Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Friday, 10 February 2012

They come, and They Go!!

Motor home at our place
 Our guests came in and found a  quiet part of the garden. They are off again today. A short  stay.
Our next guests were Jessica and Victor from France. Their campervan had engine problems, and our local BJW team  fixed it up and they were on their way South.
  Enjoy your holiday , I  hope the weather stays sunny and warm for you,  your blog will keep me up to date with all your exciting adventures.
you can find them here, at
Translate if you need to.I did!!! Wonderful photos of New Zealand, for us and their family and friends back home to enjoy.

Victor and Jessica on their way South
Ryan, Alana and Lewis are from Christchurch, living in the home on wheels while the
earthquake damage to their home  is repaired.
Lewis is ready for anything with a big stick  in his hand.
Lawrence and  Tanya, hope all is well when you return home.
Lewis with a stick ready for something.
Ryan,Alana and Lewis
Monday 6th January, and here  are Lisa and Christian from
Germany. They have seen much of NZ, and are  travelling North.
Visit their blog at
Again, stunning photos seen from a visitor’s eyes.
Happy and safe travels for both of you.
Christian, after your morning trip around our streets in the  Porsche 911,
the van will seem more practical, if not so glamorous
Christian and Lisa
Christian in the Porsche 911

Our dear friend Damien was here on  his way to the  Porsche Car Club meet at Taupo.
He was very generous, and that day gave Christian the driver’s seat, and  later on Hugh
drove for a short while on  their way back from Kimbolton, Apiti and surrounding areas.
Here is Laurie from  Ngongotaha, on her way south for a few weeks of  rest, ( not sure about that??) stitching and travel.
I hope you meet your fellow bloggers on the way Laurie, Safe travel.
look at her bike, when will Laurie fit in time for pedal travel???
Laurie’s photos and stitching news  are  at

Laurie on her way south
The day is drawing closer and the machine is having a rest from the FMQ  February challenge of  FEATHERS !!! No one said it would be easy, They were so correct.
The pictures below (fabric only at that stage) are a tiny preview of the 100th post giveaway.
Sewing is started, and looking good. More photos to come on the day.
There will be a NZ  “Goodie”  and an overseas   “ Goodie”  as well. Keep looking.

100th post giveaway previewMore pieces for 100th post
Quotation of the day from  John Keats , 1795-1821
“ Much have I travelled in the realms of gold,
And many goodly states and kingdoms seen”
Cheers from Jean


HG's Blog said...

Hi Is your garden a place for travelers to stay or do you know these people. Looks like they are having a great time. Cheers

Nancy J said...

Hi, we have a large garden and home, and run a B&B, and have motorhomes or campervans stay. Most are visitors to New Zealand from overseas, but we also meet lovely people from here in NZ. We are 2 hours from Wellington, so it suits those who are on their way to the Ferry Crossing or to the Airport.it is great to meet others , and I have learnt so much about their countries., and also about other parts of NZ. Cheers from Jean.

Shirley Goodwin said...

I'm not sure that I knew you had a B&B as well, Jean! You sure do keep busy. It's great to talk to people from other countries and cultures - I am enjoying my Chinese student.

Nancy said...

Checking out your guests' blogs painted a lovely image of your area. The vast landscapes are a bit similar to my area. What a hike it was to the lighthouse! That is definitely not for the weak-hearted.