Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Cryptic Clues


I have for so long been a total fan of cryptic crosswords. Last week I mentioned to Cathi, of   Quilt Obsession that among other things I so enjoyed cryptic crosswords. Well, so does her Bob, and I  scanned, copied and sent him the latest one from the NZ Listener. Bingo, there it was in  Toronto for Mr Q.O. to solve.Before  long, Bob had sent me one from The Times. Well, as you are accustomed to your own sewing machine, car, or kitchen appliance, so you are used to the way a crossword compiler thinks. This was so different for me, and I sent Bob a few lines…

I took the cryptic times to bed

Should have left it alone , I said,

So different from the usual one

Words just didn't seem to come

So I left it  to do later or after

Resorted to the online masters

2 clues was all I managed to do

Then when I read the solution, Bingo!!!

Bob duly read this, and emailed me the link for solutions to solve this. Then he replied again.

A fair maid, a Kiwi it’s said

Took crosswords with her to bed

The “Times” they are tough

She said “That’s enough.

Darn it …I’ll count sheep instead."

And just so you all know how DIFFICULT these clues are, here is 10 down, September 17th.

Swede served with mint over fire for people, ( 3,10).

and Bob kindly  said he thought I would enjoy this one.

2 words, the first word began with N, the last one ended with S, that was all I  had to go on, but I looked and wondered if it was “ New Zealanders”. It was!!!

On the sewing table, the beautiful charm squares have been joined into a larger set of 4, and I have the white and dark marled greeny black for the shadow box strips. The other week I was in an Op-Shop, and there were quilting magazines, make an offer, The cover photo  on one was a whole quilt, with segmented circles surrounded by trails of other segments,In the paper pattern I found one whole circle. The batiks I chose were from stash, the border fabric is also on the back, and I lined it with a blue  batik, with a wire netting design.

This is going by  post  to a very special friend. I don’t think she reads my blog, but we are both on Facebook. She has returned from staying with family in  Australia, much needed time together, and is now in her new home, by herself, a new life  after some  55 years of being one half of a couple.. We do not get together very often, in fact,  very  seldom, but lots of times with phone calls, and emails, we caught  up, for a short time when I flew to Auckland for Trev’s funeral. Recently on Facebook, someone asked how did friends meet? We met at High School, and as my maiden name started with “A” and hers with “B”, we were always next to each other in lists, in lines, and in classes. True friendship, I phoned her today, not mentioning the bag, I hope it will be a welcome surprise. In the photo the top looks wavy, but, believe me, it is a circle. I can scan and email it if anyone would like to try/sew, manhandle, fit together… take hours to finish this . The pattern says 16 circles, but in the photo, there are 25!!!

Down Under Quilts cover

The Bag!!!


Quotation of the day, author unknown

“ Believe you can and you are

halfway to the finish line”

Greetings  from  Jean


bj said...

Good morning sweet friend, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my hutch.
That is such an awesome quilt...a true work of art.
There's nothing like old friends....one of my closest friends and I started 2nd grade together.
Have a great day...xoxo

eileeninmd said...

Hello Jena, the crossword puzzles sound like. The quilt is beautiful. It is great to still keep in touch with high school friends, I see some of mine on Facebook too. Have a happy day!

Kate said...

Your bag looks lovely, all those beautiful batiks!
Your life must be returning to "normal" if you have time for sewing.

Inger said...

I'm not getting any of those crossword puzzles, my brain is still not working right. How lovely that you have been friends for so long. I have a friend like that too in Sweden. We first met in 1946! I think that quote is perfect for where I am now. I want to write about grief and where I am now on my blog, maybe next month. Yesterday, it was five months, next month it will be six and a good place to let everyone know where I truly and now.

Barb said...

You've been busy sewing and working your brain with those crosswords! The colors you chose for the bag are lovely. Hope spring has sprung there - it's definitely fall in the mountains of CO.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Ah,so you are a cryptic addict too! I might have known. We never did a single crossword while we were away but we are easing back into them. Such fun.

Carol Mattingly said...

You are such a loving lady. I just wished you lived close to me so we could meet and have a cup of tea or coffee and trade stories sometime. Oh the crossword puzzle. Carol

TexWisGirl said...

you are a sweet friend and a funny woman. :)

camp and cottage living said...

Jean, you smartie! I'm more of a easy cross word kind of gal.
The quilt looks like it would be a challenge for me to, but it is a beaut. You take care, Jean!

KB Bear said...

Those friendships really enrich life. I love the crossword exchange idea. I used to do them but not any more. It really takes practice. Now, when I look at a crossword, I can't get any of the clues!!

Lorna McMahon said...

Your swirling circle of batiks is fabulous, Jean! Love the quilting. Really enhances that swirling effect. Thanks so much for sharing!

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I have such trouble with crosswords! Good for you!
And my skirts are just not calling to me. I should have done some house cleaning today, but it just seemed too much trouble!
It is irksome, all the hate a viciousness for Muslims. Perhaps I shall just go to bed!
We're a bit chilly here. Happy for the change!!!

Jim said...

What a talented seamstress you are, Jean!
And a clever one at cryptic crosswords too! Not familiar with these....but can see it would be a good brain exercise.
The bag looks beautiful.

Allie-oops Designs said...

I love the rhymes you sent to each other, what a hoot! I hate crosswords of any variety myself, and my mom knows it - she's always calling me for answers to the one she's doing at the moment. ARGH. Love the bag you made for your friend, she'll love it!