Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

News from Abroad


Here in New Zealand, the television news is about local events, happenings, crimes, disasters, and weather, and naturally sport has to be on the list. World events are included, but lately I have only read of them on Facebook ( and then went to Google to find more) or on a friend’s blog.

The evacuation of 2 people from the South Pole, one scanty mention here, but this was worthy of so much more, this is  the third time only that it had been successfully undertaken in mid-winter at the Pole.

Then a few days ago, KB   of Romping and Rolling  in the Rockies wrote of the fire so close to their home. Updates on Facebook were so welcome, and to know they had evacuated safely was good news.

Thanks, KB, for the news of your bag and doggy medicines that  went to safety too. This gave me tears.

Cold Springs Fire, on the net gives so much information.

2000 people have been evacuated, hundreds of fire fighters, many fixed wing  aircraft and choppers in the air with fire retardant and water buckets, and  so many roads closed. Three people were camping on private property, and said “ they had nowhere else to go” when arrested, after tips from the public.The two men ,from another state,  are facing arson charges, and bonds were set at $200,000 ,  and    $ 150,000.  One young lady with them did not face charges. Boulder Country prosecutors had asked for $750,000 as they were considered a flight risk. They have admitted to not making sure their camp fire was adequately put out before they left their camp site. The cost so far has been tallied at $ 1.7 million dollars.

The Colorado National Guard is flying Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters out of the Boulder airport to collect water out of Barker Reservoir to drop onto hot spots and around the edges of fire lines.

Slurry Bomber making a drop near a ridge near Highway 119 in Nederland, Co.Slurry bomber at Cold Springs Fire

When one of your friends  tells  of their news, sadness, happiness, or events like this, it brings us all closer together.I think of those  5 families who have lost their homes,  including a firefighter and  his wife, one of their dogs still missing,  the wild life , trees, and more all gone because of one moment of utter carelessness.Sadness is in so many places in our world.

Hugh and I have camped many times at Piropiro Flats. There are large areas of dry grass, bush surrounds the camp sites, and it is isolated. One year, a young couple from Europe were camping there, and a TOTAL fire ban was in place. Notices on all shelters and the large notice board. They had lit a fire on the ground, to cook their meal. I went over and explained about the ban, and that they should put their fire out, with lots of water… This would mean a walk down  15 steep steps to the stream… They said “ What will we cook our food on?” “ We only have this tiny gas stove with canisters and they are so expensive and don’t last long”

My reply, “ If your fire gets out of control, and sparks go into the bush, and starts a bush fire that spreads,  you will be liable for hundreds of thousand of dollars in fines, and even if you have returned home, you will be found and be liable”. They listened, were not happy at all, but did get water, and  thoroughly wet the embers. Hugh kept well away, maybe he thought one member of our family in the self-appointed  “ Fire Prevention Police Authority”!!! was  enough .

This is the Piropiro area, taken on one of our camping trips there.

One tree at Piropiro

Early morning sun at Piropiro

Early morning sun at Piropiro

Swing bridge near a place called “ Angel’s Rest at Piropiro Flats

Swing Bridge at Angel's Rest

Quotation of the day from Zoe Zantamata

“ Being there for a friend is one of

the greatest gifts you can give.

Another one is allowing them to

be there for you too”

Greetings from Jean


TexWisGirl said...

gosh, poor kb and pups. glad they made it out okay.

Carol Mattingly said...

I can see myself trekking across that bridge. Fantastic post. Carol

Julie Fukuda said...

My son fights forest fires all summer long. Some are caused by lightning strikes but some, too, are caused by careless campers or smokers. We teach our scouts to make sure the fire is dead out by putting their hands through the ashes. If they are afraid of getting burned, then it is not dead out.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

So often it seems to me that here in the States the news ends at the borders, as does the weather. Yet the media gives unending attention to the idiots staging violent protests and riots. If the media would just block any mention of those activities it would all simmer down faster.

Yesterday I heard about a fire that started in Wyoming and had crossed into Nebraska, with quite a wind blowing. Don't think I've heard anything about that on the news either and it's just on the other end of my own state.

Sadly enough, as with the people who unthinkingly start fires, nothing can protect us from the idiots or those totally lacking in common sense.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I share your same thoughts and feelings in what KB has been going through. I was so glad (and grateful) to read this evening on FB that they were able to go home. Their having to leave their home has taught me about "being prepared" and your post about "being smart" when you're camping and especially when you have a fire.

