Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Winter flowers

Sept,windfarm,Napier 011Sept,windfarm,Napier 015
Some of the colourful displays of flowers in the Wanganui  winter garden. The cineraria showed off to great advantage with the mass plantings of one colour, the ferns looked graceful with drooping fronds, and outside just one mother duck with her ducklings, almost camouflaged in the bark. Nearby is a huge aviary, and I will need to get some photos of the  colourful birds another day.

Sept,windfarm,Napier 012Sept,windfarm,Napier 020Sept,windfarm,Napier 014
further South, One family is at Mt Cook in minus 1 Celsius, and so much snow.Latest report from Twizel is " V.COLD". This trip began with a very rough Cook Straight crossing,  delays to many  departure times because of the bad weather. I hope some photos via email will follow later.The other family has too much snow on the farm, and the travel is 4 x 4 every day this week.
Here the snow is forecast down to 200 metres in our area, we are 149 metres above sea level, so should escape the  extreme cold. a friend near Kimbolton will no doubt get some snow on the paddocks, they are just  365 metres a.s.l. and it is forecast to 200 to 400 metres  in places. We have been here for some 10  years, and in that time have had  just one  very light fall of snow quite near our home in 2003.
Pink is not one of my favourite colours, so I do really hope when this is transferred from Live Writer to my blog, the colour goes to a preferred shade of blue.BINGO!!! it did.
quotation of the day translated from the poem, “Le Lac”
by Alphonse de Marie Loius de Prat de Lamartine
“O Time! arrest your flight, and you,
propitious hours,stay your course”
Cheers from Jean

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Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Hi Jean
Thanks for sharing photos of the Wanganui Gardens. I remember visiting there about 20 years ago.
Looks like they are just as lovely now.