Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday 17 July 2024

Canada travels continue


I continue my posts with Canadian updates, one day soon there might be a photo with a bag or something in the sewing arena!!!

Josh has left Vancouver and is on his way to Banff. Stopping overnight, 36C even in the tent with a fan going?  I think it must run on the car battery or its own battery.

The scenery is stunning, the distances huge,  it  leaves our small country way behind with those majestic mountains all along. And still snow at the top.

A few photos from the last 2 days. These three are on the way near Kamloops.

These are near Revelstoke, where he is staying for a few days, Great opportunities with  a day pass with a gondola ride, a downhill ride in a cart on rails? axe throwing? and more. 

And we had a phone call, the miracles of communication.
As a Grandma I feel so honoured for the photos, messages and phone calls.

Quotation of the day , from our late Sir Edmund Hillary,

" Life's a bit like mountaineering-never look down"

Greetings from Jean.

Monday 15 July 2024

Squamish, B .C . , Canada

 Our Grandson has been out and about, and this first series of his photos is from the Squamish area.

The essential item is bear spray !!! Specially when out camping in a tent!!!

From the Internet....

Squamish is a town north of Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada. It's at the northern tip of the island-dotted Howe Sound, and surrounded by mountains like the Stawamus Chief, a huge granite monolith. The Sea to Sky Gondola has views of the sound and nearby Shannon Falls, a towering waterfall cascading down a series of cliffs.


Daytime temperatures in and near Vancouver have been  between 14C at night up to 28 C or more in the day, while back here it is definitely winter with some huge frosts down south.

I am amazed there is still snow on the tops. And I did see in another photo someone swimming.

The joy of the internet when  someone is away from home or overseas, Apple have a wonderful app that can locate a person or their missing device. With the time difference  we either send or receive message at all odd times.

Meantime I continue to behave, no more trips, and am reasonably okay.

Quotation of the day, author unknown

" Be brave and follow your dreams"

Greetings from Jean

Thursday 11 July 2024

Living in Canada

 Hi, this is how I will be living in Canada for maybe 2 years !!!

The word to look for is  "Vicariously" !!!

Our grandson Josh has flown to Vancouver, has a position with a Geology Engineering company and might be there for a good while. If he can tolerate the heat. A huge shock after some mornings back here were minus in the Celsius range, and now up to 28C daytime and still very warm at night.

At Auckland Airport Departure Area on 6th July . 

 He has bought a Dodge  Stow and Go, and has a few weeks to travel before he starts the new job.
Life in Vancouver is so different to here in NZ, 
But we have had phone calls, and as a grandmother, feel so honoured he phones us, Photos, emails, and on Messenger so easy to do.
Now all he needs to do is find a flat or room to let, , fit the huge wagon out for sleeping and get bear spray and a bear horn for safety, as he will no doubt be wanting to  explore some of the remote areas. 

I am sure he will be seeing scenery like this, only on a mega scale.

Meantime, back to our news, I am still sewing, not as much or as quickly as before, 2 hospital trips, a possibly further angiogram maybe, if new medication that has SO many side effects is not tolerated !!

And another birthday in a few weeks.

This was on my birthday several years ago at Turoa skifield, in the Central Plateau, North Island.

So I will continue to live , again that wonderful word that was new to me, " Vicariously" through Josh's news, and will see  much more of Canada in the following months.

Quotation of the day, author unknown'

" You can't buy happiness, but you can  live in Canada. 

And that's much the same thing " 

Greetings from Jean

Friday 6 October 2023

Bags, bags, and fabric for more bags

I was once again a chosen tester for Brianna over at Sew Cute and Quirky. Her patterns are a delight to test,  and at my age a huge honour to be given this task, but it wasn't a task at all, a wonderful time selecting fabrics and putting the pulls on zipper tapes. 
It was a treat to see the other bags from the other  testers, every one was different, and stunning. Check out Brianna's web site. 

The last one is for myself,  green and pale mauve,  it was the first one I sewed, and 2 mistakes, all my own fault, So I made sure the next two didn't fall into the same pit.  I now get zipper tape by the metre, and can choose pulls to suit the bags. So much better in choice and price here in New Zealand. 

Next up, some owl applique blocks and bright fabrics for some more bags, own pattern, with boxed corners and probably a velcro tab at the top for little hands to manage more easily. The beautiful tapestry fabric, bought in Whangarei years ago, and a lovely reminder of when we visited my cousin. They will be for myself too, with some lovely zipper pull attachments, a surprise gift.

Spring has arrived here, daylight saving has started again, and we have had rain, a late frost, sunny warm days, and a last load of firewood, I hope, that should surely last until the real warmer weather arrives. 

