Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My Different Names

Yesterday there were some pics of me in my younger days, When I started being known as Jean I had some confusion, after so many years as “Nan” This is when I was a foundation pupil at Papakura High School. Those were such good years,looking at my smile
 I am sure I enjoyed the study, maybe not so much the exams, definitely not sport,
 I failed to do basketball, as it was called then, hockey a disaster, gymnastics more so,
I dreaded that, I couldn’t swing on a bar, do a jump,or anything else even remotely
looking like gym. We had wonderful teachers, who installed in us their own passion for the subject, no wonder maths was my favourite, Mr Miller was a whizz at teaching us.
Names at PHS  1955

Those days were left behind, I studied Pharmacy, going to night class at Otahuhu College 3 nights a week, after work.
Then in 1962, Hugh and I were married at Papakura East Presbyterian Church, Rev.Lewis Wilson was the minister at the service, and here he is welcoming my Dad and me.The last photo as Jean  Appleby. Next thing I know, there I am married, a new surname and a man by my side.
The captions on the photos are in my Dad's writing, and taken from his photo album.
My cousin Judith is behind, with Trevor Shelley, then Pat and Des, and Janet (Norman) was our flower girl.She lives in Perth now, and on one of their visits I showed her the photos when she was there that day.Phil enjoyed seeing Janet's photo when she was 9 years or so.


Last photo as a single girl 1962First Photo as Mrs McK

Formal portrait of Mrs A J McK Feb 1962

Walter always called me Nancy J, and here I am when he came to stay with us in 2002.
The roses were spectacular that year, a legacy of Yvonne’s choices, and the care she gave them over the years
So names of many kinds,over the years, all special at their own time.

Quotation of the day, one of Walter’s favourites.
From Romeo and Juliet , by William Shakespeare.

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.
Cheers from Jean
Nancy J taken by Walter  Nov 2002

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Tanya said...

Beautiful bride then. Beautiful lady now.