Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Sunday 19 November 2017

The Fox and his Gloves

One day, a small fox began his search for a winter home, he wandered through the trees.

Trees in the Forest

There was sunshine, and he could smell where Felicity had walked.

He talked as he walked along.

Felicity in the early morning sunlight

Maybe I can find another tree.Oh no,I can smell where Tom has  been lying  down in that warm sunshine.

 Tom by the tree framed

Maybe I should cross the stream and find a safer place to lie low for a while.Josh in the stream

Oh No,Josh is there, I will have to go the longer way.I know, I will just go this way. But the trees are being felled,  it all looks so different. The last sunset on the tall pines, they will be gone tomorrow.I need to hurry.

Last sunshine on the tall trees, November 2017

One last tree stands all alone now, maybe even that one will go down next week.This has some damage from another tree falling on it.

One tree with some damage.

Oh well,I will keep on walking. The flowers might be some help. I will start looking at the Amaryllis, white and red, they look beautiful.

White Amaryllis 2017Red Amaryllis Nove,ber 2017

red and white Amaryllis

not so good on my feet though. Keep on walking further!! The golden Day Lilies are flowering.

First Day Lily  in October

Now I can see one tree ready to hit the ground

Falling tree,  November 2017

I know, the flowers at the front will be perfect for my wee feet. Look at them , pale pink, palest mauve and deep purple. I need white when I walk across the snow.

Palest pink FoxglovePale Mauve FoxgloveDeep purple Foxglove

Here they are, white and perfect.

White foxgloves hanging down

Now I can walk across the snow, down to the stream .

Snow August 2011  with tall trees

Look at that, those tall trees at the very back are almost  all down now.

Just one at the southern side standing tall.

And this week, these 6 will also be felled, great excitement even more, as the huge 32 ton digger will be here to make sure they do not fall into the stream.

the six pines

No wonder the housework, sewing, quilting, and even meals have been neglected, too much interest in the noise, the fun, and the shouts of joy when another falls the right way. I heard there is a new owner of that land, and after a huge clean-up, native trees will be planted. Guess I can walk safely there once again.

Another day, another sunrise, as the red sky turns grey.

Morning sky November 18th 2017

November sunrise, grey and cloudy,November 2017

That’s all  from  the fox’s story.

We are both OK,Hugh had  a good report when he went back for post-cataract surgery check up .My rib  muscle? sprain?tear? is healing at long last. No definite diagnosis from the specialist , one more visit to make sure things are going in the right direction.

Tomorrow the Gammill machine goes to Waipukurau for a service, mini-overhaul?? the table has been cleaned, and the rollers are waiting.

Quotation of the day, author unknown

“ The old  fox knows where he is going”

Greetings from Jean