Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
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Tuesday, 5 July 2022

I leapt over the penultimate hurdle!!!

 Hi Folks, I am not sure what happens in other countries, but in New Zealand when you turn 80, you have to have a medical examination,  every two years, an eye test, and at our surgery, also a cognitive, memory and recognition test.

So today was the day. It began with me being given a name and address, yes, it was here in NZ, repeat 3 times, and remember it after about 15 minutes.

Then draw a clock and the time at 5.10. Identify 6 road traffic signs. Name the day, date month and year.

Then list as many animals as you can in one minute.  I astounded both the practice nurse and our GP with some weird and wonderful overseas animals ,.  Needless to say, after the minute was over, I remembered  a lot more.

But I passed 30/30. Hooray!!!

Blood pressure, weight, and all good for the next part of the process, off to the local Automobile Association for a photo that is put onto your licence card. I was issued a temporary paper one.

Then the ultimate part of this journey, second cataract surgery on Thursday.After that,  a few weeks healing time, there should be no stopping me with photography, at the moment I struggle to focus the lens correctly.Quilting, I am hoping all the seams will line up effortlessly.Well, maybe that is hoping for a bit too much.

So no photos today, but  belated best wishes for  all USA 4th July Celebrations.And more for those friends in Canada for 1st July.

Quotation of the day. author unknown

" Celebrate today, as tomorrow it will be left behind 

and a new day will be dawning"

Greetings from Jean,.


Susan Heather said...

Well done on getting your licence and good luck for the cataract operation.

eileeninmd said...

Hooray for passing the test! Best wishes for your next cataract surgery, sending prayers for a quick recovery. Have a great day and happy week ahead.

Jenn Jilks said...

You must be so relieved!
They don't test for dementia, like you, but they do retest 80+ people to keep their driver's licences.
Take care! xx

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Hope all goes well with your cataract surgery. Great news on your exams. Hard to believe that you are 80!

Barb said...

Happy 80 Jean! Sounds like you passed your physical with flying colors and now will just need to recuperate from your cataract surgery. Good Luck - soon you'll be seeing those tiny stitches better.

Jenny said...

So pleased you passed your test with flying colours! Did they say what the punishment would be if you failed, take you out to the paddock with a big gun, perhaps? Doesn't bear thinking about, does it.

Nancy J said...

Thanks to you all, I was fairly sure I would pass, but Jenny, your alternative , I dread to think of it!!! Last time I had to do this when I was 80, the test seemed to take longer, more difficult puzzles and questions, I managed a 31/32 then. Grandson came for dinner last night, he is overseeing work being done at Palmerston North Airport, so I passed on all your lovely words for him.Guess I barely reach his shoulder now!!

Ma Betty said...

All the best for your second cataract tomorrow. I have mine today and have been watching your progress through these covid times.

Nancy J said...

I will have an early start tomorrow, need to be at the hospital at 7.30 a.m. So as I am allowed breakfast that will need to be VERY early as well . I will post the result probably Friday, depending how blurry everything is with one eye okay and one covered.Many thanks again for all the good wishes.,

Carol Mattingly Photography said...

All of my best wishes go out to you for a perfect surgery and even more perfect and speedy recovery. My sister is having both eyes done for cataracts the end of July. I have 20/30 vision just can't see up close as well, but I'll take it. Well wishes to you Jean. Hang in. You almost got this!!! Carol

O'Quilts said...

Good for you!! I am moving into a senior apartment grouping. In order to be accepted, I had to do the same animal test...and clock test....crazy, it was all posted online, so I had time to memorize a million animals. She told me to stop!! ha ha...I told her that she was hurting my feelings cuz I had many more in my head. Once I drew the clock I put a bell on the top and a little box with a cookoo bird inside...So much fun!!!

Inger said...

My doctor's office used to test older people, but no longer does as he retired and new people took over. Congrats on passing all the tests! I'm sure unless I practised ahead of time, I would have no idea what day it was. I'm having problems with it and some other things, but I'm not confused, I remember all iportant things, can drive, and so on. Being in our 80s is an intresting time for sure. I approach it with humor, it works well for me.

Grams Jean said...

Happy four score birthday! Good job! My hubby did well with his cataract surgery 11 years ago, and is happy with the results. You should be fine.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Way to go! I hope the cataract surgery went well too! ((hugs))