Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Saturday 31 December 2011

The End of the Year

Shades of green as the trees brave the wind, it ruffles their leaves and small branches.
The chestnut tree shades the lawn, perfect on a hot day.
The weeping silver pear tree has those delicate fronds that wave gently,
showing clearly the wind direction.
The Fern has bright lime green fronds, that shone in the dim light.
Chestnut tree in the windWeeping silver pear windblown

Lime green fern fronds

This little cottage near Cromwell was aptly named “SOD COTTAGE” and
 I wondered was it built with sods in the foundations  or was it named after the hard work.
No power, no running water, I didn’t see the smaller outhouse, maybe it has
fallen to the ground. How cold it must have been in those  Otago Winters.
If this was in an earlier post, sorry, but I feel there will be such a story behind those
stone walls, and could not resist showing it  again  today.
Sod Cottage
www.therasberryrabbits.com ,  has embroidery designs, with a series of hearts,  free to download. 12 different hearts, with squiggly lines all set to try the stitchers skills.
I started to do the stitching by hand, decided I didn’t like it, so finally did it by machine with  variegated thread.
Another website I saw ages ago gave instructions to make a firm box, inserting stiffening between the lining and the outer fabric. I thought it would be fun to do.Not much fun at all, so this will be a one-off!!!
bag with heart panelbag with heart panel 2bag with heart panel 3bag with heart panel 4
I guess it will be OK for knitting,or something else!!!
Bag in use for knitting

My last sewing for 2011,  and I look at the calendar and wonder what will the New Year  bring?
This year has had happiness, sadness, earthquakes,floods, fires, and more.Here within our own family, and with  our Japanese host daughter, with  Hugh’s cousin in Perth,  and with  his brother in Queensland.  My wish list for 2012 would be impossible to be granted. World Peace..no Earthquakes, no Flooding, No bush fires. No war, or fighting,or child abuse.
So I will be very content  with my days at home, time to sew and quilt, time to travel, some photography, and keeping in touch with my blogger friends, some old, some very new, some I know or have  met, others I might never get to meet but already  feel a friendship that cannot be described.
We share, we care, we write, and we read,emails, blog posts and phone calls that make every day so worthwhile.
If this is what 2011 has to offer, what will there be in 2012???
Very Happy New Year Wishes to everyone.
Quotation of the day,  from Alfred Tennyson, 1st Baron, Poet Laureate, 1809-1892
“ And the sun went down, and the stars came out far over the summer sea”
New Year Greetings from Jean

Monday 26 December 2011

Hugh’s Photos

While we were down South, Hugh took many photos.
We have finished editing them, renaming, deleting and so on.
His camera is far superior to mine, so here are 2 of his  better shots!!!
Well, one is certainly  much better, the other? Not sure??
Lake Wakatipu, taken on the way to Glenorchy, looking towards Paradise.

Lake Wakatipu with islands

Here I am at Glenorchy Wharf. It was a stunning day, with superb scenery.
Well, the scenery was that, not so sure about the lady in that photo.

Jean at Glenorchy wharf
While there, we visited “ Glenorchy Fur Products”  There were round hats, coloured hats, Davy Crockett type hats
designed to keep your head warm on the very coldest day.
There were cushions,neck warmers, and much more. He will post anywhere, the website is
 http://glenorchyfur.co.nz     Phone 03 4427772

Head warmers in possum fur

Maybe next time I will come home with a hat!!!

Quotation of the day by Henry David Thoreau
“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads”
Cheers from Jean

Boxing Day Goodies

Traditionally Boxing Day was the day when tradesmen came to the door, probably the “ Tradesmen’s Door’ to collect a box, which would contain small gifts, in recognition of their service through the year. As well, when servants had worked on Christmas Day, they had the following day off work, and  then visited their families, taking a Christmas Box of gifts. Now we have it as another day when some shops and businesses are closed,
when families will travel to their holidays after spending Christmas Day at home.
Our boxes arrived, some  by courier, some  hand delivered, and some  given a few days before The Day.

Xmas boxes

I always think the most excitement comes before the opening!! Will I shake it? Will it be soft?
Can I even guess what is in the box?  This was for Hugh, then  he suggested that I might like to carry it in my pack!!! I declined.
It comes with  a very neat carry bag, all self contained, folds up so it can be put in the pack( WHOSE PACK?)
very easily.I am sure it would dig him out of a hole if necessary!!!
Hugh's shovel 
This was definitely for me, luxury in a bottle and box.
Olive Oil goodies, from the Simunovich Olive Estate, Bombay.
The pamphlet gives details of many other products they make,
using both the olive oil and olive leaf.
Olive oil soap & handwash

olive oil handwash pump bottle

Dove body wash, just right for home or  away.

