Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Monday, 2 April 2012

Men and their Quads and Dogs

Piropiro Flats is a great place for dogs,  quads, bikes, and men . ( and perhaps sometimes a lady!!!)
They all, the dogs,quads and bikes get very dirty and the men are so happy with the day's trips, over bridges, through streams, up steep hills, bouncing over logs or uneven roads.
All in the excitement of the holiday!!!
Hugh on a fixed bridgeHugh coming through the stream
Hugh is always happy when on his quad, and even happier when on a bridge, going through a stream, or up a narrow track.
This is one of the swing bridges on the cycle trail. Very sturdy, well tested, and so safe.
Guess who took 3 steps, YES, THREE STEPS, froze, and walked back to good old Terra Firma.
I then walked round the bypass track, had to get on the quad to go through the stream, then walked up the hill.
And I was told this was a real bridge, not a true swing bridge with a very  narrow foot walk and just wires to hold onto.
Swing bridge on the way to Angel's Rest
Jeff and Gus had been out for a walk in the wet  bush and the rain. Gus was so good, she sat quietly and posed for me so well, and at 7 years has had  some years to know just the way to look.Her eyes were full of trust as she looked at Jeff.
The two young men were  from Ngaruawahia, with Molly, Star and Socks. The dogs all had protective collars on, to save them from being ripped in the throat by a pig, as well as their tracking collars with a short aerial. They can  then be located, the GPS can pinpoint their position accurately, tell if they are still, moving, where they have been and more.
Gus looking at JeffTwo men and their dogs

Rita was with John, on their way towards Angel’s Rest. This is the track with the bridges, and when John returned he told of cold nights, no sign of any deer and no deer  trails through the bush.
Rita, with John from Taupo Bay
The day after the gale winds, a Police Wagon came into the camp area.
Well, we both wondered if he was coming to visit us, as we had left our vehicle number plates at home, with details of where we were if there was an emergency with the family. No ,just checking to make sure everyone was OK after the night’s ferocious wind.
Relief, and a good feeling to know our Policemen come and do this service for all of us out there.
Brin and Slobberchops ( think his other name is Jack???) were very polite, and sat in profile for me.
Brin and SlobberchopsJust checking, not looking for us

Bruce and Hugh at Piropiro Flats

Hugh and Bruce discussed their day’s trip up into the far hills, and celebrated
with a drink each.We hope to see Bruce and Kathy here to stay with us soon.
Quotation of the day, a Nigerian Proverb
“ Hold a true friend with both your hands”
Cheers from Jean


Nancy said...

I had no idea GPS collars were available for dogs. It certainly is a good idea especially in remote areas so the dogs can be located easily.

Your holiday sounds like a lot of fun.

Nancy J said...

Yes Nancy, the youg men gave me all the details, the handheld device is $600, each collar is another $300, and they can see where each dog is at any time, how far they have gone, if they are still, i.e. bailed up a pig, and in the open can track the dog for about 10 km.And with any good dog being so expensive, and many hours of training after that, a wonderful safeguard for the owners.The dogs didn't even notice the aerials, as far as I could see, and the protector collars have big studs so might be quite solid and heavy also. Yes, our holiday was fun, with excitement, gales, and fog all there for extra challanges. Cheers from Jean.

Susan Heather said...

Jean - thank you so much for your phone call last night it really was appreciated.

Holiday looks great.

Michaele said...

Very interesting. The protective collars are a great idea. Love the dog photos also.

Nancy J said...

Ta Sue, always good to chat. I will send my phone number to you. Michaele, I have now looked at dog GPS systems on Google, and Garmin have them in single,twin, 3,4 and more per pack, and a little less cost than what I put in the comment.Will put a photo of them in my next post, and yes, I too think the protection collars are great. Ditto the GPS ones. Cheers from Jean.

Susan Heather said...

Jean, thanks, when I hung up I thought I should have asked for your phone number. Not quite "with it" at present.

Matt said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment at NZByBike. We'd love some photos of the track updates - can you email us at ridenz@nzbybike.com

Nancy J said...

Hi Matt, will do, and Hugh has more including some of the area where the next largest swing bridge will be built.I met one man from Hamilton who went on a "look and see' for 2 hours, he said a group will be there in May.Thanks for your comment.Cheers from Jean.