Quotation of the day from Albert Einstein,

" The measure of intelligence is the ability to change"

Greetings to all, Jean

Friday 30 June 2023

Josh, our Grandson , Happy Birthday.

 Today our Grandson celebrates his birthday, I remember that first day so well.

We are so proud of all you have achieved, and hope you have a wonderful day, with workmates and friends down in Wellington.

A few memories.

You can see he loves the outdoors, high mountains, and trout fishing. 
Many Good Wishes for today and  every day.

Quotation of the day,

" Grandparent Graduation is the best degree of all "

Greetings from Jean.

Wednesday 5 April 2023

It must be time to post some news.

 Hello everyone wherever you are in the blog world.

Down here, the floods have left huge damage, bypass roads have been constructed, and today I heard on TV that some insurance claims might take until the end of the year to be settled. Guess none of the insurance people were in that dire situation, where they lost their home, vehicles, income from the land or buildings, and family members gone forever.

I have been sewing some batik bags, searched for a special pattern, went through so many boxes, then there it was in the box with all the batik yardage, under the scrap box.

I was recently a pattern tester for lovely Brianna over at Sew Cute and Quirky. She asked for testers for a new bag pattern, and after my previous experience with pattern testing, where the 7 or so of us world wide had to consult with each-other with problems, I had vowed NEVER to do this again.

Hop over to her site at quirkyb.com and see what other goodies are there. Wonderful patterns, helpful tutorials and more.

Luckily I was tempted beyond my will power. The pattern arrived, and I decided to make 2, in case I had any problems. NOT ONE hiccup at all, they went together like a dream, even a welted pocket, a new venture for me.The pattern was written so well, no adjustments needed, Brianna, you designed this in perfection. 

One bag has gone to a dear friend,her birthday was the 4th, and according to NZ Post, the parcel should have been delivered yesterday NZ time !!! I am still waiting for an update on delivery .We celebrate our birthdays a few months apart, but were both born in 1940, and next year, will get together and celebrate in big style 60 years of friendship.Starting in 1954 at Papakura High School. 

The second bag will also be a gift, just the right size for phone ,a few coins or notes, and a  double strap to go over your shoulder. 

This is the second bag.

Phone and charger all ready.This one was posted last week.

Autumn is here, mornings are colder, firewood is ready and we have had several fires, one or two kept going all night.

Quotation of the day, from myself to younger daughter in  1976!!!

I was told " Life isn't fair". My reply.

" Yes, and as you get older it is even less fair".

Greetings from Jean.

Saturday 18 February 2023

2023 in New Zealand, January and February

 The New Year started as normal, but in January,Hugh had a bad fall, nothing broken,  he is fine now, I had one visit to ED with angina, not too serious, home after one night, life continued. 

Early February, Cyclone Gabrielle was north of New Zealand, tracking her way south. The met office kept a close eye on her travels, and   gave an estimated arrival here. 

The cyclone was downgraded to an ex-tropical cyclone. 

The rain came, gale winds, Northland and Auckland received deluge after deluge, on the West Coast two volunteer firefighters lost their lives, attending to a callout.

12 February, a National State of Emergency was called. 

This gives Government the power to call on so many other services to assist. Further resources can be used and priorities set in support of a national level response. Army,Navy, Airforce,   and more.

The cyclone travelled south, and caused incomprehensible damage. Flooding, homes totally destroyed, the Hawkes Bay region, where my Mum lived for some years when they travelled here from Scotland, has been hit the hardest. So far 9 lives lost, stock gone, roads destroyed, homes filled with silt and debris and harrowing tales of loss and survival.No power, no water, no cell phone coverage, the Navy ships are arriving at Napier Port and a little further north with supplies, generators, food and water. Helicopters are delivering food and medical supplies to places further out that have no way of travelling.

One family lost their 2 year old daughter, a man lost his 3 precious dogs, as he assisted another family to move horses to a safer area. Many more stories that are way too sad to read or post.

Some photos from the Internet. My friend Maureen in Auckland and I talked this morning, and know how fortunate we are to have had no damage, we can look out our windows, talk to our friends,

One friend has just sent me a txt to say he is safe, another posted on Facebook that he was safe too.

Amid all this our 61st Wedding Anniversary came, and went. I truly could not bring myself to celebrate in the current situation elsewhere.

Quotation of the day, from  lyrics in " The Living Years "

 by B  A Robertson and Mike Rutherford

"....  I  just wish I could have told him in the living years ...

Say it now,  say it loud, say it clear,..."

Greetings from Jean