Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Saturday, 18 September 2021

Guess What #3

 Good Morning

I am still in Wellington but came back to the motel late yesterday afternoon .

Yesterday's procedure went well but guess what??? There were no blockages, the original stent the same surgeon inserted last year is behaving as it should , and no new stents needed.

And best of all, he hopes  a cardiac specialist back home might have some new thoughts on reducing some of my medications .So I guess a letter with a new appointment will arrive very soon. 

We so enjoyed a takeaway dinner last night, grandson who is living down here joined us and we had some laughs over memories from years ago.

I didn't bring my camera and it takes ages for my phone photos to go by email here, so this is from the internet, a photo of Wellington Harbour.

This morning I am off to a shoe shop, fantastic range and good prices, then the compulsory stop at Fibre Flair in Waikanae on the way home, maybe some ombre for a new watercolour wall hanging, or some bright cottons to make beeswax covers.

Thanks to you all for  the encouraging and caring comments.It makes such a difference to know friends worldwide care.

Quotation of the day,

" Be thankful  for all the goodness  and love from family and friends "

Greetings from Jean

Thursday, 16 September 2021

GuessWhat #2?

 Hello everyone,

my blogging has been sparse or non-existent. There have been a few hiccups, and I am off to Wellington Hospital again, driving down this time, and waiting at the front Main Entrance at 7.25 a.m. on Friday.

The same surgeon will see me, and from what I have been told,  some limited information,  and it wasn't any help for the nurse to tell me " You don't need to worry about that" there is either a narrowing inside the existing stent, or they will do a " Plus and Minus" test, where the pressure is assessed, not sure if this will be just in the LAD, where the original stent is. or other arteries. 

Not quite like outdoor plumbing where the pipes can be seen, taken out and replaced, I am hoping it will be an easy fix.

Weather wise, we have had rain, more rain, constant rain. The temperatures have been low at night, and some farmers have had huge lambing losses.  Well into the minus Celsius, and some places only reaching 1 C at about 10 a.m.

Covid restrictions continue,  positive cases are slowly lessening, hospital visitors will be severely restricted, after a patient in a ward with others had a very obvious conjugal visit, the curtains were closed, but one other patient said the "goings on" were very indicative of what was happening!!!!

Check out Sue's blog over at Kamo Lady to see the Teddy Bear comments!!!

There  is a wonderful fabric shop I can visit on the way home, hopefully that will be Saturday, a Shoe shop in Wellington has a massive sale, and as a reward on the way home, Otaki has many outlet shops with great bargains,. A bit like the jelly bean after an injection when you were a child.

Off to pack the last minute things into my bag,  maybe some photos tonight .

Quotation of the day, author unknown,

"Trust the trained professionals to do the difficult jobs"

Greetings from Jean

Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Guess what???

 Hi everyone,

Many thanks for all your good wishes, I have stored them away in a very safe place, as yesterday it was confirmed we had ONE case of the Delta Variant in Auckland , and at 6 p.m. were given the news that all of New Zealand was in Alert Level 4, Auckland and Coromandel for 7 days, the rest for 3 days, but that might all change.

Wellington Hospital has cancelled all elective surgery for today, and flights anywhere in New Zealand are all on hold meantime, you can fly home in the next 48 hours if in another part of NZ.

So I wisely and safely decided to phone and postpone my angiogram, and the booking clerk said it is possible that next week all elective surgery will also be cancelled.

Car rental was refunded, and Air New Zealand give a credit for all air fares.

So we are confined to our homes, essential travel only, i.e. medical appointment or food, I will do a phone conversation with my G.P. and  yesterday did a huge grocery shop, and had a haircut!!!

I think this photo was on the internet, but his cheeky smile and bright tail reminds us all, every cloud has a bright lining, not always silver, but colourful and reassuring.

Quotation of the day, author unknown

"Colour your days with rainbow shades, and the pot of gold might be  hidden somewhere "

Greetings from Jean

Monday, 16 August 2021

Do you see that photo???

Guess where I am going on Sunday? I had a phone call, your procedure is booked for Monday 23rd??  At 7.30 a.m.    August I asked? YES . It will be another angiogram , and if  it all goes like the one last June, I know how good the staff and Surgeons are  . So I have filled in the 6 page questionnaire,  ( had to buy a new Canon printer to do this as the older Brother one stopped working at this time, guess it was obeying Murphy's Law !!! ) answered the telephone admittance phone call this morning, family  will  help out with travel and home duties, ( we are so blessed with daughters who respond so willingly ) but meantime I had one more visit to our local hospital late Friday night with angina that did not resolve with the usual GTN spray.

