Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Saturday, 30 May 2020

What have I been doing lately????

 The days seem to whizz by, and now we have some restrictions lifted, can venture out further. We had a day trip to Taupo, some 3 plus hours north, and while Hugh was at the hobby shop, I strolled across the street to the Bernina shop that had some new to me batiks.After all, a gal can always do with more.

Sandra over at  mmm quilts has given us another fantastic quilt along. this year it is called " Centred" and that is what we all need to focus on, wherever we live.
My flimsy is done, and when I started this, had a totally different colour selection. However the dark fabric ran out, so I decided on the current teals and blues.
This is not as Sandra had hers, the darker teal  strips dividing off the outer blocks was to be white, but I didn't have anything pale enough, so chose to go the other way.
This is the first lot I did, and maybe one day will add to them and have a second "Centred".
I do like blues and greens, but the pink is a good change.
Then, as you need to have another project on the go, I have this dinky pattern, called  " Online Company"
My little friends have to have their antennae added, and some eyes, but it is fun.
Then a while ago, I read about a legacy blog hop as a tribute to a wonderful lady, Paula Budinger. There were quilts made, donated, stories told, and a place for a comment. Then, my name was chosen to receive a quilt pattern of my choice from Joanne up at  Canuck Quilter Designs.After some hesitation, I picked " Eclipse Sky" and have some batiks laid out already. Thank you to all those who donated quilts, who donated to the giveaways, and who told their memory of Paula. 
Friday, a hiccup in my day, it started off as usual, coffee, emails, blog, then put a load  of laundry in the machine. Then it all went south in a hurry, chest pain, not able to breathe, blood pressure so high, , you know when the systolic is over 200, and the diastolic over 100, things are NOT good at all, so off in the ambulance to ED. The usual ECG, blood tests, nothing to eat or drink, second blood test, and a small dose of morphine as the pain persisted, then a jab in my tummy of ( new to me )   Clexane, to prevent a clot maybe. I think by then they were looking at a heart attack and maybe a transfer to Wellington, not saying much!!!However the BP came down, I felt slightly better, and was allowed to come home, still in PJ's and dressing gown ( Hugh had come over, brought his lunch but no clothes for me!!!) I had to go into the pharmacy in that attractive get-up, to explain the new meds, as the DR altered the dose after it was faxed.
All is good today, the sun is shining, I am going very slowly, BP is behaving, and coffee never tasted so good.
Quotation of the day, author unknown

" You don't miss the water until the well runs dry"

Greetings from Jean

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Centred , near the end of a lockdown

We are nearing the end, maybe ,of a total lockdown,  a move to a lower alert level,  and some shops are gearing up to be open to the public again.  Real coffee, fabrics??? Clothes maybe, and able to drive further than our own very local area.
Meantime, I have been busy with the next set of blocks for the Centred Quiltalong with Sandra over at mmmquilts
The blocks and quilt  Sandra has done is in blues, and is stunning.

This yearly event is always wonderful, and no exception even with the virus hovering, lockdowns in so many places, and there will be more joining in  once they can go and get the fabrics they need. I used what I had here, and my batiks have again been so lovely to sew up.The gaps will be filled with the  final 4 blocks, I placed the deep teal strips to see if that suited, as white was not in my stash, and too pale against my palest strips.

This does look blurry, maybe my eyes are blurry too right now.
All is well, I might be brave and do an actual real life grocery shop this week, the online one is fine, but sometimes items are just not there, but in fact are on the shelves. Our local supermarket is very particular about sanitising trolley handles,  our hands when we go in and leave, no bags allowed, put everything into your trolley and then into the bags at your car. We are so thankful for every precaution we have to follow. 
Nothing exciting is happening, the cats stay healthy, and snuggle up close to the fire at night.
Quotation of the week, author unknown
" Long  distance is a  test of our true inner spirit,
resilience, loyalty and love"

Greetings from Jean.

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Happenings since the first day of Lockdown

I look back at the weeks since March 17th, the last time I went out, apart from a visit to the Doctor for our Flu vaccinations. We are all coping in our own way the best we can, and down here in New Zealand, I think we are safer than many countries.
I didn't think I had achieved much at all, but can see some sewing has been finished.
A lot of fleece hats and merino neck warmers.
Some of these for family, and some to go further south where the winters are much colder than where we live.
Next on the list was new curtains, not a favourite task, and not the fabric I wanted, but as all material, furnishing and other places are shut, I used what I had. They
are lined, and will do meantime. Boris curled up on his red fleece blanket!!
Then along came the latest QAL with Sandra over at mmm quilts, where we can join in another wonderful yearly event. This year the quilt is named " Centred"  and we are up to the second set of blocks. I thought I had ample. well , a huge stash,  and plenty to choose from....
Blue batiks, there were 20 pieces, green, 14, colours, pink and purple,8, 6 mauve, and 3 large dark fabrics.

So how was it that I chose some teal colours,  with a dash of a multi yellow/orange for the highlight. The pieces were cut, and waited to mature for a week, then Block A started to take shape. Moxy had to be in the fun, and the well arranged pieces were all muddled up so quickly.

Next, we had Block B, and the whole picture was all falling into place perfectly.
Looking at Sandra's post, I can now see how we will put this together. Hop over to her on Instagram, and see the stunning arrangement in different colours. I am inspired to do another at the same time, using maybe 4 shades, and one main one for the centre. Again, so many thanks Sandra, this is always so much fun, we all need a heap of that right now.
We are well, somewhat constrained by the lockdown, and at Alert Level 3 with less restrictions, so many people are gathering too close, some have had parties, some have been cautioned, or arrested, and I made the ultimate sacrifice for anyone with special sewing scissors.
YES, I had to trim my hair at the front, and used my very favourite Mundial scissors. I fear they will not be the same again, and might just have to order another pair online.We do so much online n ow, internet banking, grocery orders, and buying what we need when those places are not open to the public.
But like all things, this too will pass. I see so many have been innovative, tidying, using scraps, designing and planning, and I hope you all stay safe and well.
Quotation of the day, author unknown
                                     " Home is a  refuge, 
                       the safe harbour where we can set the anchors, 
                      and hold fast to those in our families and friends ,
Greetings from Jean