Fundy Blue said...

Whoa, Jean! I knew I've been busy and kind of out of things, but it's worse than I thought! I hadn't heard about this fire! Well, that's not exactly right. When I was working out at the gym this afternoon, and someone mentioned how bad the air was from the fire in Nederland. I looked out the window and saw some smoke tnear the mountains, but didn't give it another thought. I mean, we have a lot of fires in Colorado!

I've been listening to national tv, not local, and it's been filled with so many distressing things. I was walking on the treadmill and listening to the memorial service for the five policemen killed in Dallas. I heard nothing about the fire.

How odd to hear about it from someone on the other side of the world! I am glad that your friends are okay. Fire is a terrible thing, and to think it was caused by careless campers! I think a lot of people don't understand how easy it is to start a fire. Kudos to you for speaking up to that couple at Piropiro Flats.

And thank you for sharing this story, so this clueless friend in Colorado could be brought up to date! Best wishes to you and Hugh!

Nancy J said...

Louise, so many really bad, sad and disastrous things happening everywhere, too hard to keep up with it all. Julie, love the fact they have to put their hand in the fire. I know hot embers can freshen up so easily.Kim, when we had massive flooding all round us in 2004, we were prepared, cat cages ready, both vehicles parked out facing the road, but I hadn't thought about clothes, documents, and as I had a desktop at the time, too hard to pack that up.This makes me rethink what we should do now. And such relief when we read that KB and their crew were safe. To know a friend is in danger makes it come closer to your heart and thoughts.And for the pilots, and ground crew fire fighters, always danger looming nearby. Brave men and women.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

There is so much heartbreak, many disasters. Some days I just have to turn the news off, as my own stuff is enough to deal with! Long trip into the city yesterday. You know how it is!

eileeninmd said...

Hello! Great post and story, Jean. I think all of us are praying and thinking of KB and their family. The wildlife living around the their area. I hope everyone remains safe.

Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

Mystic Quilter said...

Oh good for you Jean!! There could have been another huge fire in the making if you hadn't stepped in, things flare up so very quickly.

Allie-oops Designs said...

Fires are terrible - we've had one here in northern Michigan, but the one in Canada is the worst I've seen. They're collecting quilts for Ft. McMurray. Good for you on speaking up!

KB Bear said...

Thank you, Jean. Your caring means so much to me. We are home, and our community has had it with the vagrants in the forest lighting fires. Fire trucks speed down our road several times per day, probably going to put out illegal campfires. We need you as our "Fire Prevention Authority"!!!!!!

Your bag brought us comfort. That's why I chose it. It was much too beautiful for the task but it has such sentimental value to me. I smiled every time I looked at it.

Sending you lots of love.

Sandra Walker said...

Good for you speaking up; I can see my husband staying out of it too! Glad they DID listen. Did you know they have determined that the devastating Fort McMurray fire, "The Beast", so nicknamed by the head of the fire department there, was started by a human? It was bigger than the province of Prince Edward Island!! Yes, the wild life, trees, hundreds of homes destroyed, an entire city evacuated... You are right that world events do bring us together.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

You are so right.....as terrible as the tragedies that are happening all around us........everyone bans together. Wildfire is one of the scariest things. Your photos are lovely

Barb said...

Jean, You were right to speak up about illegal fires. CO is on alert this summer - too much dryness and high wind. I, too, was worried about KB as soon as we saw the location of the fire. Today we got some welcome rain in the mountains with more due this week. Our home backs to the National Forest and I'm amazed to see people throwing cigarette butts on the trails.

Laurie from Rotorua said...

Hi Jean ... well life has a habit of turning up again ... my blog died a death with all the changes in Google and I am un able to post on it any more ... I managed to find away into it but that is all I can do ... I would love to start another blog but do not seem to be able to find a method of doing it. I hope life with you is good .. would love to catch up again hugs Laurie

Inger said...

I'm so glad KB and the dogs made it out OK. I'm in fire country too and find that I can never quite relax in this hot, dry, and windy plance during the summer months. How people can be so inconsiderate and so plain stupid that they light fires in the first place and then don't ensure that they are properly put out. I will never understand it.