Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Monday, 31 August 2015

Fabric, Ducks, and a CAT scan


Saturday was a day out, 142 km, or 88 miles, from our place to Masterton, in the Wairarapa. ( And then the same as we came home, a long way to drive for a metre of fabric!!) There is a super quilting fabric shop there, ( Click on the link to find them)

visit them here at  Quilter's Lane, Masterton

I wanted the border fabrics for the Wiggle-Me Quilt. I was so lucky, found the perfect choices, then we had lunch by the small man made lake, Ducks, Coots, paddle boats for hire, the occasional policeman and police-lady wandering past.

I think the first photo is of an Australian Coot, black with white face , and the  pair are Mallard Ducks. A White Swan, aka paddle boat, the Jolly Roger, and various other craft, as children with parents valiantly paddled their way across the water.

Maybe an Australian Coot


Two ducks up close


Paddle boats for hire

I have a variegated blue for the first border, a lighter one for the second border, and a dark blue with green tones for the final one, This will make it the right size for our bed. Hugh said this one  was for us,   when he first saw the top in an unfinished state!!!

Border fabrics for Wiggle me quilt

Wiggle me border fabrics with Felicity

And  a fitting  finish for today, a Felicity Cat Scan is the right way to make sure all fabric is correct!!!

Quotation of the day,  from Henry Ward Beecher

“ It’s easier to go down a hill  than up , but the view is much better at the top”

Greetings from Jean

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Visitors at Our Place


We have had many visitors,  family and  friends come and stay over the past few weeks. Kenton, from Australia, Kaz, from the South Island, Bruce ,from Hamilton, and friends who  live closer.

Yesterday, shortly before 5 p.m.  Joyce looked out the front window and pointed, almost lost for words.

She was tall, lovely brown hair,  fast on her feet, and waited to be invited in!!!

Almost at the front door

stray cow #1

might as well have a feed

This is almost at our front door!!!

Despite warnings of “ Leave her alone” “ Do NOT get too close”, “Wait for the  council  man to arrive”, I walked outside to snap her a few times.

I rang the council before 5 p.m.  but the call was transferred to the after hours number. The unlucky man had to drive about an hour from his home to here. Further bad luck, as by the time he arrived, she had wandered across the stream and was somewhere hidden in thick bush and tall trees.We could see her footprints, with the aid of a large torch, as it was dark by 6 p.m.

The lovely man went home, I shut the gate, and our excitement( if that) was over for another day.

Felicity did not like this, she sat on a windowsill and hid behind the curtain. Boris  raced  inside, up over my laptop and sewing machine, and peered from behind a curtain too. For once, the ginger warrior chose caution over  defiance.

Quotation of the day, author unknown’'

“ Beware of strangers that bring unwanted gifts”

Greetings  from Jean

Friday, 14 August 2015

Home Again, from trips North and South


Trevor’s funeral was full of love, family memories, and so much more .I drove there safely, home safely, and negotiated all city traffic with great care.    On Monday Elaine took me round Papakura, past our home where we lived  from  1962 for some years. All the paddocks are now filled with  homes, factories, there are  new streets, subdivisions,  and so much change.

The flight home was smooth, and what a huge dump of snow on the Central Plateau. AirNZ people were so helpful, and changed my seat to the left side, so I could get photos. 

  Snow below Mt Tongariro.                             

snow on slopes below Mt Tongariro

Mt Ngauruhoe, a total white-out and too much cloud to see any of the mountains very clearly.

Mt Ngauruhoe from the air

Coming down, the Ruahine Ranges in the distance, under that cloud was more snow.

Farmland below


Almost landing, snow in the distance

Did I mention that the Flight Attendants are so helpful? Coming home I was last off, as my seat was right up at the front? One carried my bag, and passed it down the steps to another? I didn’t see the pilots this time.

Home to reality. On Wednesday I went to visit a dear friend, company for her daughter who drove us both there. Jeanette has not been well for some time, and this was a sad few hours, as  we talked, staff came in, finished their shift, came in again, nurses attended to her, and finally we left. Jeanette passed away, very peacefully, early Thursday morning. It was an honour and a privilege to have been a carer for her a few years ago. Joyce and I shared  this between us, and we learnt so much during that time. Lessons in life ,we learnt so much, valued each day with Jeanette, and treasure our  memories.

