Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Friday, 9 March 2018

Guys and Gals on the Farm

We are a little further south, and staying with Hugh’s cousin, who was our”flower girl”  in February 1962. Jan and Phil’s married daughter Sara, with Greg, and the two littlies, Jack and Luke have their own home across another paddock.

Pepper, seen below, and Salt, photo further below, both delightful ladies, are in yet another paddock .look at her eyes, Pepper was so friendly.

Pepper's eyes at Winton

Sisterly love!!! Salt and Pepper together.

Cosy together at Winton

Our wee ginger boy Boris, has a much larger and very white namesake down here. Boris, saved from disaster, continues to have a charmed life.He is taller than the top of a car, and a lot taller than myself!! So tame, he eats out of your hand.

Boris, the big boy at Winton

All the sheep seemed so happy to accompany me along the paddock, saying “ Can I get closer?”Yes, those are the same shoes I bought in Blenheim,  very comfortable and keep my feet warm and dry!!

my feet and one ewe at Winton

One of the flock, so happy to stand and look.

Your knees need a wash, at Winton

On Wednesday  we visited Invercargill and Bluff. The quilting fabric shop was shut!!! So we continued to Bluff.The lookout has a circular pathway ramp to the very top. and as I hate heights, tried so hard not to look down below.

Bluff Port,looking out to sea.

Bluff Port looking out to sea

The sign showed various places, and if it was a clear day and you could see forever. Stewart Island is down there somewhere in the mist and fog.  Antarctica is way beyond the horizon!!!

In the distance, Stewart Island

Bluff Lookout with names of places

Bluff signages

Bluff Port from the lookout.

Bluff Port from the lookout

A very narrow entrance, and some skilled piloting of big ships to enter and exit safely.

Bluff Port

Tall communication towers at the lookout.

Part of the Communication centre towers at Bluff

The map is one of the  lower half of the South Island. Bluff is immediately below Invercargill. Invercargill, bottom centre, we are a little north of there, Winton is signposted,  today, Friday, we travel back to the left , up to Oamaru. A little more than half way up on the coastline on the left.

Image result for south island map

Quotation of the day,  author unknown

“ If everything seems to be going well,

you obviously do not know what is ahead”

Greetings from Jean.


Jenny said...

That quilt fabric shop was closed while I was there too!
When we were down in Bluff we could hardly get near the famous sign to take a photo, the place was full of tourists all taking selfies with the sign. One woman and her kids must have taken aabot 20 snaps, all the time crowds were waiting to take her place!
Enjoy your tripping around.

Carol Mattingly said...

You are having such fun I can tell. Love Salt and Pepper. Wow what a view and to think you mentioned Antarctica somewhere down there. That's not something I hear every day. Have fun, be safe, safe travels. Carol

Jocelyn Thurston said...

I enjoyed your last posts so much...loved seeing you both. A wedding is such a happy family time. I would love to see those animals too.

Susan Heather said...

Good to hear you are having such a wonderful trip. The wedding looked so special.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

What great photos, looks like you are having a great time. Salt and Pepper are so cute!!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Catching up on your blog. What a fun, special, and truly a memorable trip!

Salt and Pepper are truly a fun bonus! They make me not wish I was afraid of goats, horses and cows. Really.

Continued fun and safe travels!!

Jenn Jilks said...

How disappointing, the shop closed! Amazing views, though.