hoping my shoulders get broader as the days go on, coping OK so far. I too so liked that quote, it seemed to fit our days here and the Team NZ guys as well. Cheers, Jean.

Margie said...

Jean, I did not watch the race but congrats to both teams.

So sorry to hear that you and your husband are having such a difficult time.

Sending my best wishes that both of you feel better soon, very soon!

Nancy J said...

Margie, thanks for your lovely words, I am fine, Hugh very mediocre, aptt with the orthopod has been hurried along. Another wet night and morning here, grey skies, and daylight saving has started.!! Greetings from Jean.

Nicky said...

Oh no, I do hope Hugh is feeling better soon, you are a wonderful lady to just take up the reins and do what needs doing... take care of yourself too won't you.....it was a shame about the race result, but I too feel so proud of the whole team and their amazing effort.

Tanya said...

I love your camera quotation!

Sorry to hear that both you and your hubby are under the weather. Hope you are skipping along soon.