Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Saturday, 3 September 2016

The week that was……..


Firstly, so many thanks to all at

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The event of the year,  Pets on Quilts, is over, the voting is finished and the winners have been announced. this was a massive undertaking, with so many entries, voters, and random prizes. And YES, my name was one chosen for one of the goodies, a pattern from the talented  Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts.Thank you so much Lorna for your generosity again.The wonderful generous sponsors are many, and are listed below.


Jeffree Itrich, the Fat Quarter Shop, Sharon Holland Designs, Lorna McMahon of SewFreshQuilts, Lara Bucella, the Green Fairy Quilt Shop, Hoffman Fabrics, Bejeweled Quilts by Barb, Clever Tools, and Terri Stegmiller Art and Desig


This was such a welcome highlight after a worrying week, 2 trips to hospital by ambulance, one overnight stay,  and a treadmill tolerance test.    phew, I managed the 6 minutes, heart rate to a 160 beats per minute. Did you hear it thumping away up North?.Then the lovely Doctor came back after looking at all the ECG print out pages, and said, “ There is the good news and the bad news. Your arteries are all clear, so  the bad news is I am not any wiser as to what is causing your chest pain”.However they also found I had a kidney infection, and after being admitted on Monday,  discharged on Tuesday, was back there on Wednesday. ED was full, SO full, I was on one of the corridor beds for about 5 hours. But, luckily, I did not need any  detailed  examinations!!! IV line in, antibiotics, and this time written instructions if anything recurs.

The daffodils are flowering, snowdrops blooming, and maybe tomorrow I will get out again with my camera.

Along the fence-line  are the many daffodil bulbs my dearest Dad-in-law planted , and his memory is there  in every golden bloom  at spring-time .

Daffodils in gold

Daffodils on the fenceline

Quotation  of the day, author unknown, words and image courtesy of the internet.

quote #2

Greetings from Jean


Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Golly, a scary week! Please take care.

Out To Pasture said...

So sorry for your recent medical problems and hope you are feeling better now. Hospitals always make me feel a little panicky. I think it's their smell.

Wonderful daffs display at your place. Your father-in-law's planting is enjoyed each Spring and I'm glad you share the image.

Congrats on your contest win. Ginger cats are attractive models.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Jean ~ What a busy week you've had. I'm glad nothing serious was found in all of your testing. I hope your infection clears up soon. I pray that your chest pains will ease.

What a beautiful border of daffodils! They are such a happy spring flower.

I want to thank you again for all of your encouraging comments on my posts. They mean a lot to me.

Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

Julie Fukuda said...

How scary! I'm glad the outcome is OK and you can rest at home.
Please take care and do enjoy that lovely row of daffodils.

Sandra Walker said...

Great saying. Glad to hear you are okay...though not that it's a mystery as to why you had chest pains. Two trips in an ambulance is never good, especialy within one week. Sending you healing light. Those daffs are fabulous! And how wonderful that it is your dad-in-law who planted them. My dad spent a night on a guerney in a corridor one time too, NOT fun at all. I hope this next week brings you rest and better health. How wonderful to think it's spring down there! Here we dipped into low 70s (low 20sC) but as of tomorrow we are back in the high 20s/low 30s (80s, possibly even a low 90 early in the week). It's been a glorious hot summer, just the way this girl likes it! Oh, congrats on the win!

eileeninmd said...

Hello Jean, sorry to hear about the health problems. I do hope and pray you are ok now. Your daffodils are beautiful.
Congrats on your win! Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

TexWisGirl said...

the daffodils are beautiful along your fence.

so sorry for your worries and for your ills! i do hope the chest pain is nothing serious! still, not knowing is worse.

Susan Heather said...

Sorry to hear you have more trips to hospital. I thought it was the earthquake but perhaps it was just the pounding of your heart that I felt.

I do hope you are starting to feel better. Spring is really on its way. Love your daffodils.

Seriously, about the earthquake - I gather it was felt up here and something did wake me up at time but most likely coincidence. Did you feel it there?

Inger said...

I'm so sorry about your health scares. I hope taking care of the kidney infection helped the rest as well. It's disconcerting to have pains andnot know why. Take care.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Love that row of daffodils pic, so pretty!

