Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Family and holidays

The last few weeks have been busy with family, our visit from Mayumi and her stay here, sewing with sister-in-law . Trips out, to New Plymouth, Wellington Airport and now home again.
Here is Pat’s Hootie Owl, ready for his trip back to Nanango, where he will get shadow outlined, padded and hung on the wall.His eyes will have  wobbly  eyes added, just to make him even more able to see in the dark!!!
Des and Pat Sep 2011 032
Here is Mayumi, after 9 years away, we were all smiles,laughter and yes, some tears.The snow had started to fall, and we drove home with the flurries most of the way.
Mayumi at Wellington airport Aug 15 2011snow Mayumi Akiko 029
 Mayumi and Akiko walked around the garden taking photos and videos, Akiko was going to Napier to meet her Kiwi friend. We had a day in  Marton, then visited Nga Tawa, where Mayumi was a student in 2002. What a great surprise to meet Mrs Coleman ,who recognised her. Many photos, and a walk around the rooms she once sat in and learnt the New Zealand ways.
Mayumi and Hugh, leaving,Aug 2011Four days later and we are not ready to say goodbye.The suitcase  is packed, weighed on Hugh’s new hand held digital scales.So we went to New Plymouth, and left Mayumi with Akiko, and Ken and Joyce. They were off to Auckland the next day, then on the Saturday an early trip to the airport.
Petone Des and Pat Sep
Last Saturday  Des,Pat Hugh and I drove to  Petone, and then were at Wellington Airport at  4 a.m. on Sunday.Here are Des and Pat, then one of  Hugh and Des together, they had a great time in the Ruahine Ranges, more photos to come of that adventure.
Petone Hugh and Des SepMoxies Sep 2011
The trip home was mostly in the dark, as we left Wellington at 4.45 a.m  just after Des and Pat went to the boarding area. We arrived at Moxies Cafe  at 7.30 a.m. What a superb breakfast menu, I had pancakes, berries, maple syrup. whipped cream, and 2 cups of the most wonderful coffee.Hugh and eggs,bacon and toast.  And also 2 cups of coffee. Fortified for  the day !!!They very kindly said an honourable mention was OK. Well, this is very honourable, I recommend Moxies to everyone.!!! Then home to a very quiet house, all visitors gone and the photos to remind us it was real.

With many memories of wonderful days with family and friends,
 these words seem to fit the bill, so to speak.
Quotation of the day, from Shakespeare’s Sonnet 60
Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore,
So do our minutes hasten to their end.

Cheers from Jean

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Shirley Goodwin said...

Sounds like a great trip - and a great breakfast!