Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

The choices...

   Thank you all for your caring words and encouragement, they are so special and I so appreciate every one, they mean so much, sent across the land or ocean.

 Yesterday we set off early, arrived to do banking for a friend before the hospital appointment.

I thought there would be 3 choices, not looking for any other option at all. 

#1 Find nothing, so send me home

#2 Find something trivial, monitor my heart, and send me home

#3 Find something drastic, and fly me to Wellington for another angiogram

I didn't factor in the phone call.. " This is Outpatients Dept. I am so sorry but your 10 a,m, appointment has been cancelled"  The one lady who does all the ECG lead attachments, stands beside you, encourages you to stand closer, walk with longer strides, was sick again. 

However this morning another phone call, and I am off again next Tuesday.

Photos are somewhere in the air, between my phone and my laptop, with the bonus I scored yesterday. some more batiks for the colourwash project. After all, every raindrop has a silver lining, and this was the best of all, as they had purples and blues.

Quotation of the day.  from Dr Seuss

" Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment

until it becomes a memory"

Greetings from Jean

Monday, 26 April 2021

After A LONG absence.....

 Hello everyone, and so many thanks for your many loving and caring words. I so appreciate every one, and do apologise for not posting the lack of progress sooner. 

My eyes? I am still waiting, the time frame of 4 months was not correct, my pre-surgery assessment gave me the wrong month. my surgeon was on holiday, and maybe still is until the end of April, so it might be May. Meantime, my vision is rapidly declining,  scenery flashes by in a total blur, road signs are not clear, luckily Hugh is an amazing driver and takes me to the grocery supermarket, library, and clothes shops, not to mention waiting so patiently as I peruse for a long time the quilting fabrics.

So not much happening in the sewing and quilting department.

Further to that. I might, a slight possibility, have another trip to Wellington, some angina episodes, the trusty guys and gals in green, arriving at 1 a.m.  2 weeks ago,  doing an ECG, then a LOOONG silence, reading the printout. " This tells me you are having a heart attack, but I think it is wrong, let's do another one  " Luckily the second one, as I sat at the dining table, was better, toddled off, and had more tests etc in the ED. Discharged by lunchtime, with a referral for a treadmill test.

That is tomorrow, and by 11 a.m. I should know what is happening. 

The garden is flourishing with some bulbs shooting up, rogue sunflowers blooming,  bearded iris flowering, and my much loved Brunsvigia Josephinae has buds.hopefully a photo will follow in about 5 days time, with the candelabra of some 20 heads of bright pink  flowers

The wall hanging is. " Monet's Hexagon"  ( the pattern is from another long time friend when we both lived at Lake Tarawera many years ago, and she is now near Christchurch) and was finished some time ago, and sent to a lovely room mate I met last June. Viv has very limited speech or mobility, but was so loving, supportive, encouraging, and gave me the most rapturous welcome when I was flown back after 2 days in Wellington.  The note I sent, said to Viv, this is so you will always have sunshine every day. Viv, you spoke with your eyes, your expressions and the one handed signal, as one or another grumpy room-mate complained. And the ONE word, I did try to suggest that "Fudge "was a good alternative.

I will try and give an update after tomorrow, the  hard slog, or slow climb to  the top of My Everest, as I am told to keep my head up and look at the superb photo of the Central Plateau Mountains on the wall in front.

And I have 2 projects to look forward to,  this one is for a friend , I do not think she looks at my blog, but will not share any more details yet, the pattern is  patiently waiting, , I need to visit our local printer and get them to print at a larger format, No fabrics are chosen yet, but batiks will be the #1 for this beauty.
The second one is a wall hanging, Colourwash, by  the lovely talented designer at Cotton and bourbon, Audrey Esarey. This, too might have a long wait until at least one eye can see a whole lot better. Audrey is on Instagram too, hop to her and see the many designs there. This will also have batiks, and my new blog friend in Alaska will join in.
Winter is nigh, mornings are cool, we light the fire late afternoons now, and with all the medication I am on, the cold feels freezing, even when it is at least 15 Celsius. Other friends on the same tablets , also tell me the cold is colder!!!
I so enjoy seeing the world through your eyes, photos and words, as most of you in the North are venturing into spring or an early summer. Here, we are closer to winter ,the wood shed is full, and soup is in the freezer.

Quotation of the day from Dolly Parton

" The way I see it, if you want the rainbow,
you gotta put up with the rain"

Greetings from Jean