Our ambulance service is the best, 2 lovely ladies, out in the pouring  rain and cold wind , nothing too much bother, ED staff as usual so caring, a comfy bed arranged at some ghastly early morning time, blood tests galore, ditto the ECG's, and discharged about 8 a.m.

The DR must think I exist on a tablet diet, as after consultation with the cardiac specialist who was again down from Auckland, they added yet another tablet, this will relax the heart muscles, lessen the chances of angina pain, but it will also lower your blood pressure.Dizzy, faint, and ulcers anywhere are some of the side effects. Oh, to be young and fit again.

So sewing and/or quilting is on the back burner, I am not tackling any new projects, other than to look at some fleece and think about trying a wet resist hat or bag!!!

will be in Wellington Sunday and Monday night, or even Tuesday if anything goes wrong or there is an emergency and I have to wait another day down there.

So, before I travel further south, I must thank you all for the wonderful birthday messages, it was a great weekend, saw a little snow through the mist and cloud, no meals to think about for TWO days, that was luxury.

Quotation of the day, from our  own Doctor  some years ago, 

" Any morning is a good one when you can put two feet onto the floor"

Greetings from Jean

Sunday, 18 July 2021

I'm Off For A Short Holiday or Two!!

This is Lake Taupo, courtesy of the Internet. Next weekend we will travel up there, and have a night away, for my birthday, and catch up with daughters from North and South.

Lake Taupo is in the Caldera of the Taupo Volcano, is the largest lake by surface area in New Zealand,  238 square miles or 616 sq, kilometres,

For the Geologists, it is oligotrophic, with  these rivers flowing into it, Waitahanui, Tongariro and Tauranga Taupo. The  main outflow is the Waikato River at the northern end,  Lake Taupo  has a catchment area of 1,346 sq. miles or 3,487 sq. km.It is some 29 miles long ( 46km) and 21 miles wide  (33km) the maximum depth is 610 ft, or 186 metres.

The average July water temperature is  12Celsius, today it was 11.7C, in summer maybe 19 Celsius, If you fall into the 10 Celsius lake water  in winter , the sad fact is you will  not  usually survive over 2 hours, Hypothermia is the biggest threat. 

So I will not be swimming or even out on a boat or float plane. 

This will be so welcome, and provided the Desert Road through the Central Plateau is not closed with snow,  all will be good. 

This was taken in 2004, probably one of the first photos taken with my new Canon camera, we stopped on the side of the road, and a lovely helpful gentleman  travelling through there suggested some settings to get the best shot. From memory he was from the US, had that distinctive accent,  and he also had a Canon, just a model  or 2 up from mine, and a  wonderful  Telephoto lens.

My visit to my GP went well, the new medication is altered yet again, and there is referral to the Cardiac Team in Wellington Hospital who did the stent surgery last year.  The locum cardiac consultant from Auckland ( a blog friend knows his name and has probably met him!!)  was there the day I was in ED, perfect timing. how lucky could I be. It seems that I might need another angiography, and maybe a wire pressure test!! Yes, I had to Google that, and learn another new procedure.

So I might get a second short holiday, hope there isn't any drama for Hugh this time round, and as I know what  might be the outcome, can be so thankful that age is no barrier for surgery that will give me a longer life.
So some unfinished or partly started projects have been under the Bernina,  no pressure but to clear the sewing desk would be a good start.

We have had massive flooding in the South Island, nowhere near where we live,  people returning home for just a look  ( Many  are still in evacuation centres or with friends away from the flooded areas) are devastated, more than knee high water everywhere inside. one family, baby due in 2 weeks, have lost all the baby clothes and preparations.Another farmer moved his cattle to high ground, they panicked, and were all drowned. I hope insurance, family, friends in a position to help and Government assistance will all contribute. 

Quotation of the day, author unknown,

" Be thankful for strangers who help at the right time"

Greetings from Jean.

Friday, 9 July 2021

Friday's Good News Bulletin

 First of all, thank you, everyone, for all the loving messages, they have helped, I am sure of that. Distance is nothing when we blog, email or phone. I must remember to tell my Doctor that next week.

Our Doctor started Hugh on one more tablet that has been a miracle, pain level dropped almost dramatically, from Tuesday to today, he can use his right arm and hand and is  able to sleep so much easier.  My work load has lightened, no need to cut the meat and veges,  or help him get dressed, and he drove yesterday and seemed to be OK. As a treat for this, we visited a sportswear shop, the usual winter sale, and he has new fleece jackets. Very smart too for a  man his age!!!

