Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Guess what???

 Hi everyone,

Many thanks for all your good wishes, I have stored them away in a very safe place, as yesterday it was confirmed we had ONE case of the Delta Variant in Auckland , and at 6 p.m. were given the news that all of New Zealand was in Alert Level 4, Auckland and Coromandel for 7 days, the rest for 3 days, but that might all change.

Wellington Hospital has cancelled all elective surgery for today, and flights anywhere in New Zealand are all on hold meantime, you can fly home in the next 48 hours if in another part of NZ.

So I wisely and safely decided to phone and postpone my angiogram, and the booking clerk said it is possible that next week all elective surgery will also be cancelled.

Car rental was refunded, and Air New Zealand give a credit for all air fares.

So we are confined to our homes, essential travel only, i.e. medical appointment or food, I will do a phone conversation with my G.P. and  yesterday did a huge grocery shop, and had a haircut!!!

I think this photo was on the internet, but his cheeky smile and bright tail reminds us all, every cloud has a bright lining, not always silver, but colourful and reassuring.

Quotation of the day, author unknown

"Colour your days with rainbow shades, and the pot of gold might be  hidden somewhere "

Greetings from Jean

Monday, 16 August 2021

Do you see that photo???

Guess where I am going on Sunday? I had a phone call, your procedure is booked for Monday 23rd??  At 7.30 a.m.    August I asked? YES . It will be another angiogram , and if  it all goes like the one last June, I know how good the staff and Surgeons are  . So I have filled in the 6 page questionnaire,  ( had to buy a new Canon printer to do this as the older Brother one stopped working at this time, guess it was obeying Murphy's Law !!! ) answered the telephone admittance phone call this morning, family  will  help out with travel and home duties, ( we are so blessed with daughters who respond so willingly ) but meantime I had one more visit to our local hospital late Friday night with angina that did not resolve with the usual GTN spray.

Our ambulance service is the best, 2 lovely ladies, out in the pouring  rain and cold wind , nothing too much bother, ED staff as usual so caring, a comfy bed arranged at some ghastly early morning time, blood tests galore, ditto the ECG's, and discharged about 8 a.m.

The DR must think I exist on a tablet diet, as after consultation with the cardiac specialist who was again down from Auckland, they added yet another tablet, this will relax the heart muscles, lessen the chances of angina pain, but it will also lower your blood pressure.Dizzy, faint, and ulcers anywhere are some of the side effects. Oh, to be young and fit again.

So sewing and/or quilting is on the back burner, I am not tackling any new projects, other than to look at some fleece and think about trying a wet resist hat or bag!!!

will be in Wellington Sunday and Monday night, or even Tuesday if anything goes wrong or there is an emergency and I have to wait another day down there.

So, before I travel further south, I must thank you all for the wonderful birthday messages, it was a great weekend, saw a little snow through the mist and cloud, no meals to think about for TWO days, that was luxury.

Quotation of the day, from our  own Doctor  some years ago, 

" Any morning is a good one when you can put two feet onto the floor"

Greetings from Jean