Mystic Quilter said...

Jean, so sorry to hear of the health troubles you've had!! I hope these issues settle down for you - quickly!
Pretty scary with a high rate, I know from vast experience, however I'll not go there. Thank you for sharing the photo of the daffodils along the fence, Spring is here!! Take Care.

The Furry Gnome said...

So sorry you've been ill. Hope you're feeling better soon.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Jean, I'm so sorry that you've not been well! But I'm grateful that you're not ignoring your symptoms (like some do!) and I hope you're continuing to feel better! I've a feeling that your lovely daffodils will help!

Take care!!

Allie-oops Designs said...

Oh my dear I am praying for you - please keep well!!!! Congratulations on your win, and your daffodils are just stunning - what a lovely way to remember.

Shelley Folkerts said...

Sorry to hear of your multiple ambulance trips to the hospital. I apologize for being a little out of the loop on what was happening.(Missed your birthday too, belated Happy Birthday!) I hope that the doctors can find what is actually causing your chest pains soon. The not knowing is the hardest thing. Congrats on the win!

Barb said...

Jean - what a week! Glad your arteries are looking good, but it seems you've had that bladder infection for awhile. Are you running a fever with it? Perhaps the infection is causing inflammation that's affecting your heart? Feel better soon!

Jim said...

Jean, so sorry you had a difficult/worrisome week.
Good that your arteries are all clear.
Now the chest pain.....did they mention that it could be acid reflux? Ron has this quite a bit and always wonders if it is heart related. It never is and he takes ginger tea (fresh grated) and other things from drug store.
I hope you are feeling better. I know how exhausting trips to the hospital can be.
Those daffs are beautiful.....moving into your spring I see. Enjoy it all and all the best to you both.

Jenny said...

Congratulations on your win - how exciting!

And good on you managing to stay on the treadmill for 6 minutes. Not an easy task, I'm sure. I do hope the doctor gets to the bottom of your problems.

Take care and look after yourselves - we are thinking of you and sending "get well" vibes.

KB Bear said...

Wow, you really did great on the stress test! I'm glad that your heart is healthy - but then again, all of us already knew that :)

I sure do hope that you start feeling better soon.

I love your daffodils and that they bring back such sweet memories.

camp and cottage living said...

Congrats on your win, Jean.
So glad nothing showed up on your test. We'll just pray the pains go away! The daffodils are a definite sign of Spring.
Take care-Kim

Carol Mattingly said...

Get well soon Jean, you don't want to miss Spring there. Best wishes, Carol.

joanne said...

I always love daffodils they have such a happy little faces you have to smile when you look at them ! Hope all is well with you take care .

Tish Stemple said...

Congrats on your win over at Lily Pad Quilting. Lorna's patterns are so wonderful. And my goodness it sounds like you've really had a past few weeks. Great news about your stress test, but I hope they can figure out why you are still having pain. Send lots of love and warm thoughts your way.

Janet said...

Isn't it frustrating when they can't tell you what is wrong! I hope it gets sorted out soon and you have no more "episodes". Congratulations on your win. The kitties deserve it. :)

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

You take it easy!
I don't know if you recall but I was having chest pains when caring for hubby. It was stress, finally. I tookthe stress test, though and I was fine! I wasn't about to have a heart attack, just needed to breathe!
Take good care! xx

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Jean I was so sorry to read of your awful, horrible week. Not fun at all and thankfully you are recovered. I guess we just have to be thankful that we do have good health care. But I am glad you won a pattern and I think it is wonderful to have your daffodils as a reminder of family. They say springtime to me so Happy Spring and continued good health.

Fundy Blue said...

I am so sorry t hear that you've had such a tough week, Jean! Hospitals are no fun ~ I've been there far too many times ~ done the bed in the corridor thing too. It's bad enough not to feel well, but to have to worry about those hospital gowns and all they don't cover! LOL I'm glad you're home and enjoying your lovely, bright daffodils! How nice that your name was chosen in the Pets on Quilts competition! Do take care and feel better ~ sending you a big hug!

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

Congratulations on your win! Isn't that the cherry on top of a lovely event?

So sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope you learn what the trouble is and are back on the mend soon.