Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Don’t Step on my Purple Snow Shoes


Purple snow boots for Sophie

For Sophie,  Ron and Jim

The winter weather arrived with a blast

“Polar Vortex”, it’s colder than anything past.

For Ron and for Jim, in their cold weather gear

From their hats to their boots, almost all they could wear,

But for Sophie, the answer was never so easy,

Her feet suffered so much, those icicles nasty.

So the Dads decided, with shouts and a holler

“We’re going shopping, to spend many  a dollar”

Wee Sophie Doodle, has very sore feet,

She runs in the sand and the snow and the sleet.

Those little toes are bright pink from the cold

And if frostbite sets in, will do damage untold.

The shoe shop was open and they looked at all styles

Some too big, or too small, some funny, they smiled.

Finally the salesman opened up one last drawer

Look here, it’s the answer, will it fit over her paw?

“Come on Sophie, please try these ones on”

She did, and they fitted, and “Look, Jim and Ron,

I like them so much, I might wear them now

Then I looked at the colour” “Oh My!!,Holy Cow!!

They’re PURPLE, my goodness, what will my friends say?

When they see me coming, they’ll run the other way”

But Sophie was brave, and she walked out with pride

Now she runs in that snow, not staying inside

So the moral of this, when you go for a walk

Wear PURPLE, and give all your friends a reason to talk!!!


Quotation of the day, from Regina Brett

Be eccentric now. Don't wait for old age to wear purple.

Greetings from Jean


eileeninmd said...

Love the quote and the cute purple boots. Sophie is happy now!
Stay warm and safe and enjoy your day!

Hannah said...

So funny. My daughter gave me a purple sweater because she didn't want to look like a "purple lady".
Myself, I decided to fully embrace being a purple lady, so I seek out more purples and wear them together. I just got a new coat, and it is purple. I love the purple boots, Sophie must be so happy.

TexWisGirl said...

very cute. :)

sophie...^5 said...

Jean ~~ you are too cool for words ~~ and your words warm our hearts all 3 of them.
The PURPLE BOOTIES do make a statement for sure, let's see, uhm, stay dry when it's minus 30 C outside because your paws could go numb.
This is so cute!!

PS...if you are ever on Facebook I added you as a friend so all you have to do is accept. Now there's no pressure and if you aren't an ardent FB follower no problem. I have been putting some more pictures of our landscape and home on the page. So anyway, if you feel like following Jim and I we would be so happy!


Karen said...

Cute boots, and a great poem!

Nancy J said...

Ron, I added you and Jim to my FB friends, so I should be there somewhere. I couldn't resist the poetry!!! If I can call it that, and yes, the cutest boots, I have read a book on the race from Anchorage to Nome, The Iditarod, and the number of boots the dogs use, or else the ice crystals cut the pads on their feet, and friends who did live in Co, they had boots for their dogs too. Great idea, thanks all for your lovely words. Greetings to all, Jean

Georgia said...

Sorry Sophie's acquaintances on the trail weren't interested in her boots. Friends have a labradoodle and think it's the best dog they've ever had. Nice tribute, Jean.

Michaele said...

This fits right in with it being Elvis Presley's birthday today. ( blue suede shoes )

Nancy J said...

I didn't know that Elvis' birthday was the 8th January, but the words just seemed to fit that song title and be right for Sophie. Hugh is right up there too, his birthday, here in NZ is Friday 10th,,, years undisclosed, after all, when you reach 65, anything else is a real bonus!!! Cheers to you all, Jean.

Jim said...

Ms.Jean! You are one talented lady I must say.
Thanks for this poem....it is very special indeed as Ron had already indicated. Now Sophie is famous!!!lol
See you on FB.

Carol Mattingly said...

Love those boots. Stay warm. Carol

KB Bear said...

That is a zany and wonderful poem!!! I love Sophie's boots... love love love them! And your poem makes them even better.

Linda said...

Great quote, Jean, and the purple boots are lovely!

camp and cottage living said...

Sophie gets her own purple Mukluks!
She's really styling..
Love the poem, Jean!
where did I get the idea it was summer there?

Nancy J said...

my Dad had a wonderful way with words, and for any special occasion " Put pen to paper", so maybe I am carrying on the tradition. Tomorrow Hugh has a birthday, so hope I can do something for him, I'll try not to out-shadow you, Sophie, up there in the frozen Nova Scotia winter!!!Not sure the photo I got from the net is accurate, but thought they suited Sophie so well!1 Greetings from Jean.

Barb said...

Jean - I so enjoyed this. Really, Sophie does need boots. I had them for my Golden because the ice would get between her toes and hurt. (Hers were ugly orange ones, not fashionable purple.)

Laurie said...

I have the "I will wear purple when I grow old" poem ... I am beginning to believe I am getting that way because purple is beginning to appeal to me.

This poem was lovely thank you. x

Laurie said...

Happy birthday to Hugh ... give him a big hug from me. xx

Nancy J said...

I have read that too, Laurie, and it is so true. Now all I have to do is compose one for Hugh, cannot have him think he is less important!!! Too busy a day, it all began when Max the visiting ginger boy came in at 3 a.m.... for his evening meal!!He does creep in without a sound, then the "Crunch and swallow" wakes me up. Never mind, at least we know he gets one good meal a day. Barb, I didn't know till I saw Sophie's boots that they did come in colours!! Take care, Jean.