Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Is This The last Frost in October?


I went out after dinner, last night,  and put up frost cloth, for the tomatoes, beans and zucchini. Hugh was up early, lit the fire, and announced “ It’s a frost”,Yes, Jack Frost  had unpacked his bags, and was here again.

Most of the photos were taken around 7 a.m. Still cold at minus 0.5 Celsius, not so cold for my friends in the North, but  coolish here for October.

Maybe this is the one time when I can  imagine  I am tall!!

October frosty morning,me and my shadow

Looking back from the front lawn, not much sunshine at that stage.


October frosty morning, looking back from the front lawn

This is to the left of the photo above, and across the driveway. A few patches of lawn not icy, under those branches.

October frosty morning with cherry trees in blossom

A short walk along the street, and down the driveway to Patrick’s place.His ewes have a frosty start  for their breakfast.The darker shed is where Fiona has her chooks, and the roof just showing on the far right is Hugh’s workshop.

Patrick's ewes on a frosty October Morning

Quotation of the day, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  “The frost performs its secret ministry unhelped by any wind”

Greetings from Jean


KB said...

The frost looks gorgeous!

Linda said...

Your photos are lovely, Jean, I always enjoy your posts! :)

TexWisGirl said...

quite a heavy frost it is!

Carol Mattingly said...

I love the image of your house and the sheep right down the road, fantastic. Carol

Inger said...

You get your last frost as we get our first, it is always so interesting to read blogs from your part of the world. I love the fonts you use and the design of you blog page, it looks very pretty.

Georgia said...

Hope the frost didn't freeze the fruit trees or the veggies. Maybe it will be the last till next year.

Leeanne said...

Hasn't this weather been so interesting! Pretty impressive frost. Hugs from Leeanne in 'the winterless north'!

Susan Heather said...

No wonder there has been a cold wind here today.
The sun is lovely and warm but the wind bitter.

The Furry Gnome said...

Frost stopped by here several weeks ago. Nice looking home you have.

Barb said...

What? I hope that frost spared your flowers. It sure is pretty though.

Michaele said...

Nice shots. Seems like the first time I have noticed that our weather is just about in tandem.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Your photos are lovely as is the place you call home! I hope you've had a good weekend, and all is well, and you're staying warm too! Really nice for us, and supposed to warm up a little more before colder temps and a time change next weekend.

Jim said...

Beautiful photos Jean! This is much like our early May here!