Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Friday, 26 February 2016

Photos from Home and Away


Since my trip to hospital I have been trying to take life a little slower.But this didn’t mean to stop blogging altogether!!! The last week or so  has been  so busy, family came, they went , Josh started a new life at Victoria University, the washing machine leaked ( badly!!), we rearranged beds, gave one away, cleaned out the huge chest freezer, with wonderful help, or mainly all the work done by Liv,  took Boris and Felicity to the vet to  make sure the new flea treatment was working, Hugh  went away camping, he came home. Here are some of his photos taken with his  Canon 40D. He was up high in the Central Plateau.

Desert Road Summit sign

His camp site, the tent extension I made was greatly admired by some men who had been further in on a photography trip, with overnight fly-camping. They were about our age,( give or take from 75 to 79)  or a few years younger, and had been in the bush for a few days. I guess a home cooked meal, after a very welcome hot shower, would be so appreciated.

Camp site at Waipakihi Road 2016

Waipakihi Stream, looking pretty in the sunshine. I was told it was SO  hot there, 40Celsius in the wagon!!! And one morning almost a frost.This is the normal thing for days and nights at the high altitude. 1074 m or 3523 feet above seal level.

Waipakihi Stream 2016 #3

Boris contemplating #1

The good news is that Open Live Writer  has now added and installed  “ Spell Check”. No more proof reading for errors!!!

Quotation of the day,author unknown

“ Your attitude is your altitude.

It determines how high you can fly”

Greetings from Jean.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Some photos from the past…


When I started this blog in 2011, I had no idea how to  make each post interesting, how to edit photos or anything much else at all. Two friends were a huge help, Shirley who gave me the encouragement I  needed to start, and Marj, who helped get the words in the right order for my blog name. And, naturally, the
“Mariner’s Compass” that was made for Walter was my header for some time..

Mariner's Compass wall hanging

Walter, a dear friend for many years,  was in Auckland Hospital for his 91st  birthday,  in March 2010,  and the staff were so helpful, they kept his parcel until that morning, brought it in, and hung this in his room. In April I flew to Auckland for his funeral, and  a few weeks later his daughter sent me a lovely card, and the news that this wall hanging had gone to the   Felixstowe Maritime Museum, where it is hung with other Navy Memorablia. What an honour, and  I rate this the highest of all in my life.( Maybe our wedding in 1962 should come in a close second!!)( Anniversary of 54 years  next week).

The last pink tulip, in 2012last pink tulip

Early morning sun and some fog at Piropiro Flats. where we have camped several times.

Early morning sun

Mt Ngauruhoe, in the Central Plateau, taken on one of my  plane trips to Auckland.

mt Ngauruhoe from  the air

The cherry trees in blossom, and a late spring frost on the lawn.

October frosty morning with cherry trees in blossom

I am well, each day a blessing, and the lawns continue to be mown, weeds weeded, quilts sewn, and words written.

Quotation of the day, from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“Ah, how good it feels! The hand of an old friend”

Greetings from Jean

Monday, 1 February 2016

Pics from the past

A while ago I promised in a comment somewhere that I would post a photo of Hugh and myself in the snow.Just to prove we have actually been to the snow!!

I think it might have been on my birthday in July, we drove up to Turoa skifield,   a large skifield on the south western side of Mount Ruapehu, the highest mountain in the North Island of New Zealand, in Tongariro National Park. it was cold, freezing cold. The road was so icy, and I was muffled up so much. This was in 2008!!!  and  is looking towards the west.

Jean & Hugh at the Mountain July 2008

Here is Poppy high in the English Elm Tree.

Poppy high in the tree

This is taken from the red A Frame, a hut high in the Ruahine Range, looking down towards Dannevirke and further still, the East Coastline,  behind all those far hills.Way too far  away to see any water, but if you are down there and continue driving, you will arrive at Napier in Hawke Bay. To arrive at this hut, it is definitely a 4WD  track, very rough, lots of deep holes, sometimes in winter impassable.

View from the Red A Frame

Here is the road in August 2011, I think the quad didn’t go much further than this.

Snow on Takapari Road, 2011

On the home front, I am well, taking life slowly, and trying so hard to tackle ONLY  one thing a day!!! Today it was to sew together the blocks for the Midnight Mystery quilt. I have 2 strips done, the last one tomorrow I hope,

Thank  you all so much from my heart for your caring words and thoughts… it was scary, but to be truthful I felt so ill I didn’t think about being scared. Just as well, once I knew what they were looking for. We do have a blood pressure monitior at home, and each day since coming home, my BP has been so good, totally back to normal. I see my GP on Thursday, he may have some idea why it happened. Meantime I am thankful for so much.

Quotation of the day, author unknown

“ Life always offers us a second chance,

it is called …………  Tomorrow”

Greetings from Jean