Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Sunday, 25 February 2018

A new day down South.

Cloudy,windy, grey, Time to see some new views.

  A panorama from the front deck, looking from west to east

Panorama 1-6 stitched

Looking through the gap by the gate.

On the farm, I can see you!!

Max, the new puppy. 

Max on the farm

Over the fence line to the east.

Fence line on the farm

On the other side of the farm road, Eastwards as well.

On the farm #3

Hens and a  chicken on the farm .

Mrs Hen #2 and baby chicken on the farm

Mrs Hen on the farm

Looking over the gate to the West.

looking north west on the farm

Hollyhock blooms, in case I missed one yesterday.

hollyhock #3 at the farmhollyhock #1hollyhock #2

We are going to Arrowtown on Monday for 3 days. There will be more scenic views on the way and around the Central Otago areas. Meantime…..

Quotation of the day. from Lao Tzu

“ A good traveller has no fixed plans

and is not intent on arriving”

Greetings from Jean.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Southern Views

We had a good trip on Friday, and it is so quiet,and quite cool here.

Sunrise was beautiful, the flowers are blooming,and we are “ ALL GO”  helping the others  to have everything  ready for our younger daughter’s wedding on 3rd March.

Morning views, sheep on the run, or standing  and watching,  flowers, and the hills.

Early moring on the farm #1

Early moring on the farm #2 JPG

Early moring on the farm #3JPG.

Morning on the farm #1

sunflowers on the farm

hollyhock #1hollyhock #2

There will be more photos and words to come, but that is it for today!!!

Quotation of the day,author unknown

“ To travel hopefully, and arrive safely,

is most wonderful”

Greetings from Jean.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

The tale of the Weary Travellers

Hugh and I are continuing to travel south, regardless of the weather.

Wednesday, after a night of rain, we set off, to travel south, via Murchison and Lewis Pass . A lot of gear changes, torrential rain, traffic galore, as all the trucks and cars were diverted from the usual highway north. Then a massive hail storm,amid thunder and lightning.The hail piled up on the windscreen, and we saw the lightning, as the hail drowned out the thunder.

Hamner Springs, we had one night there,


and today drove through Culverden, Timaru,

Image result for timaru photos

Waimate, and onto Oamaru.All photos courtesy of the Internet.

Image result for Oamaru photos

At each place we looked for a bed, a cottage, anything??? I had to check in at a butcher in Oamaru, for some ham and bacon to go back to the farm.While the 2 lovely young men were trying to find the cured goods,I said “ I really do not care about that.All I want is a bed tonight”!! One young man replied.” You can have one at my home” and a lovely, kind , generous lady behind me said “ No, don’t stay with him, I have a bed, stay with us”,She went along to the  Nissan, where Hugh was waiting, and said, “Stay here and wait for me, You are staying with us tonight”.

I could have cried with relief, instead, smiled so much.

Photos tomorrow once I find the photo transfer cable, but we have had a wonderful meal,  a lovely evening together,such genuine real dinkum South Island hospitality.

Tomorrow onto Dunedin and a little further south.

Quotation of the day,  author unknown

“ Real generosity is sharing your home

with a total stranger,

and expecting nothing in return”

Greetings from Jean.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The South Island Beckoned

On Monday morning  19th February, Hugh and I set off for a holiday in  the South Island, a drive of over 2 hours, a ferry crossing across Cook Straight, just over 3 hours, then more driving over 2-3 days of about  800 km.

I am a  CALM sea girl,and was quite apprehensive about the crossing. Cook Straight is notorious for  rough seas, and with the tail end of Cyclone Gita arriving near New Zealand, thought this might mean a bit of a jobble.We boarded,amid cars, vans, utes, huge trucks and horse trucks or floats. It was so noisy down below. Above, everyone settled in, babies in arms, toddlers, tourists and then us locals. We left Wellington Harbour,  and were on our way to Picton. I sat and looked out the window for a while,then found a double seat, and curled up for a much needed sleep.I woke when we entered Tory Channel. A bit like the children who ask “ Are we there yet?” I was amazed that I slept almost all the way, it was SOOO calm!!!

