Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Friday, 11 November 2011

Cats and Views

Poppy arrived after she did not accept the new arrival at her home.
Just a short stroll down our driveway and here she is.
poppy 2006poppy with lamb 2007

here is Poppy hiding behind the lamb.
I prefer them running over the paddocks.
However Muriel loved her lambs, and they stayed.
Felicity seldom curled up on Muriel’s bed but here she is resting comfortably on one of the many hand knitted rugs, This  one was done for a cat, which one I am not sure, but when Finn had his knitted, there was a small “F’ sewn in, with a  different coloured wool in one corner.
Felicity with one eye open

The view from a friend’s farm is right across to the Central Plateau.  It snows here in the winter, sometimes as many as  25 good falls.
Barren country, and close to Waiouru Army Camp. On a quiet day you can hear the Army Guns as the troops assemble and get in some training.
The Central Plateau from high up

Kevin in the Tararuas  April 2011

    Kevin braved the cold and wet as He and Hugh went up Takapari Road, all metal and .often huge washouts on the way to the “ A Frame” a sturdy DOC hut almost at the top.
Felicity has this look most of  the time and is very much a
“ One Man Cat” and in our home that means Hugh.

Felicity on the wall in 2007
Our days are busy, with many arrangements, and today as Hugh sorted out some photos of his Mum, Poppy came in and slept on the carpet nearby.This is something she does not do,
maybe she realised he needed some comforting.The phone is busy, thank goodness for the modern wonders of email, broadband, and document editing at the touch of a button.
The families from overseas and the far south will arrive next weekend, and there will be tearful greetings.
Quotation of the day from Shakespeare,
When to the sessions of sweet silent thought I summon up remembrance of things past.
Cheers from Jean

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