Again, my presents, assorted tea towels, from  Annette and Kaz.
My colours as well, Thanks so much. I have always liked to have
new tea towels, so they are washed and in use today.
My Teatowels
Look at this!! My own drink bottle, BPA free, stainless steel, then read the small print.
NOT  Dishwasher Safe.Use lukewarm water and drip-dry!!!
Well, I will probably be using it in some way out camping spot, no chance of any mod cons there
.Stainless steel bottle
The usual camping spot Hugh chooses is  far away from civilisation, has no cell phone or laptop coverage,
running water is some distance form the tent, and down very steep steps, where it gushes from a huge pipe.
The toilet is of the long drop variety,  (For those not familiar with that term, an outhouse over a deep pit, a wooden seat,
and, hopefully , a door, and  hopefully  with a latch)
Outhouse at Goat Peak
This photo courtesy of the Internet, is the long drop at Goat Peak.
This is on  the highest point of the American Ridge in Washington, and is where a fire-lookout was.Imagine that view for the summer season!!!

A second look at the Internet and it tells me that the fire look-out is there  at Goat Peak, elevation 1,700 metres, and is in use. Photo  courtesy of the Internet.No wonder it is tied down with wire straps.

Thankfully some of the outhouses in NZ are not on such a precarious site. However I have heard of some in the Southern Alps
areas ( in NZ) where the wind factor is scary, the sheds are tied down to rock with wire ropes, and you take a risk using the facility.
In the winter more preferable than the snowy outside!!!
Quotation of the Day by Ralph Waldo Emerson
“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment”
Cheers from Jean

Saturday 24 December 2011

Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas

Jean and Hugh
Merry Christmas to all, our family,  and   our  friends, here in New Zealand
and all around the world.
Some photos of those in our family that we remember
specially this Christmas.

Hugh's Dad Neil, that smile tells the whole story
of his fishing that day.

Muriel , and  her brother Robin
Muriel and Robin from Maree

Grace and Eric Appleby (My Mum and Dad)
on 27th April 1938

Grace and Eric Cambridge 1938
FinnFinn, who came in 2002, a great friend to Mayumi.

Toto, who loved hiding in the grasses.


Tom, who adopted us, our second
dear gentle Ginger Boy.


For some reason, blogger will  not let me alter the photos, or rearrange the text. Maybe it has a Xmas Gremlin . Hope tomorrow the problem will be gone. 

I   hope you all have a Happy Christmas, an enjoyable New Year,
and remembering all in Christchurch, caring,loving,thoughts to them.
Quotation of the day from Charles Dickens
“Remembrance, like a candle, burns brightest at Christmastime."
Christmas Cheers from Jean

Wednesday 21 December 2011

On a Winning Streak

tennis player
On Monday Josh,Danielle and I went to the tennis courts. We had some practise, then some rallies, then I had a rest!!!
Some more practise, then Danielle says “ Nanny, you are puffed, do you want to sit down?”
Or was it ‘ Nanny, you should sit down! You are puffing!!! :”
Whichever, I did have another  rest. Then we had a serious game, with correct scoring, Josh had “ Josh’s team” and the other was “ Nancy’s Team” comprising Danielle and myself.
 Two on our team,  well I thought that was OK, after all I am 71, and needed all the help I could have.!!!
Nancy’s Team won one game, Josh’s won 6 games.  Final score 6-1 .Well Done Josh.


Here they are, maybe at Treble Cone, maybe at  Cardrona,  I didn’t get the photo labelled.
This was taken  this year in the school winter holidays.Ta Josh for the pics.
Quotation of the day  from Herbert Asquith
“Youth would be an ideal state if it came a little later in life”
Cheers from Jean

Last Day at Rotorua

Here  is Chivers at Laurie’s He is so gentle, friendly, and the perfect pale golden
MARMALADE colour, just like his name!!!

chinese LanternDay Lily

The Chinese Lantern has shining petals, I remember one my Mum had at Te Hihi, behind the kitchen window Not as bright as this. Day lilies thrive everywhere, and this delicate colour was frosted with  raindrops.
Bearded Iris
this is a blue shaded  bearded iris, taken a few years ago, in our garden at home.
Quotation of the day, anonymous
“ A home away from Home”
Cheers from Jean

