Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Monday, 7 November 2011

A Quilter’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

1. Allocate 7 days with no visitors or outings.This is compulsory.
darkest glasses
2. Put on dark glasses and look at walls,windows and ceilings.
Decide that all is OK  and  continue to sewing machine, looking at the chosen designs in the photos below.

necessities      old ladder
3.Look   again with reading glasses and reconsider the job .Assemble the gear, 
Mop, cleaning liquid, toothbrush for those hard to reach places.
Old ladder, and chair, to stand on, or sit, when resting.
Make sure your nitrolingual spray is handy.
If you have any pain in chest,left arm or jaw stop and use spray.
If this does not ease the pain, call husband, if he does not hear your
trembling voice, dial 111 ,  if the pain subsides, rest, awhile, then continue
with the work.
lang handled mopnitrolingual spray
4.Begin with a plan,clean for one hour, have a 5 minute break, and continue.
things are looking good, continue carefully.
5.Same as the day before, but the timing has changed.
Clean for 40 minutes, have a 15 minute break, and do not do any work after 1 p.m.
6.You are now into day 5.  Work for 30 minutes, stop for 15 minutes, making sure your feet and legs are elevated.Apply Deep Heat,Voltaren  or other ointment suitable for inflamed areas  if you are having any pain ANYWHERE.
7. Day 6. Work for 5 minutes, take a lengthy break, at this stage you will need more frequent breaks. They can be up to an hour long, do not feel as though you have to continue without them. After all, rests are therapeutic, and necessary.
Send the man out for replacements for the brush, and have crutches ready for legs in case
those shin splints come back again.
replacements     waiting for when the legs collapse
8.DAY 7. The work is finished. Don the  dark glasses again, preserving your eyesight from the extra white dazzle from walls, ceilings, and window frames.
Sit back, congratulate yourself, and look up YELLOW PAGES, and make a booking for a commercial cleaner for next year.
I am a fan of cats in wall hangings or runners, this took my fancy. The birds and some branches have to be drawn on with pen, that will test my ability to trace  finely.
cats waiting

Next are the hens. The nests are made with cotton threads, or shredded ends of fabric,sprinkle them onto fusible web, lay organza ribbon on top and fuse.
Peel off the paper and fuse to the chosen fabric, chicken wire pattern used here
 gatherings for the other henshens runner

If you would like these patterns please email me and I will copy and email back to you.
My day started with a Skype call to Jeanette in Auckland.
We talked about the Church celebrations, our dear Jocelyn, and others we knew in the  1950’s.
Now spread far and wide, but with Internet magic,
 can  keep in touch with such ease.
Quotation of the day, from Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790
“ Necessity never made a good bargain”

Cheers from Jean


Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

My kinda spring cleaning! Yahoo!!
My family say I dont clean above eye level. I say that cobwebs are organic fly catchers!

June said...

I would stop after number 2 and invite my granddaughters around - mind you I think I am going to have to do some cleaning and tidying - I can't find my watch and I know it's around here somewhere!
Regards, June

Helen said...

Hi Nancy

I found your blog via Razzle Dazzle Quilter. Love the cleaning instructions. May I have your permission to use it in our Cotton On Quilters club newsletter, please? You can contact me at helenmpedersen@gmail.com

Helen said...

Oops Jean, not Nancy? Or maybe Nancy Jean??

Shay said...

Sounds like my kind of cleaning although I'd be working in several breaks for chocolate as well!

Just popped over from Linda's. Thanks for the morning giggle!