Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Thursday, 4 November 2021

Hacked, and hacked off!!

  The bad news is that my, well Hugh's Facebook account  that I use, has been hacked, seemingly I have made odd comments and there is something called US-AID that I might be raving on about. 

Two friends have contacted me, thanks so much for the alert,
and I am guessing you both realised it was NOT the real me. 

That isn't me, so in my own  Instagram and  Hugh's Facebook and anywhere else that I might post or comment, if you are not absolutely sure it is the real me, do not reply, or if there is a link, leave it and delete immediately.

I have changed passwords, and am sure my  side  is safe and secure.

I  an so sorry if anyone has received a message, believing it was from me, one friend wondered what got me so agitated!!!!! Maybe the words, " Raving on about" were used.

Meantime here is a photo from TeHihi Primary School, 1952, Standard 6, now called Form 2, the last year before High School. At least 3 of my friends have passed away, we were a happy bunch of pupils, life was safe, family homes were happy and secure, no mad cars, just a push bike or horse to get to school.

And with the 5th November this week, I remember our Guy Fawkes night there, a huge bonfire in the school horse paddock (  there were at least 6 horses, some with 2 on the back, one saddle, one bareback maybe  ), families arrived after milking the cows and dinner was finished, the fire was lit, and we were given sparklers. Now, I  look back and realise what a fun, safe,  and least expensive event this was for the 100 pupils and their families. I guess you can find me there in the photo . 

May, Carol, and Barry,  your laughter will always be  in our memories.

So the quotation for today should no doubt be

" If you are in doubt, leave it alone, and remember happy days of yesteryears"

Greetings from Jean.

p.s. Ginger Boy Boris has found a different smell at the letterbox, and for the first time ever,  jumped up and sat there tonight, trying to see if the slot at the front for the letters was large enough for a paw, or, worse still, his head to poke in and have a look. Needless to say he was hurried away immediately.

Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Alternative Accommodation during Covid Lockdowns

 Down here, or just  anywhere here in New Zealand, different parts of our country are in different levels of lockdown  .Families have struggled to juggle working at home, with younger and older children doing lessons online,  making use of every available item to use as a desk, from the  kitchen table to the ironing board for a laptop support. Click and collect grocery shopping for some, small businesses struggling to stay afloat, masks and clicking your mobile phone as you enter any shop is the way for us all. QR codes are displayed at all front doors.

New homes are still being built, and one family looked at the brand new one, stained a lovely brown, but decided as it was too near a local cemetery, and quite secluded,  so they moved on and looked  elsewhere. Their new family would arrive very soon, so the pressure was on to find that new residence.

The Mum and Dad found one with a lovely garden, and if a strict lockdown happened, they would have a first class view of the street, seeing all the activity as people strolled by .

They settled in, and the twins will soon be able to look out the front window.

Meantime down south, the stray cat decided the hen house and warm feathers  were  a safe and secure home, and about 9 days ago, her family arrived. A friend wants two to be  hidden inside a handbag and flown up here, she chose a tabby and, naturally, the ginger boy. I am sure they will all stay south,  and be sure of safety and security, even for our feline friends.

Update on the letterbox home, a careful peek inside disclosed the TWO eggs so far, Mum and Dad  Starling had taken turns to line the box with straw and grass, and the mail lady carefully puts the mail in the front. I am hoping the babies do well, and learn to fly well before leaving their front seat residence.

Life continues, we are safe and well, our friends have not visited for ages, we haven't seen our family for ages, and have no idea what this Christmas will be like, Maybe 
by Zoom or Facetime,  like so many of you up North.

Quotation of the day, author unknown,

" When life changes, change yourself to adapt, and fly high above all adversity"

Greetings from Jean.