Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Saturday, 9 July 2022

The Finishing Line. !!!

 At last I can focus on my laptop, and see letters more clearly. New glasses  left side lenses will make this even better in about 6 weeks.

Thursday began with a very early breakfast, who wants to eat Sultana Bran and have a smidgen of coffee at 6.a.m.? It was a very wet windy start, and we decided to leave home at 6.45 a.m. giving plenty of time in case of road problems.  Just one lot of road works , so we arrived before the 7.30 scheduled time. 

Into the Day Surgery Unit, all particulars taken, and into the room with the Lazyboy chairs, red non slip socks, a blue   hairnet, and of all colours, a yellow plastic cape with long sleeves.  This goes on over your own clothes. By this time the eye drops had really worked and everything  was a blur.

The lovely surgeon visited each of us in turn as we waited.  Next thing, I was wheeled off into the theatre. An additional 5 theatre staff I think, position your head on the rest, get it fastened tightly so you cannot move,  and a tube with oxygen and air under the blanket, blood pressure cuff and oxygen meter on one finger. Then the anaesthetic drops started. A second lot, then some pain.By this time I should have not been able to feel anything.More drops, I could feel them on my eye.Then another type, 2 lots, and total numbness!!

My surgeon talked quietly as she said what was happening, a small slit, then a hum, then a bit later, " That's half the cataract out " . Did I mention that she is from Spokane, Washington ?? We were all so fortunate to be seen by her before an  extended leave to see family. A little later, with some water dropped in, more humming,  and looking at the light all the time, orange and yellow blur,  I was ready for the new lens to be implanted. 

I didn't know that the lens had little "wings" guess there is a proper technical term for the side pieces, and each eye has to be measured in width, height and also depth before the lens is made.

The cut had to be sealed, then all done. The theatre table was titled, so it sat me up.Warm blanket, back to recover with coffee and biscuits.

Lots of instructions, and home with 2 lots of drops.  No bending, no sleeping on that side, no lifting anything heavy , so I have abandoned our bed and am sleeping on the sofa in the lounge, where I cannot turn onto my left side. Even our cat Boris knows something is strange, 

Friday, I returned to the Opthalmology Clinic to have my eye checked, and behold!! The pressure is too high, so another type of drop for 3 days.

NOW, I am only the second person in 18 years that my surgeon said that type of local anaesthetic didn't work.How odd is that!!! So if I need anything else in either eye, Lidocaine is the #1 and only choice. 

Next check up in 4 to 6 weeks, by which time I should have my full driver's Licence posted to me.

New left lenses in both distance and reading glasses in 6 weeks, then Hooray, I will be back to sewing again.

Whanganui Hospital, your Day Theatre staff , from the front door and all others, are all truly wonderful, so caring, For those in the theatre that I did not see, a huge thank you. 

Quotation of the day, author unknown

 " You do not miss the  water until the well runs dry" 

Greetings from Jean.

Tuesday, 5 July 2022

I leapt over the penultimate hurdle!!!

 Hi Folks, I am not sure what happens in other countries, but in New Zealand when you turn 80, you have to have a medical examination,  every two years, an eye test, and at our surgery, also a cognitive, memory and recognition test.

So today was the day. It began with me being given a name and address, yes, it was here in NZ, repeat 3 times, and remember it after about 15 minutes.

Then draw a clock and the time at 5.10. Identify 6 road traffic signs. Name the day, date month and year.

Then list as many animals as you can in one minute.  I astounded both the practice nurse and our GP with some weird and wonderful overseas animals ,.  Needless to say, after the minute was over, I remembered  a lot more.

But I passed 30/30. Hooray!!!

Blood pressure, weight, and all good for the next part of the process, off to the local Automobile Association for a photo that is put onto your licence card. I was issued a temporary paper one.

Then the ultimate part of this journey, second cataract surgery on Thursday.After that,  a few weeks healing time, there should be no stopping me with photography, at the moment I struggle to focus the lens correctly.Quilting, I am hoping all the seams will line up effortlessly.Well, maybe that is hoping for a bit too much.

So no photos today, but  belated best wishes for  all USA 4th July Celebrations.And more for those friends in Canada for 1st July.

Quotation of the day. author unknown

" Celebrate today, as tomorrow it will be left behind 

and a new day will be dawning"

Greetings from Jean,.