Sunday 18 December 2011

Sitting Still



Posing          Tui in the tree

Ellie  posed, then looked higher at the birds. The Tui was on the move all the time
and it was so hard to get a photo not blurred.
Today I met a fellow blogger, Laurie, and we looked at Live Writer , will it be easier than blogger? I think so, but a friend says Weebly is even better!!!
the modern day technology makes it so easy to  get in touch, with our blogs, take our laptops with us on holiday, send an email and call on the  phone.No pigeon post, mail sent by horseback, and  no mail if the road is impassable.
Laurie’s embroidery was superb, such delicate  stitching ,
 it is always so interesting and,  yes,  inspirational, to see another’s handwork.
fabric vase
Somewhere I have downloaded this off the internet, and like it so much.
I might add that to the list of  THINGS TO DO.
Quotation of the day,  anonymous, but could be from Hugh,
“Finish  one job before you start another”
Cheers from Jean

Friday 16 December 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Many years ago we lived at Lake Tarawera.Time was spent in a little bach,
well almost a very tiny shed, we fitted in 2 sets of bunks, a small cabinet,
and that was it,  and later when Hugh and Ross built a deck almost as large, we thought it was wonderful.Lots of  holidays there, winter and summer. 
Some years later we moved to live at the end of Spencer Road.
Today we drove there and on the way met a very dear friend.
 Catching up on our news took some time, and with sadness and joy shared,
photos were taken.

View from a friend's garden
The tree in Betty’s garden had just a few flowers in bloom.Almost too
high for me to take a photo, but the branch was in  arm’s reach,
so I held it down.Waxy petals, pale green and darker leaves,perfect.

A tree in Betty's Garden

Another view
Bay View Road is almost the same, many new homes, some names on the letter boxes are familiar, we were amazed to find so many still there after some 25 years.Stoney Point was familiar, with the Volunteer Fire Brigade Building, a tree  planted, with a plaque and Morris Scobie’s name there.
Rain was on the horizon, so that was the end of our short visit. Then  another friend drove up and we shared much news.
How did Gwen recognise me, with white hair, an Aussie hat to keep off the sun, and so many years since we were there???
From Bay View Road

View from Stoney Point

Black Swan

Quotation of the day, by Aldous Huxley
“Every man’s memory is his private literature”
Cheers from Jean

Wednesday 14 December 2011

Pies and Roses

Jimmy at Roxburgh
We were told these are the BEST PIES, so we stopped,
and ate. All so true!!. Jimmy looked on with a watchful eye.
Jimmy's Pies 
Then in the garden next door were beautiful roses. so many lovely gardens
all through the Otago area, roses seemed to be the preferred  ones, they
were in gardens, over front fences, alongside the grape vines
( we are told if aphids arrive, they settle on the rose bushes )
rose next door to Jimmy's
On the way to   Arrowtown we had a detour to Dunstan Hospital  The grounds are spacious, ample parking room, and the view is to the hills.
What a peaceful place to recuperate, stay a while, leave with a new baby, or visit. While we waited a couple came out, holding a scan. So proud, their first baby.Modern technology can be so reassuring.Their smiling happy faces told the wonderful story, no need to see the scan to know that all was well.
The vehicles came and went, and yes, almost every one was a 4x4, Holden,Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi,Toyota, Pathfinders,  Prado, Couriers, Captiva, RAV 4 , to name a few,and in this part of NZ, all so necessary, Many back roads are metal, rough surfaces, corrugated corners.  The bigger vehicle with wider tyres, 4x4 option if road conditions are bad, make passenger travel much more comfortable. And for the drivers as well!!! 
Yes, roses bushes are  here as well. the pale yellow blended in so well with the other bushes.
Front Entrance to Dunstan Hospital
Dunstan HospitalGrounds
Home, and the lawns needed mowing, and the Day Lilies and the Japanese Iris are in bloom.I managed to get these photos before the rain fell , and the delicate petals were bruised.
Deeper toned day lilyApricot Day LilyJapanese iris
Tomorrow we are off to  Rotorua for a few days,then will be settled at home  for a while,  some R&R,  maybe even some  “ Quilting time" , and more photography.
Quotation of the day, from Graham Greene
“ There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens
 and lets the future in”
Cheers from Jean