Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Thank you, thank you all SO much

Hello friends, here in NZ and world wide.

Thank you all so very much from my  heart, my repaired and working heart, for all your loving, caring, thoughtful words .emails, and phone calls.
They have boosted me, and given me the assurance that love does conquer all.
I was talking to our son-in-law this week, he had a heart attack on 25th April, and has a stent in the same LAD,. I said I thought a few days at home and I would be bouncing back better than ever, like a spring chicken,BUT, that didn't happen. He is a whole lot younger, and he said the same.
So we are both taking one day at a time.
This was the view when I bravely looked out the window as we neared Wellington, on 19th June,  probably somewhere along the Kapiti coastline.
Before this it was mostly clouds.
The lovely young lady I met in the same room at Wellington went home to Nelson, and as I do, I wanted to post her something hand made. But she said " I don't need a little something Jean, your friendship is ample" However I like research, and should have been a detective or sleuth. I knew  that they lived south of Nelson, and the  type of business, so after consulting Yellow Pages, phoned the first one on the list.
"Hello, I am Jean in the North Island, This might be a really wild goose chase " Paul said, tell me. So I did.
How could I be so lucky to hit the jackpot first time, Kaz's partner's sister worked there. So now I had an address to post off the secret surprise. I sorted out some goodies from the " Spare Parts" department,  Fleece hat and matching neck warmers, mitts, phone charger holders for the staff, where Paul was so helpful, and off it went.
Then I got the phone call, 
"Jean, Corey came home and told me I had a present, and the others all got one too, Thank you SO, much, I am so spoilt "
Next thing, I see photos on Facebook of them all, but the funniest part was the banner beneath the desk at their work place.
" IMPORTANT, no claims after installation"
I had to laugh, does this apply to a heart valve transplant or a stent!!!

Just to add to the local drama, at the weekend I developed a constant cough, sore throat and mild fever. So arranged for a Covid Test. Let me tell you all, the swab  down your nose is no fun, the strong taste, the stinging of  whatever is used as a fixing agent, it was ghastly.
28 hours later, a phone call, negative result.Huge sigh of relief all round.

Next weekend I can now celebrate my 80th birthday ( How did that happen ) , a very small gathering at home, family can now arrive safely, and I can blow out some candles.
I think of how life can change in a flash, and how we share and care, I am so grateful 

The quote for today comes from Jake Bailey, the gallant student who faced a massive challenge  in 2015,   and underwent aggressive treatment for Stage 4 Burkitt non-Hodgkin's lymphona.
He was  Head Boy at Christchurch Boys High School, and came to the prize-giving in a wheelchair. He has written a book, is a public motivational speaker, and gives us all a huge lesson in life and how to face adversity  at the highest  level.

"So be gallant, be great, be gracious and 
be grateful for the opportunities that you have"

Greetings from Jean