Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Monday, 14 March 2016

Burning the Midnight Oil and daylight hours as well


There is nothing so motivating as a  deadline for a finish, to make you sew till all hours  of the night!!! The last day for our Midnight Mystery Quilt with Cheryl, over  at     Meadow Mist Designs  was  10th March, but I was determined to get it finished, with at least one border, and a decent photo posted. Well, first, make sure of the extra dark purple fabric, add the border, press, and do a photo shoot. It blew, there was lots of wet grass, wet branches, and it ruffled in the wind. A cat scan with Boris ensured all was OK.

Burning the midnight oil

The purple is the border, the paler blue is fabric under the quilt top, to prevent grass stains!!!

Outdoors #1 MMQ

I posted off the photo, there were 111 entries from all round the world, one wonderful marvelous lady has done hers while on a boat!!! Some great places for quilts to  hang  or lie, on snow, on  ladders,  in front of tall men with long arms ( hidden behind the quilt), trellis fences, balconies, railings,  and so much more. Prizes had been sponsored, but with so many entries, Cheryl was so generous and added from her own goodies, to make a total of 16.

In came all the quilts, one by one, stunning is nowhere near enough praise to say how  amazing  every one was, all different fabrics, some made larger, many were already finished and donated to family member or a charity.

Then…I had an email…I was one of the prize winners, random selection, and get to choose 2 digital  quilt patterns from Cheryl’s designs. Thrilled does not pass muster for my excitement.

Generosity in spades Cheryl, so many thanks from me,  and I’m sure we all send heaps  of thanks for this great quilt-along, encouragement, comments galore on the Facebook Group page, and  lots more.

Then, yesterday, Hugh’s cousin phoned to say another cousin was in Invercargill hospital. Daylight hours were  gobbled up as I made a bag, with  flowery fabric, rather than send an  unknown  selection of flowers from a florist so far away. The pocket was embroidered by Joyce, the flange binding from a tutorial.Side gusset with ties, to allow for more or less to be stashed inside.

Shirley's Bag #1

Two little kittens holding hands, and words…” Start each day with a smile”

I hope Jan continues to get better and go home soon.

Quotation of the day, author unknown

“ Be prepared, as you do not know 

what a day will bring to your doorstep”

Greetings from  Jean

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Pinks of all shades, with some purple and green, naturally.

The last few weeks have been busy, but  with some wonderful help from Heidi and Liv  the outdoor load was lightened  immensely, well, pretty much totally.  The wood sheds are full, right to the front doorways , the other painting was all done, how could we be so fortunate to meet them? Their 2 days  stay stretched to several weeks . They flew back to Germany last Tuesday, but we hope to have them back again in a few months. Meantime, we send lots of love and caring  thoughts  for you Heidi, your Dad  in hospital, and your Mum and family. Liv, we hope you manage to catch up with your family in the UK while you are over that side of  the  world.

The One Block Wonder has been sewn, joined together, even quilted, and bound. Whew!!! This was another stunning design from  Sandy over at

  Upstairs Hobby Room, and is called O’s and X’s.  I used some favourite batik fabrics, and some of that purple made its way into the backing. As well, a label down at the lower edge.

One Block Wonder February 2016

Reverse side of One Block Wonder February 2016

In  the garden, pink Nerines,  Alstromeria, Naked Ladies, Begonia blooms, Japanese Anemones, they continue to flower, even though we had a few mornings of 5 Celsius.  cold  enough to make me think is Autumn coming in suddenly with full force?

Pink Nerine flowers

March 2016 Pink Alstromeria

Naked Lady flowers

this Begonia is flowering continuously, outside in a shady area under a shrub, getting  a little late afternoon sunshine. A delightful gift from Joyce a few weeks ago.

Pink Begonia March 2016


Josh is now at Victoria University, Danielle continues to do so well on Joey, water jumps are the latest achievement, and  tomorrow Annette has a birthday. Was it all those years ago I was at Middlemore Hospital? I remember the doctor muttering something about  hurrying up as he had a party to go to at 4 p.m.??? 3.30, and she arrived. The first grand-daughter for both my and Hugh’s parents. They were overjoyed, and I guess suitable celebrations followed.

Quotation of the day, author unknown

“ A true friend is one who walks with you

until the end of the road”

Greetings from Jean