I drove south  to Porirua, on Thursday, a little way North of Wellington, to see the surgeon for a final check-up and  discharge to our GP .All went well, Hugh has some limitations clearly spelt out, no heavy  lifting, no digging in the garden, no twisting or turning, this is for some weeks, till all is healed internally.A challenge is ahead!!!

We have had a run of cold mornings and frosts.  Did Ginger Boy ( or Max by another name) walk carefully  on  the grass, not through the frost? He has a thick winter coat, and little Boris loves to play, getting the odd cuff or smack from the older boy now and again.

Max by the frosty lawn

Quotation of the day, from Socrates

“ Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm and constant.

Greetings from Jean

Friday, 7 August 2015

No Photos From My Camera Today

I tried to take some  pics from the plane window, but nothing looked right, so today is " Words Only". Our wonderful friend who has come to the rescue with his silver chariot, AKA Ford wagon, so many times, picked me up and drove me  to the airport. Wet  and windy, oh well, I cannot do anything about that.

Boarded on time, I had weighed my cabin bag, and measured it, well within the weight and total cm allowance. I tried to get it into the overhead locker, no luck. A tall man tried, no luck. I then opened it and took out my toilet bag. Luckily this is not a feminine frilly one in pink, but a very handy Kathmandu one in pale blue, rather like a  very, very small overnight bag, Then another man jammed it in!!! Phew, first hurdle over.

Take off, OK, turn and bank OK, lovely lady next to me, we chatted most of the way, until the approach to Auckland, lots of rocking, ups and downs, then we landed, I was last off, as I then had to repack my bag, waiting till others had  crushed alongside each-other in   the aisle as they all struggled to be off first. What was their hurry, we wondered. Slowly walking  to the exit, a Tall.. Dashing.. Good Looking PILOT came by my side,

Did I mention Young and Good Looking??

 " Would you like me to carry your bag? Are you going far?" Yes please, just to the island outside , a friend is picking me up. " Do you know her car?" Yes, a silver one and the number plate is XXXXXX.'" There it is, I can see it, will you be all right now by yourself" Yes,  thank you so very  much for your help, here she comes now.'
Do all pilots have such wonderful eyesight?
Friendship comes in all shapes, sizes and age, and for me this kindness and the company of my travel companion made today so much better.
Elaine collected me, I had a practise drive from where Trev's funeral is tomorrow to her home, coffee, we drew a map, and  all is well.
I wonder how things are at home, I have been given instructions and warnings about driving, taxis, public transport, and locking all doors!! Family do care so much.
I am posting this  direct from my blog, so no photos of my own, no font choices, and no Live Writer.
Below, courtesy of the Internet, Auckland City at Night.

Quotation  of the day, author unknown
" The same stars shine on all cities, and turn on their brilliance once the lights are switched off"
Greetings from Jean

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A Host of Golden Daffodils


Wordsworth wrote lovely words, and these are in one of my favourite poems. The King Alfred  daffodils  are slowly blooming, tall stems, and a  blaze of colour in the corner garden.

Daffodils on the fenceline

Daffodils in gold


Golden Daffodils

Life continues,

 Did I mention   Hugh progresses with his recovery  slowly, it has been raining, I need to find Batik for the 2 borders for the Wiggle quilt, I  have  one, and the other is in the “ possible” corner.

A very dear friend’s husband died suddenly last  Saturday, I fly to Auckland on Friday, home on Monday.

 Did I mention that I HATE flying??? Hugh and Joyce,  with the much appreciated  input from  Norman will man the fort, fuel the fire, feed the cats, and have everything under control when I am away. I am not sure about this quote, maybe  the alternative would suit me fine right now.

Did I mention the best of all this week, I am one of the 5 ladies who finished their wiggle-me-quilt top, and we each will receive a gift voucher . Mine is from  Sew Sisters, have a look at their web site, fabrics for everyone. Sandy at  her wonderful blog site ,           Upstairs Hobby Room

is  the backbone  of this challenge, and her helpful encouragement, words  of praise every day, and photos and entries have been an inspiration for each of us.

$25.00 Gift Certificate

Jean McKinstry


Quotation of the day from Helen Keller

“ Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”

Greetings from Jean