Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Saturday, 13 February 2021

I can Post some photos now

 I have been slowly completing the series of the US Tour , around the Block, as we receive a new design each Sunday evening.

The latest was a bonus, with Washington DC, and also the Virgin Islands. Did I realise how little/scant/ almost non-existing my geography was of the US and surrounding islands?  To add to this information another blog friend in Canada is doing a series on the Arctic area, so   all the new info is absorbed and saved.

Here is the Washington DC block, It has not been stitched down,  more on that reason later.

Then the Virgin Islands' block, I used some fabric that was in my stash and the palm tree tops had come from Dione in Australia, some of a set of batik strips. 

Then, Becca from Pretty Piney Quilts, had posted a Daddy Hex design, and I just couldn't resist trying this. It was going to be a wall hanging, in tradition with the origins of those blocks, but decided to have it as a large pocket on the outside of a bag for grand-daughter, who is on her way to University for her second year. I loved the colours, and the design, so have started a second one for a friend of Dani's Mum.  The meanings for each motif are so interesting,  I was so relieved when the parcel arrived in Rotorua yesterday,  along with some other goodies packed inside. 

The best news of all, I have a pre-surgery appointment for my cataracts,  on 4th March, and this is to see if I am fit and well. I assured the patient scheduling lady I will be VERY well, and this means the surgery will be in March,  I am assuming, as they do not wait too many weeks after the first appointment, in case your health deteriorates!!! I have a lovely surgeon from Spokane, Washington, who is  a delight to speak to,  I am so fortunate to be having the surgery and  to have this lady looking after my eye.
Quotation of the day, author unknown,

" Be thankful for small things, and the  larger ones will happen  too"

Greetings from Jean