Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Sunday, 13 August 2017

The Snowflake was so lucky to survive!!

I had wonderful plans to have the snowflake block all finished, applique all done, and batting ready.I joined in the QAL, thinking I would so easily manage a block or two.

Week one, block one, is from Vanda who lives in South Africa. Her words were …..

Without further ado, here is block 1. A snowflake, I just could not resist making a snowflake. You see where I live in South Africa our Christmas falls in summer. And I would absolutely love to see a snow white Christmas……

I picked out some fabrics, dithered around, and finally chose a deep midnight blue with gold stars. In the centre is our New Zealand icon, a Kiwi, and in real life only comes out at night.

“ Starry,starry night” came to my mind.

Snowflake choices #2snowflake choices #1

Snowflake #3

The applique was started,  the background is a little darker to show the variegated Madeira thread, and a slanted stitch #23  on my Bernina  QE 440.

Snowflake #4 showing applique thread colours

Then the plan all fell to pieces, My husband had a fall, catapulted himself about 6 feet, fell onto a step on his back. How life changes in a flash. Rang the ambulance, rang a friend, finally ambulance arrived, single crew, he rang the fire brigade, and  then they used a body board that slides in two halves underneath, to get him onto the stretcher and into the ambulance.  Off to hospital, after a lot of pain relief, 12 X-Rays, up to the ward, and CT scans the next day. He has what is called “ an undisplaced fracture” of the acromion, a small bone at the back of his right shoulder. No surgery needed as they called it “smashed” so it will heal all by itself, but will be months rather than weeks.  Hugh’s right arm is no good, he cannot use it at all, and there is pain and bruising in lots of other places. I have just read that Turtles also have this bone!!! I wonder how they manage if it gets smashed.

Here are the 4 men and one lady ( not all in the photo)  contemplating the best way to move my man!!! What a gallant lot they were, and I am so thankful for all the help we had.

Fire Brigade, body board and Hugh, August 2017 #2

So if I am off the radar, and do not leave comments or do a post now or then, I will be doing a whole lot of other things here.

Quotation of the day, from Robert Burns

“ The best laid plans of mice and men

often go awry”

Greetings from Jean.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

New Zealand, both North and South.

Recently our grandson was on a Field Trip to the Nelson Lakes and Golden Bay areas  near the top of the South Island. The students were doing this as part of their second year Science Degree at Victoria University.  He has very graciously given me the honour of posting some photos here.Thanks Josh,  these are just a few of them.

Farewell Spit, at the very top of the South Island.

Farewell Spit, South Island,New Zealand

Golden Bay area, South Island.

Golden Bay, South Island NZ.

Limestone Rock, Golden Bay area.

Limestone ,Golden Bay, South Island, NZ.

After a week in this area, they went to Lake Rotoiti, in the St Arnaud and Nelson Lakes National Park area, as the second part of the studies.

Nelson lakes area, South Island, NZ.Nelson Lakes, Swamp  before Glacial Moraine.

Mount Robert in the distance, Nelson Lakes area.

Mt Robert, Nelson Lakes, South Island, NZ

Lake Rotoiti, as I remember from way back in 1986, the most sand-flies ever  all lived there. They followed you everywhere, in huge swarms.Mt Robert is on the right hand side, under the vapour trail.

Lake Rotoiti, Mt Robert on RHS, under vapour trail.

Lake Rotoiti, South Island, NZ.St Arnaud  #3 Lake Rotoiti Josh Lee

Back to the North Island, views from above Wellington, looking south.

High above Wellington,proof that they both rode there.High above Wellington, Cook Straight way out to the right.

The swing bridge is near Makara Peak,where the wind turbines are.

Swing Bridge, Makara Peak, Wellington area, North Island,. NZ

And for map lovers like Louise.. Here is one for you,  Fundy Blue!!!

NZ map places and arrows

And, as  ( in my opinion)  this post should close with  some snow, here it is.

Mt Ngauruhoe, from the Desert Road.

Mt Ngauruhoe, from the Desert Road

Josh and Hugh, near the Desert Road, in 2004.

Josh & Hugh July 2004 #1

Quotation of the day,author unknown.

“There is always an island of opportunity

in whatever we do and wherever we go ”

Greetings from Jean