Cook Straight map

Image result for Tory Channel Photos

A rush to get all the passengers and vehicles off, a 45 minute turn-around, and back it went to Wellington. We tootled off to Diane’s place just off this map, and to  below  where Blenheim is shown. Tuesday morning ( today)  set off for Kaikoura. Not too far out of town, road signs, men in orange jackets…..and traffic was diverted to a stop.The southern road was closed, the tail end of Cyclone Gita was arriving, and  huge waves would possible,or probably wash over the coastal road.

Meantime,some shopping,I didn’t find a fabric shop, and the heavy rain was not attractive at all. Some new waterproof mid height boots a real necessity!!! Look at them, so comfy, and maybe at the moment more necessary than batiks.And they were on sale!!!

Salomon X Ultra 2 Mid GTX Women's Hiking Boots

All photos courtesy of the Internet, I took my little Canon Ixus on the ferry, and after a few photos, it told me “ Memory Card is Full”,I transferred the photos  to my laptop  before we left, and forgot to delete them on the card. So after today, can use the heavier Canon  and get some touristy scenes to share.

If the road is open tomorrow, we  will slowly make our way south.If not, will catch up on news from around the blogging  friendship scenes.

Quotation of the day, by Franklin D Roosevelt

“ Calm seas never made a good  sailor”

Greetings from Jean.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Celebrate, a New Kid on the Block , and a few finishes!!!

It was late afternoon, when I remembered the date. 17th February, 1962. Our wedding Anniversary is today. I need to find a photo, but the only one I had on file was my Mum on that day. her outfit was cornflower blue,  and cream, a jacket and skirt, one of the very few bought ones, We both made all our own clothes back then.

Grace, My mum on our  wedding day, 1962

So the day is almost over, and we have a new kid here, Pale,pale cream and slight ginger, the friendliest stray ever!!!  He has been wandering back and forth for a while, we think, but last Sunday morning came in the front door at 6 a.m. ,made friends with everyone, and has been a full time lodger since. He is very defensive around the food  bowl, which makes us think he has been  abandoned, and living on the streets!!! I would like you to meet  Basil Brush.!!!Basil Brush #2 Feb 2018

Basil Brush #4 Feb  2018

The Two B’s,Boris and Basil!!! Boris has only made friends with one other stray, so we wonder is this his half-brother?

Basil & Boris Feb 2018

On the sewing machine, a few finishes. Blue Ted, is done, another Red Ted waiting to have the applique stitching done.

Blue Ted February 2018

I joined another group, YES, crazy I know with all else going on, but I could not resist.Here is January kitty, named “ Pinky Purple”!!!

January little cat applique

And I said Goodbye to Foxy#2,  as she flew northwards. Foxy #1 is living here, waiting for the other two mates ( cut out but not sewn up yet) to join him.

Here they are, sitting in their own chairs, so friendly to each other.

Two little foxes sitting in their chairs

I am thinking of all the students, parents and families whose lives have been altered forever after the shooting at the High School in Parkland, Florida.How would any parent,friend, brother or sister or grandparent  cope with that, a massive loss that no-one else could ever understand. For any  of us with a teenager, younger child , grandson or grand-daughter ,niece or nephew, or teacher at any school, we can be so thankful for each day that they arrive home safely.

Quotation of the day, author unknown

“ Half of my heart lives in Heaven”

Greetings from Jean.

Monday, 5 February 2018

The Purples a Blowin’ In The Wind

The Wayward Transparency QAL started way back in August 2017., I was tempted, and fell in head first. Knowing Yvonne’s super quilting designs, I knew this would be another stunner. Here is the first post that gave us all enthusiasm beyond boundaries to join in.


We chose fabrics, according to the light, medium and dark  tones suggested, some of us were savvy enough to take a photo in the fabric shop, and change it to Black and White, this gives a wonderful idea of how good the contrast would be. YES, I chose 2 different shades, green and mauve/purple. The PURPLES won the first vote. Greens are waiting  .

wayward transparency new fabrics

wayward transparency new fabrics. B&W

Gradually  we all made choices, the Facebook group was a huge success, and we all “Oohed and Ahhed” over the  fabrics shown. The first cutting instructions  were given, and in October and November piecing directions made this go together so easily, yes even for me it went without a hitch. Finishing post went up in December, and the final link up is this week. Thanks so much Yvonne, for a totally fantastic QAL.There are finished quilts, flimsies, other layouts, and every one is a beauty.

