Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Boots in a Box and The Firemen

Calendar Men of NZ Firefighters

This Calendar is available at www.firemanscalendar.org.nz

One Dollar from each calendar  sold goes towards  the Child Cancer Foundation.

These men, all fire-fighters in real life, are  brave at all times,  not only when they fight fires, go to accidents , or attend all sorts of emergency call-outs, but when they agreed to be the superb models for  the 2013 calendar.

Now, the only question, where will I hang this??

In my computer/quilting room? where I  sit each morning…

In the kitchen? So I can admire the men as I cook dinner!!

In the hall so everyone can admire the men,all  12 of them??

I will decide on January 1st 2013.

Today we went to Wanganui for Hugh’s visit to his GP. Our Doctor was blunt,and said how lucky Hugh is to be alive. I did not try to read “ between the lines” but he made very sure I knew the drill if it happens again, and how to do CPR. Scary words,as he then went on to say what activities are restricted, or not allowed at all.No bike-riding to get fit, no walking up hills, no heavy lifting, no driving for another week,so all in all nothing that will cause his heart to work harder.I am not sure how long this has to be “OBEYED”,

Hugh is finding some of it hard to not do.

So I have ordered in large quantities, patience, love, care, kind words, ears that listen to words unspoken, time to be there for him, bravery if needed,hugs and reassurance that all will be OK.

Before this visit we had been to Kathmandu, and I have been saving my birthday money until I found the right gift, this is a combined present from our daughters.

There they were, red and black, with that comfy warm  neoprene sort-of-material lining, non-skid soles, and so easy to put on and pull off !!!

My new Gumboots!!!

My New Gumboots!!

Quotation of the day from Helen Keller

“ I would rather walk with a friend in the  dark, than alone in the light”

Greetings from Jean


Gayle said...

I love your boots!! I mean L.O.V.E. What cleaver little "handles" for pulling them on. I'm getting myself a pair of those... I've never seen them before. (They almost look like they fit like a glove).

The firemen are hot. You should just get 2 or 3 and hang them everywhere.

Sorry the doctor had to give you instructions for living saving measures, but I'm glad you know them.

Nancy J said...

Gayle, do you mean " THE MEN" or the calendars?? Ha=Ha.. Yes the boots are great, some other brands similar are called " Muck Boots, and some are shaped to fit around your calf, rather than be straight up. So warm and comfy, and yes, the instructions, for Hugh I think they will be hard to comply with, and for me, I am practical enough to know they might be necessary. Your temps are SOOO cold!!! Minus 12Celsius. You need warm boots too, keep a look out for them, and they have non-skid soles. Fond greetings from Jean.

Susan Heather said...

I do hope everything goes well with Hugh.

I just love those boots.

Susan Heather said...

The fireman is pretty cool as well!!

Lindsjö taxar said...

Great boots, nice! He he of course in you computer room....

Jim said...

Jean I look forward to where you decide to put the calendar!! I suppose Hugh has a copy of the female firefighters!!? lol

Maybe not, at this time! at first the doctors are ,as they were with me, very cautious with what one should and should not do while in recovery.
I could not lift or overdo anything for about two months...until I went into rehab for 12 weeks. The best thing I did because they challenged us physically and watched us very closely so that we were not overdoing it but also at the same time challenging ourselves.

I suspect Jean that Hugh's doctor will have a better idea of what he can do and not do if and when he has a 'stress test' to see how he is progressing. But I am sure this will take time.

It is hard to 'tie a man down' who is so used to being active. I sympathize with Hugh but your approach and empathy will help him through this.
All the best.

Nancy J said...

Jim, thank you so very much, true words, but so comforting.He is behaving, being very good and not complaining about the list of " Do not do' that looms overhead. Each day things seem to be easier, I grow less uneasy, wondering a little less about what is ahead, and each day all the comments help me so very very much. I sent you an email, maybe too late for last night. Fond greetings, Jean

Nancy J said...

Susan, your words are uplifting!! I like....NOTE, I did say like... the firemen too, would you please send me your email, I lost all mine with the hard drive trouble. Greetings from Jean

Nicky said...

Oh dear, so hard to slow a busy man down! With some time I'm sure he will be back to normal..... and you won't have to mow the lawns anymore!
Love those gumboots, I love my Red Bands, but the ones like yours would be SO much warmer in the winter....
Have a lovely weekend, Nicky x

PS... those firemen are smoking hot....lol

Nancy J said...

Yes Nicky, the calendar is a very bright spot on my desk right now. The gumboots, Swandri make " Muckboots" very similar, and sloggers also, the neoprene is so warm,they are a snugger fit than my old Redbands which have started to leak. And a little taller. In time things will get better,meantime I have lovely friends very nearby who have offered help, and I need to learn to accept this gracefully and gratefully.Thanks for your lovely words. Greetings from Jean

NCmountainwoman said...

Kudos to the firemen! So glad to hear that things are going well. Yes, learn to accept help as easily as you give it.

Tanya said...

Glad to hear that your husband is doing well. What a scary thing. And you are right, we should all know how to do CPR... but I'm not sure I really know how... I'll have to do a bit of reviewing.

Nancy J said...

Thanks for your comments, yes I am accepting all help offered, and as for the CPR, I hope I do not ever need to practice that, but the internet gives good videos on
" how to"., so live and learn is my motto these days!!! Cheers from Jean.

KB said...

I love the calendar! Hot, hot, hot!!!!!

As for Hugh, I'm glad that he's recovering, and I know that you'll being taking good care of him. I can imagine how scary it is - but, to be honest, even from this long distance, I can tell that you'd be someone who I'd want next to me if needed. Hugh is very lucky to have you and vice-versa, I'm quite sure!

We're continuing to think of you and send positive thoughts.

Nancy J said...

Thanks KB, updated news this afternoon. Maybe I should hang that calendar right now, it would surely be cheery.!!Your caring thoughts are so much comfort, as you know so well.Fond greetings, Jean.

Barb said...

It's hard to listen if you're used to being active, but listen he must! He'll get back to being himself, but it will take time. Perhaps your DR told you to carry chewable low dose (81mg) aspirin with you at all times. Hugh should carry them in a pocket if he's out alone. My Dr says to chew 4 immediately if I begin to feel any heart discomfort. Ask your own DR if this is a good idea for Hugh. Good Luck to you both. (And I love the boots!)

Nancy J said...

Barb, great idea so will ask next time we visit. The boots have been worn, are so comfy and cosy, this morning in the frost my toes stayed warm.Hands froze in gardening gloves when I moved the hose.He is listening, but the new "do not do this yet" list is hard to listen to, really he is being very good about it all. Greetings, Jean

Here I Am/Carrie said...

I love your new boots. I need a pair like that. It has been so wet in the garden this fall.

Nancy J said...

Carrie, the boots are so comfy and warm, I do not need foot liners in the soles like my old ones, and now, 6th November, they are very well worn in. Greetings from Jean