Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Sunshine and Trees

morning sun on trees
The early morning sun touched the very top of this tree
and tipped the side of the English Elm.
Thousand of the Elm’s paper-case like flowers are flying everywhere.
Do not leave the door or car windows open. Instant work…
They float, then land. Pretty, pretty messy, pretty awful to clean up!!!
Now that is an oxymoron.

The Elm  Tree provides a huge canopy, and this one and the Chestnut Tree  will add
their graceful beauty to  the gardens and lawn when family  begin
to arrive next week.The seat underneath is asking for anyone to sit awhile, remember,
and celebrate Muriel's Life here with Tea and Cake.
English Elm tree in early sunlight

   No quilting to show, or even think about right now.
There will be time for that later, when our days are less busy, arrangements are finalised  and services have been held.  Hugh and I will need some time to adjust to being just us again.
.A friend commented “ A bit like Darby and Joan”.
Not sure if that can be taken as a compliment or not.
Quotation of the day from Samuel Johnson, 1709=1784
“True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends
but in their worth and choice”
Cheers from Jean


Julie Fukuda said...

Your posts remind me of the departure of my own dear Mother-in-law, a treasure beyond price. I hope the coming gathering will be a wonderful celebration of the life she shared

Nancy J said...

Thanks so much Julie, Muriel's family were most important, and they will all be gathered on 24th November to celebrate and farewell.coming from Perth W.A. Sydney,Brisbane area, North Island,South Island, and messages already from my friends( including you) in Japan.In our blogs we all share each-others joys, sorrows, news and views of quilting, family life and more and I can truly say this blog has enriched my life so very much. Words from afar help so much .fond cheers from Jean

Shirley Goodwin said...

Hi Jean,

Hope the adjustment in your life is going ok, I know nothing will seem normal until after the service.

Yes, school is all over for the year. However, it'll still be busy for the next fortnight as I have the Election training and work on polling day plus for a week or so afterwards. As well, I'm giving a talk to a local P&Q group on Tuesday night.

Take care,


Nancy J said...

Shirley, thanks so much for caring thoughts and messages.The first of the overseas families arrive tomorrow, and after Thursday I hope it will be easier. The challenge of Photography with SIT next year will be so welcome, and we hope a trip south as well, will help us to learn life as "A Couple" all over again.
Fond cheers ( with some tears) from Jean.

Tanya said...

You get the rain of spring flowers, we're getting the rain of fall leaves. As I go out the front door Tetsu says to me, "I just finished sweeping the driveway. Don't turn on your window wipers until you get down the street!" He didn't want all the leaves on my window shield back on his driveway.

Nancy J said...

Sounds like the housewife who had washed and polished the kitchen floors.'Do Not Walk On Them". Maybe Tetsu needs one of those outdoor vacs like we can buy over here. They blow all the leaves right away. Are the leaves those beautiful gold, brown, orange and russet shades? Nature provides us with changes in the seasons that will surely gladden our days.May your man long keep up his good work!!! Cheers from Jean.