Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday 18 May 2016

Subterfuge on an International Level


What do you do when you want to send a parcel to a blog friend, but do not know the address ? I did know that “A” and “B” were close friends, in distance and in heartfelt friendship, they shared some very special times together,  although A had moved a good distance away some time ago.

Contact friend  ‘A” and ask if you could  please send me the address for friend “ B”. Yes, but I will contact B  first and ask if that is OK. It was OK , after some probably funny emails between A and B. The first parcel was sent some time ago.

“B” had no idea that the parcel would come from NZ!!!

The email of thanks, told me  a gift that is hand made with love is special, and I had tears as I read those words,  in December 2015.

A  few  weeks  ago I wanted to send a parcel to Friend A. Now I contacted friend B and asked the same.Again, emails sent and received,  I truly thought that A would realise who was sending it.NO. I am so happy it was a real surprise.

Sue Beedoo lost her dearest horse Star after a very short illness. Sue is friend “A”. I had a wall hanging that seemed to fit in with my  thoughts , and after emailing B, and attaching a photo of this,  B  thought the name “ Memory Tree of Love” might be suitable.

Sue Beedoo's wall hanging

The extra leaf outlines were added, they do look more like hearts,  but I thought that names could be written in there, and I know Star and others will have their place on the tree.

And, again, I had tears as I read Sue’s email to say this had arrived, and how it was so special .Her thanks had words from her heart.

One of the huge pleasures in life is creating something, being happy with the result,  and knowing that someone a long,long way away will  realise that blog friendship is so real, no matter the distance, the fact we will probably never meet, maybe a phone call or FaceTime talk if very lucky.

Some of the bags that have flown  to all places North,South,East and West.

Bags that have flown away

Quotation of the day, author unknown

“ Distance is a true test of how far love can travel”

Greetings from Jean

Friday 13 May 2016

Did Boris find a Fairy ??


The Autumn warm days bring out mushrooms,  toadstools,  and some beautiful  shades in the leaves as they change colour.

On the front lawn, a red mushroom took Boris’ eye, he investigated, then left it alone. Not sure of the name for this, but guess it might be one of the poisonous variety.

Boris looking for a Fairy

The Fairy's Home

Three more Brunsvigia  josephinae have bloomed, and in a pot I am sure they will not get lost in the jungle of weeds that appear like magic after some rain.

Brunsvigia against a bright green tree

Cheery trees line our driveway, and the leaves change colour in varying stages.

Flowering Cherry trees changing colours

We have had rain, wind, gales further south, thousand of lightning strikes further north, in the middle of the North Island  we escape the worst of the worst weather.

I have done a little sewing, my fab merino fabrics from Levana in Levin arrived, biscuits went down south to Victoria University, posted Monday, arrived Tuesday, not sure how many might have been devoured.. I meant eaten, on Wednesday

.Life continues at a slower pace, Hugh has another hospital appointment next week, I am hoping we do not have to go to Wellington again.

I think of Fort McMurray, no words are adequate to say how we feel . I see that the Otago Rural Fire Authority  is sending parcels of goodies to the firefighters at Fort McMurray. Below courtesy of the Internet.


Although the two Otago rural firefighters had not been based near Fort McMurray, they had worked with some of the incident-control team members now coordinating the current Canadian firefighting.

"At Otago Rural Fire we know the people fighting this fire and we know how much messages of support mean to them,'' she said.

"We've been getting donations of items that are quintessentially Otago to show our support for the region.''

These items included coffee, rugby balls and chocolate.

She joked that pineapple chunks and peanut slabs were "secret weapons'' in rural firefighting, and they had both been included in the care parcels.


I hope the caring thoughts and good wishes from all over the world are helping to lighten the darkness of all those in Fort McMurray. Care,love, support, and   immense kindness , to those who have lost, to those who have helped,  and all those who continue to battle the fires.


Quotation of the day, a Jewish  proverb,

“ I ask not for a lighter burden,

but for broader shoulders”

Greetings from Jean