Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Friday, 21 July 2017

Day 8, where are the milking maids?

Well, not quite  milking, but  there is a calf here somewhere.

When I was growing up, we always had calves, and I almost always had one to enter at the local Calf Club Day at Te Hihi Primary School. We had Decorated Vehicle competitions, the push bikes had crepe paper intertwined through the spokes, some Dads had made little carts or trailers for tiny animals, and most of us had a calf or yearling. The tails would have been plaited the night before, hooves scrubbed and cleaned, ( Lux flakes were the very thing for a shiny coat and tail)  coats brushed every day for weeks before, and the practising of walking, stopping, walking backwards, and finally stopping before the judge. This was in a square roped off area. All very serious stuff!!

Here I am,  with  my yearling,  she has  a ribbon, or two,  outside the  yard at the milking shed on our farm.The top winners went on to compete at the Franklin A&P show in  Pukekohe.

Calf Club Calf, Te HihiOne yearling, after Calf Club Day at  Te Hihi Primary School

And here I am,complete with plaits, and freckles!!! Maybe about  1949 or 1950!!! Vintage years indeed.

No calf today

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One more day and I will be showing you something from my little corner of the world. Be warned, it is long, wordy, full of photos, so  make a coffee, or pour a glass of wine, and sit a while with me .

Quotation of the day , author unknown

“ Memories are treasures

that pop up when least expected”

Greetings from Jean.


Paige said...

Oh Jean, I love the comment on the photo about growing up! You're a cutie pie! And love your calf photos too! What treasured memories!

Jenn Jilks said...

You are so much fun! Shout Out for you today! I am so tired from yesterday!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, I just love the photos of you and your cow. It must have been fun to win those ribbons. Awesome quote and so true! Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

Carol Mattingly said...

Oh my goodness look at you at such a young age. You are as pretty now as you were then. Love those pics. Carol

Renea said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. My mom is going through photos right now and it is fun looking at them.

KB Bear said...

Oh my goodness - I *love* those photos from when you were a girl!

Patty said...

The photos are precious. It is always wonderful to take a walk down memory lane.

I really love the owl tutorial. Owls are my favorite bird. I see a cabin quilt in the making!

Fundy Blue said...

Your photos are beyond darling, Jean! You were a Nan ~ eh? I had a Great Aunt Nan. Her name was Anne or Annie which she hated, so she became Nan which was quite modern and a little edgy at that time in Nova Scotia.