Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Challenges and The Project


With next year’s Diploma in mind, I am starting to look at one challenge a week. This week it was “ photomerge” this is 3 pics,merged or stitched together. Same settings,  my  tripod is still down south , so  I used my own ( personal design)  camera bean bag, resting on a post. Night sky from our front patio.I still need to find how to frame and save in another format.Photomerge night sky at our place copy

I can now breathe a HUGE sigh of relief, the dreaded project is finished. Hugh thought a  ply sided cover on boxed steel was a good idea for the trailer, and a better idea was to have a “tent like canopy extension” for the back.This will save putting up a  tent!! The first lot of sewing was a disaster, the roof had no fall,( the man did say he told me at the start the roof would need to slope down) ( I think I had a hearing problem that day!!) the sides were the same length, so if it rained, water would pool in the roof.. solution, unpick all the sewing, cut out a new roof, slope the side walls, at the top, so the ground part was level. This was a nightmare of EPIC proportions, can you hear the words…, Divorce, I will leave home, I hate this job, I will never try and do this again.. and so on. The waterproof fabric was so thick pins would not go through,  if they did I had to use pliers to pull them out again,I  used  double sided sticky tape to hold the huge pieces together. It is over 2 metres long, 1.5 metres wide. And my new (temporary,))sewing table is a macrocarpa slab  bolted onto a “Workmate Table”.( all sewing tables etc packed away for the better real estate pics!!)

The Project 

canopy  and covered wagon

canopy zippers

There is also a side canopy, no walls, it was  so much easier to fit, and Dave …( his work benches, huge cutting scissors, and rolls of fabric , not to mention sewing machines set into a level table, are a sewers dream come true)…. from

Tarps and Covers Ltd, 50 Taonui St. Palmerston North, came to my rescue as he did the last difficult sewing, and inserted  some more grommets.

Many thanks Dave, you literally saved me from???

workmate bench

Quotation of the day from  Molière

“ The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it”

Greetings from Jean


camp and cottage living said...

Wow, what an under taking!
It sounds like you're on the right track now.
Oh, your sky photo is awesome!

Nancy J said...

Hi Kimberly, yes huge relief, I'm not 100% happy with the walls, but they will have to be as they are for now. But I am happy with the sky merge. Thanks for lovely words. Greetings from Jean.

Jenny said...

No way would I attempt that sort of sewing! That would be much too hard for me. You need to reward yourself with something nice, such as a little choccie.

When are you going to try out your new tent?

Nancy J said...

Jenny, a little choccie will be great for starters.. I have my eye on something on Trademe, hope I get it, and that will be a huge reward. this would have been the hardest, longest sewing project ever. Using it, when summer arrives. The air bed fits in the trailer with room to spare, ample room in the canopy for table, chairs and stove. Lots easier than putting up a tent. This way it saves the costly motorhome COF, insurance and huge tyres, etc. Cheers, Jean.

Susan Heather said...

Love the Iris and the sky photo. Wow, that is some project you have been working on. Sounds like it will be much better than a tent though.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Ekkkkkk epic proportions!!!! I would hate to sew that. Well done you.


Lori Skoog said...

Catching up here...first, I love your header shot. Second, I can't imagine taking on that sewing project! Your photographs are beautiful and you sure are learning a lot about the digital world. I have never had a tripod but could really use one, especially when I take shots of the moon.

Georgia said...

Oh Jean, my heart, hands and head ached over that story and the memories of projects people have cajoled me into trying that were too much for me and my machinery! Your photo work continues to amaze and delight. That Iris!

TexWisGirl said...

wow! quite the undertaking!

Michaele said...

Wow! I am so impressed. That was a big undertaking but it looks like it will do the job.

Nancy J said...

Hi all, yes a massive undertaking, and NEVER again, way too big in size and difficulty. But what joy to have it all done!!! So the camera is very welcome work, and challenges are good, as I'm known to be a "leave it till later" kind of girl. Thanks again for your wonderful words. Greetings from Jean.

Lindsjö taxar said...

What a Project!!! But so big!!!
Well done.
Great pictues!

Mystic Quilter said...

Amazing shots, clever you Jean! Good idea about the challenge each week.

KB said...

That "tent" was a huge job! I can imagine how daunting it was. I'm glad that you've finished it!

I love the photo. Well done. The sky is gorgeous.

Nancy J said...

Hi all, yes a huge sewing "adventure" and yes, I do so like sky shots. Experiments and challenges, all good for my procrastination, that is something I need to eradicate big time!!! Cold here, snow in the far south, and I rescued some daffs , too cold to pick without gloves. And as always, so many thanks for lovely comments. Cheers, Jean.

Here I Am Carrie said...

Great finished products in both the tarp and the photo. I can't imagine trying to stitch a photo together,I a few and they weren't that good. I love my new camera. Just pan what I want it is stitched. So have you begun your classes?