Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

One More Competition

Courtesy of the email link sent to me


What's your dream adventure? Share it for a chance to win it.

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GoPro: Be a HERO.




How Will You GoPro?

The New HERO3+ Camera


How It Works


Step 1: Answer

Answer the question "How will you GoPro?" in 500 characters or less.

Step 2: Create

Create an original drawing, movie poster, collage or any other visual representation of your idea. Share your entry using the hashtag #iwillgopro.

Step 3: Adventure

If your idea is chosen as the Grand Prize winner, you and a friend will travel with a GoPro film crew to create a video of your epic adventure.

What you can win.

  • All-expense-paid dream adventure for two (up to $30,000 USD value)
  • accompanied by a GoPro film crew
  • $15,000 USD in cash
  • GoPro Everything We Make prize package
  • (yep, get one of everything GoPro makes)

Weekly Prizes

The most creative or original entry each week will win a

GoPro Everything We Make prize package.

Entries accepted October 1 – December 4

Learn More








After last week, and the “washer”… then  this week, the  “ Bike Light” ….what will be next?

I get emails from GoPro, and they have the most exciting competition. Lots of dollars to spend to  make my dream adventure  come true. Guess what my entry will be??

“My dream adventure is to travel and meet my wonderful blog friends in North America and Canada…”

I would like your, all of your… permission to use one photo from your blog, as I need to put in words ( 500 limit) of what I would like to do, then I hope to do a photo slide entry, for Step 2.. starting at, naturally, the far North  in Alaska,  down through Yukon, Colorado, Illinois, Nova Scotia, New York, Florida,  and all in- between, with a caption on each photo. Please email me if you are happy to have a pic of yours in my entry, …  I thought maybe scenery or landscape or animals, no faces,  and no personal details at all… and also… please email if you would like to say “No”.

Just think, Hugh and I would meet you all,  bringing  goodies made in NZ with Merino, for those cold winters, cool merino for the warmer south, some woodwork made by Hugh, and lots of memory cards for my own camera.

I have a little time to get it done, but want to do the very best I can.

Quotation of the week, author unknown

“  Make sure you have a dream, if you want to succeed”

Greetings from Jean


Georgia said...

I'd love to see you and Hugh here in Florida, Jean! Permission granted.

Nancy J said...

Hi Georgia, quick reply, one down, lots to go. I'm hoping to be able to pack my bags!!! Cheers, Jean.

Karen said...

Oh gosh Jean, wouldn't that be a blast to come to North America! You have my permission to use a photo from my blog.

Val said...

What a great idea, you can use one of my blog photos....Hawaii is great place to visit anytime!!

Carol Mattingly said...

You're welcome in KY any time Jean.

Jim said...

Oh Jean! I SO hope you win this contest! I am very familiar with GoPro and their products....good company.
You have my permission to use any photo from my blog....good luck and sending you good energy from Nova Scotia!

sophie...^5 said...

Go for it Jean...use any photo you want and let me know so I can watch you win!!!



Nancy J said...

Thank you all, I will have some severe competition, so need lots of time to do my best. Cheers, Jean.

Margie said...

Now wouldn't that be wonderful.
You can use any photo of mine.

Tons of luck, Jean

KB Bear said...

What a great competition. Just choose a photo, and let me know so I can send you one without a watermark on it!!! I hope you win!

Here I Am Carrie said...

Well I am so glad to be on your travel list. Will be sending you a link to some photos soon. Wishing you a chance to win for your dream trip. Hugs...

Kat said...

I may be too late, but if it gets you to Florida, count me in :-)

Nancy J said...

Hi all , not too late at all, my entry is still in the planning stages, KB, will email you some selected pics, Carrie, ta for yours, and Kat, if I can use one of your photos that would be super. Margie, will let you know what I choose. Greetings to all, Jean.