Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Windows Live Writer has ended

The latest news for those who use WLW, is that it has finished as we knew it, and Open Live Writer has taken the place. But there are glitches, we cannot log in, it will not accept the user name, and the time lapse between the old and the new is unacceptable to everyone,  So many comments are out there. It seems so many are very unhappy about the change.
What are you using instead? I liked the  Live Writer, as I could do a post, save. edit, and all offline. Does anyone have their favourite alternative.
Quotation of the day, author unknown

" Don't be afraid to change, you may lose something good
but you may gain something better"

Greetings from Jean


Barb said...

No help from me, Jean - I write on Blogger and post from there. Hope you're on the Christmas count-down. Also hope the back is better (both yours and Hugh's!)

Georgia said...

Sorry you've been having difficulty. I guess we can never expect Windows and Google to always "play nice' together.
I've always posted directly in Blogger. I guess it would be different if I didn't have consistent internet access. You can write a post and save it to be edited/posted later. Hope you get something figured out. Love G

Jenny said...

You can write directly into Blogger, just like we did before we discovered Live Writer, then add photos. Adding the photos takes a lot longer this way.

The downside is that you must be on line while doing this, OK while at home but not when you are away in the caravan like we tend to be.

Hopefully the new version will be up and running soon.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

This is depressing news. I have enjoyed Live Writer for years. So nice to write the post off line.

I've not tried writing a post for a couple of days. Will it still work at all?

I hope you get some responses here with some alternatives that work as nice as Live Writer did.