Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Flowers,Feathers, and Foliage

McKenna Ryan cat pattern                  
mcKenna Ryan Roosters and chicks

McKenna Ryan designs these wonderful patterns, among so many others.
The Rooster on the bag is  “ Proud Papa” watching the three eggs. The bag was a gift to a wonderful vet assistant the day we said goodbye to Finn.She went out of her way to ease the sadness. I hope the bag was put into good use when the young lady went overseas.
The motto of being a rooster and the cautionary tale is
‘There is a fine line between ruling the ROOST and becoming a feather duster!!!”

Rooster bag                                 

The ruffled red poppy managed to stay intact after wind and rain. The other stems lay flattened under the weight of unopened flowers and wet leaves.
Ruffled red poppy
The Ajuga is almost under the Winter Sweet tree, and seems to thrive in the partial shade
I was given this Bletilla when we lived near Katikati, and it has the best flowers ever this year. Probably because it has been left in the pot for some years now, they do not like to be moved. It is also known as the Chinese Ground Orchid .
Ajuga leaves in shadeBletilla Striata or Chinese Ground Orchid

Yesterday the far South was again battered with gale winds, snow, and the resulting
power failure, vege plants that will not survive after several inches of snow  overnight.
Thankfully the lambs are older now, and should be fine.
This weekend was the  Anglican parish of Clevedon’s 150 year anniversary.
Jeanette sent me this photo, St James Church , Ardmore ,  and we both remembered our dearest friend Jocelyn.
She has been gone 42 years now, and her service was held in this very church
in May 1969.
Dear Jocelyn, we grieve, we have sadness, and we have wonderful memories
of our days together at Papakura High School.
Quotation of the day by Carl Gustav Jung

“ The word ‘happiness’ would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.”

Cheers from Jean

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Tanya said...

Your rooster bag is so cute! I have seen McKenna Ryan's book before but have never thought I could do the intricate applique. The results are beautiful!