Wayward Transparency points

I am so proud of those joins, seams all lined up as they should.

I have added a pale border, and the binding will be probably pale with the dark fabric as a wider flange. This has to wait until we come back from the South Island festivities.

Here it is pinned up, balancing carefully on 2 chairs!!! after some heavy rain overnight.

Wayward Transparency outdoors after rain

This is my favourite!!! Stretched out, under Hugh’s Dad’s Weeping Silver Pear Tree, my “ Go To “ Place for quilt pics. A bit of a breeze, and dappled sunlight shining on the lawn.

Purples #1

Late afternoon sun gave that stained glass look, hung between the framework for the   Honeysuckle.

Purples #4

Purples #2

Here it is between the little gusts of wind.I have to be patient and wait for the short/medium  arm Gammill machine to be re-wired, and have some serious practice first, then this might be top o’ the list!!

Thanks again Yvonne, for this adventure, with a lot of fun and happiness galore all the way along.

Quotation of the day,from Henry Ford.

“ Coming together is a Beginning.

Keeping together is Progress.

Working together is Success”

Greetings from Jean.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Foxy’s Friends and a Blue Moon

Some of you have written wonderful words about Foxy.And other things too. Thank you so much.

He is from a pattern in a Homespun Magazine, and was  designed by Anthea Christian. This time  I printed the  pattern pieces out, and pasted them onto thin card, cut very exactly on the lines,  A  lot easier than a  pattern paper by itself. He has 3 friends in the wings, all in various stages of disarray!!! One is flying North very soon,another going south, and maybe one will keep Foxy #1 company. Friends of Foxy waiting in the wings!!!

The little purple torch at the back was the one I took outside early this morning,so I could see the dials if I wanted to change my camera settings. I did venture out at 2  a.m. !!! YES, the mad lady, but it was too cloudy for a good photo, but the crescent I saw was indeed red. Later, at about 6 a.m. fortified with a cup of coffee, and still  in jamas and sheepskin slippers, wandered over the lawn. propped the camera on our wood box, then went to the street. A truck , a car, and a van all drove past, I was hoping in the semi- dark they might not see me. I used a bean bag I had made a while ago, a neighbours wooden fence paling, and managed to get a sort of decent shot or two.

This was from our front doorway, shining through our firewood trees.

1st Feb  Blue Moon 6 a.m.

Then I was out on the  edge of the street!!!

1st Feb Blue Moon #2

1st Feb Blue Moon #3

Nothing spectacular at all,but I can at least say I did see the “Moon Trifecta” this morning.

Blue Ted will be here when US arrives at the 1st February. Hurry up, your northerners!!! I long to have the whole collection done.

And in case you wondered, I am back to proper coffee!! Hooray for that, but the Myoscan will not be until mid-February when a specialist is available to be present. No doubt a big back-log too.In the meantime I am waiting, and had another short visit to hospital very early  Monday a.m. It is a trifle scary when angina pain lingers and does not subside with a sub-lingual spray repeated.  The blood tests are negative, this time I really think the Dr was hoping for a positive Troponin test, so I could be admitted and sent off for something to be done.I am so grateful for the wonderful ambulance men, or ladies,  one man ( single crew)  this time, the E.D.  staff,  and then….. there are the other patients who have been admitted for one night, one lady moaned and complained about everything.  I know she was ill, as we all are who are admitted to the “ Acute Assessment Unit” The other was a darling  wee thing, so apologetic when she needed staff to come.I am so positive neither will read this.

Guess in all  places we meet the grateful and the ungrateful. I hope I am one of the former.

Some places in New Zealand have had gale winds, huge rainfall, extreme damage to properties and buildings, we missed it all.After days of up to 33C, there will be a little sprinkle of snow in the far south.

Quotation of the day, author unknown

“ You do not miss the water till the well runs dry”

Greetings from Jean.