Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Boston Marathon



These are words for all my friends in US, those who have run the marathon, have family  in the area, and those I do not know or will never meet.

I hope you are safe, I think of those injured, the families in total grief after one of theirs has died, the authorities rushing to make all buildings, airports, and roads secure, medical services on hand so quickly.

Here in New Zealand, “ Healing Hearts”,  are sewn, quilted, and the finished quilts  are   given to families in grief, sadness, or disaster times.

This heart comes, online, to  you all at this time.

Greetings from Jean


camp and cottage living said...

Such a nice and thoughtful gift to victims of all sorts of disasters.
I'll be praying for them all too.

Carol Mattingly said...

Thank you Jean. It is so sad. So o sad!

Jim said...

What a lovely gesture Jean! Boston is our/Halifax's 'sister city' and we have very close ties to them. Thanks so much for this.

Kat said...

Beautiful post, my friend. As a runner, I can't imagine this kind of tragedy... but I don't know anyone (runner or otherwise) who really could. Praying hard for the victims, families, first responders, doctors, volunteers and running family. xoxox

Nancy J said...

Yes, lots of TV coverage here on our morning TV, the news usually finishes at 9 a.m. but was extended for longer. I cannot imagine the horror,and echo all your thoughts.Greetings from Jean.( little did I know when I started my blog in 2011, that 2 years later, my friends would be in many countries , and I would share their despair and sadness with tragedies and disasters like this)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

How kind of you Jean--We have 2 patients in our office who were running the marathon, and we're hoping they are okay... But it really is heartbreaking what happened there at such a wonderful community tradition.

Julie Fukuda said...

My husband was on the phone to my daughter in Boston within a minute of turning on the morning news. She often runs the Boston marathon with charity groups ... the ones finishing at that point. Cell phone use was blocked at that point... I guess in case the bombs were being set off that way... so she is yet to check on her many friends. It was bad enough getting all the hype from North Korean antics, we really don't need more dramatic news. So sad!

KB said...

I didn't hear the news until about 10 minutes ago. So sad... we are watching the coverage now.

sophie...^5 said...

Jean ~~~ this is so nice of you. The TV is showing continually the sadness of this occasion. I hope we all can learn from this and move on with renewed vigor to stop this insanity that has permeated the beginning of this new century. We have to learn from this!