My visit to our doctor, also yesterday, my blood pressure is now too low, so I have to monitor it morning and night,  take two readings two minutes apart, before meds in the morning and at least 30 minutes after coffee!!!  Maybe the one new tablet the hospital ordered can be dispensed with, discarded, not necessary, I live in hope. The angina has not returned, I am under strict orders not to exert myself, to stay warm and NOT to venture into the freezing wind again.My doctor was horrified to know I had dosed the concrete with a bleach then hosed it clean!!! I explained I felt fine, and it was only a small section of the driveway.Maybe now Hugh is better, by the end of next week I can stand and watch the water blaster do the job so much faster and easier.

I am calling this wall hanging " Rays of Hope" 

I saw this on the internet some time ago, and although it is usually a paper pattern, I was able to have it emailed as a PDF. This will be a long term project for a very special friend of ours who lives nearer to the Central Plateau and will be looking at snow today from her farm .Needless to say, this wonderful lady, a long time friend, is a minister, so this will be specially for her and her faith. And with my huge stash of batiks, ( Don't tell Hugh how much) I am sure I will have plenty to choose from.

 The other project, that I do finally have all the batiks for, is a pattern from Audrey Esarey over at Cotton and Bourbon. I have purple and blue, and this will be a virtual shared  wall hanging project  with a new blog friend in Alaska. This, too, will have to wait a while till my eye settles down and I see if new reading glasses are needed. Already I have an appointment for the 6 week check up with the surgeon.

Flue shot, all done
Shingles vaccine, all done. 
Covid vaccinations, all booked for the end of August for #1 and in September #2.

The cold spell continues, freezing in the far south, more snow north of us, and the fire keeps us warm night and day.

Quotation of the day from Alexander Dumas

All human wisdom is summed up in two words,

wait and hope"

Greetings from Jean

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

The Positive and the Negative

 Good morning,

Some sewing has been done, after my eye had settled down. The blocks for the US tour continue, some have been saved for a lot later on.Paper piecing on a 6.5 inch block is for the good eyes and nimble fingers.

Here is the Bison , for Wyoming,  from Kathryn LeBlanc at Dragonfly's Quilting Design Studio .

As this was reverse applique. Mr Blue Bison made an appearance too. I am saving him for a pocket on a bag later in the year.

I seems that after the perfect cataract surgery, there can be a condition called either positive or negative dysphotopsia.

In the positive case, flashes of light appear, and in the negative, there is a crescent shaped dark shadow at the outer edge. Maybe 15% have this, and I am one of them. It might vanish after weeks or months.

Just like a horse blinder, but I have seen those in  all sorts of styles.

Meantime, our older daughter went home, younger one and older will be both here for my birthday in a few weeks, but I might put that on hold.

The short version,     Hugh has shingles, I had angina!!! 

The longer version is below. 

Last week Hugh had to visit the hospital, with a severely painful rash on his right arm and shoulder. A friend drove us there,  we waited and waited. Finally a triage nurse called him in, touched where the sore shoulder was, maybe a tendon injury???  She didn't look at the rash. Wait to see a doctor. We had waited until 12 noon, I walked out into the freezing wind to let our friend know that there would be an even longer wait, and had an angina attack.  Used my spray, Anne suggested that she drive me the short way back to the main ED doorway, or ring the  bell at the ambulance bay!!! I said I was Ok and walked back. Sat down by Hugh, and started to shake and had more pain. I looked at the receptionist, said " I have chest pain" .In almost indecent haste, there were 3 nurses, a wheel chair, and I was whisked off to ED. Hugh was left by himself. Sent my friend a txt, she came in a little later and went to the desk, and asked would Hugh be next!! He was,  finally at about 2 p.m. The Dr took one look and said " You have shingles " Second opinion from another Dr. " Yes ". So no wonder the pain was so bad. They went home, I stayed, the usual X-Ray. 2 blood tests,  one ECG and another.  the lovely Dr told be that there was a cardiac consultant there, so handy, they consulted, I had the option to stay and be flown to Wellington  on  Wednesday, or start one more tablet and wait for them to confer with the team in Wellington who operated and did the stent surgery  last June. I opted to go home, they thought I should stay overnight, then just before 9 p.m. said there were no empty beds, sent me home in a taxi.The delightful driver and I chatted, he made the trip so much happier.

I know how fast life can change, my Colorado friends can agree to that, so I am going slowly, avoiding cold winds outside, and nurturing Hugh as best I can.

Thank you all so much for the encouraging and caring comments, so appreciated, the phone calls and emails  as well,  have all helped to make recovery an easier and certain process.Friendships across the phone lines and skies are a certain part of our lives , as travel might not be possible for so many of us.

Quotation of the day, author unknown,

" You don't miss the water until the well runs dry"

Greetings from Jean