Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Monday, 12 March 2018

East to West, a Bluebird Day.

Sunday dawned with a clear sky and almost a frost at Springfield.

The day before,late afternoon, the Trans Alpine Express tootled  along on its way back to the East, so many tourists hanging out of the open rail cars, I guess I am on at least one photo and maybe a video,going back to China or Japan, I hadn’t time to get my camera out.

I can see it now “Look at that crazy lady waving like mad at us!!!”

Photo courtesy of the internet. The Trans Alpine Express on the way from Christchurch to Greymouth, South Island, New Zealand.

Image result for trans alpine train nz photosLouise ,at Bahara, , Springfield,  made us so welcome,and the girls and boys did too. Call in here to enjoy the peace and beauty of the south.

Bahara Accommodation

I have just phoned Louise and she so kindly has given me permission  to post some photos from their web page.Eat your heart out at these, I need to be back in winter to get that much desired “Quilt on the Snow” photo. Happy Anniversary, I hope you have as many years of happiness together as Hugh and I have had.

The alpacas all smiled to order for this one. Courtesy Bahara web page.

2014-10-02 17.29.01a

Winter  white, beautiful.


And one more from Bahara’s web pages, the far unit was where we had the most peaceful night, and where I stood on the deck, to wave at all who passed along the railway lines!!! Thanks so much Louise.We will be back.


Back to my Canon, one alpaca looked on in curiosity,and one little hen obliged as well

Springfield Alpaca, just looking.

One of the girls at Springfield

Sunrise at Bahara. the day would be fine.

Sunrise at Springfield, 11th March

Arthur’s Pass was definitely the best drive of all, so many places to stop easily!!! So, here wo go,from start to end.

Still early morning and shadows from those huge mountain ranges.

Pathfinder and trailer on the way to Arthur's PassOn the way to Arthur's Pass, shadows.

shadows on the bridge, on the way to Arthur's Pass

The darker part is shadow from the hills to our left, the Eastern side. The paler part  is rocky, with a lot of very bare places.

Pathfinder and trailer on the way to Arthur's Pass. #2

A lot of windscreen views.here is one.

Windscreen view on the way to Arthur's Pass #2

There was mist rising in the distance, above  Lake Pearson, high in the Waimakariri Basin.

Mist  in the distance on the way to  Arthur's Pass

More shadows, this is exactly how it was that morning at 9 a.m.

Sunlight and shadows on the way to Arthur's Pass

Arthur's Pass National Park sign.

More rocks, this would all be covered in snow in winter.

rocks and scree on  the way to Arthur's Pass

Above the viaduct,we didn’t try to cross the road with the trailer, this is a huge engineering feat.

Photo courtesy of the internet.

Related image

this is the corner just above the viaduct.

Above the viaduct on the  Arthur's Pass road

A wee bit of snow,left over from 20th February.

Snow on the way to Arthur's Pass

We left the Pass road,a brief stop at Kumara, we were there in 1986. The Pathfinder looks so shiny after tar seal roads!!!No dusty metal today.

Kumara stop.

Over the Taramakau River bridge, road and rail all together!!!

Bridge over the Taramakau River, rail and road combined 

Then that salty smell,and the vast Tasman Sea on our left.I could almost see Australia in the distance.ALMOST, as 2000km is a tad too far.!!!

Rocks below the road to Greymouth.#2Rocks below the road to Greymouth

We are well on  the way to Westport, to stay a night with a friend who moved from our home-town to down south.

Pathfinder on the way to Greymouth

Quotation of the day, author unknown,

“Kindness and generosity

will always be remembered ,

many years after they have been given with no

thought of a repayment”

Greetings from Jean.


Nancy J said...

I can see the internet photos are too wide, but if I go and edit them, and this has happened before, the whole post changes. Sorry to overshadow all the blogs I follow on that side. Next time I will try and do better!!!

Kate said...

The pictures are marvelous. So nice to see NZ from here.

Jenny said...

Wonderful views Jean. The South Island is certainly majestic place to travel through.

Carol Mattingly said...

Oh my gosh you all look like you are having a ball. That is so fantastic. I love all of your photos. Don't worry about foxy right now. Just have fun. Carol

Lori Skoog said...

That must have been one long trip! How many miles have you driven?

Nancy J said...

Thank you all so much, today and all the other days for lovely comments. Leaving the South Island tomorrow, and miles? The Pathfinder was having a "super duper" check up before we left, so can get the start mileage from the garage sheet, not sure, but A WHOLE LOT !! Maybe tomorrow will get some beauties of the sounds and Tory Channel as we depart.

Jenn Jilks said...

It's beautiful, isn't it?!
How lovely for you! We were in Westport, Ontario, the other day!

Nancy J said...

On the ferry at Picton.all looking calm and fine so far.and so the last day of our holiday as we travel.north again.

Sandra Walker said...

Again I am amazed at the similarities between NZ and Canada. Totally relate to the sun and shadow pic, the mountains. Then that shot of the Tasman Sea!! 2000km to Australia, I did not realize it was that far! That's the distance from my house to Florida basically!

KB Bear said...

NZ is such a glorious place. I'm so glad that you're out enjoying it. I love your photos. Thank you!

Sharon - IN said...

Thank you for the photo tour! It sure looks like you are having a wonderful adventure!

Fundy Blue said...

You have such a beautiful country, Jean! And the names! I love the names of all there places. I truly want to come and visit! Hugs to you and Hugh!