Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Monday, 22 April 2013

The Many Ways of Friendship

A friend sent me an email with so many wonderful photos of animals, all sizes, and kinds. A few of my favourites.
My bed is so comfy, and warm, your soft fur my pillow. I sleep.
young child and reindeer
I have called this a ‘ Snowy Owl” but wonder if in fact it is a  “ Barn Owl’, please correct me if either/neither is the right name.
Snowy owl on a brave dog
I didn’t  name this beautiful dog, and wonder is it a “ Samoyed”, and again will be so happy if anyone can correct me if that is not right.
Fawn and dog
Now with this one, I couldn’t find anything on Google, to let me safely name it,  then I found a “ Racoon”, is that right?
Do you have any food for me

This one totally stuns me, please name him .
Those tufts are real
No words needed, for this show of affection.
Friends together
Finally, today I received  a lovely email from my friend. She had read my blog and all the lovely comments for me about Poppy,and told me later on the phone  she realises how kind, thoughtful and so caring  you all are,  her words for me “ Don’t give up hope”. I try so hard.
Your wonderful words of comfort, care and love are read not only by me but by my friends here in NZ too, so appreciated.
Quotation of the day , courtesy of the Internet,
Framed bird quote


Greetings from Jean 



Maureen said...

Jean, I think this could be a caracal - not sure if this is the correct spelling though.
Lovely photos.

Maureen said...

Jean, I think this could be a caracal - not sure if this is the correct spelling though.
Lovely photos.

Nancy J said...

Bingo Maureen, I didn't know where to start to look. Also known as the " Desert Lynx", stunningly beautiful. These were only a few from my email, might sort out some more for another day. Greetings from Jean

Urban Rundström said...

Hi. The owl is a barn owl. //Urban

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love your photos, and we have raccoons here, and they can really be characters at times!

I love the quote at the end of your post about the birds it's so true. It reminded me of one I read the other day that I liked too, "Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best."

Enjoy your day, and take care!

Carol Mattingly said...

Such a beautiful array of friendship in each photo.

Georgia said...

Yes, that looks like a cheeky fat raccoon in the bird feeder and I would have called that cat a lynx with his feathery ears. The little bird with your quote of the day looks like what I saw in the UK that they call a robin. He's quite different than the American one though. Your caption with the first picture is very much like a haiku. Good work!

Janet said...

Wonderful pictures and the first one is priceless! I can verify the racoon, but the cat with the feathered ears is NOT a lynx. Lynx have feathered ears but they have long hair and are a grey/white colour. I can't help with any of the others.

Nancy J said...

Thanks Urban, Kim,Carol, Georgia and Janet, the cat is what I think is a 'caracal" but is also called a desert lynx, a Persian lynx or an African Lynx, and is not a member of the lynx genus.Lovely quote Kim, and Georgia, I like Haiku, will try harder another time.Greetings from Jean

Barb said...

These give me a nice, warm feeling Jean.