Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Definitely the Ayes and the Eye!!!

 No photos today, I have had the much anticipated phone call to confirm my cataract surgery is on schedule, be there at 8 a.m. second on the list, so barring another equipment failure, I should be AOK this time.

Thank you, everyone for the good wishes, caring thoughts and prayers, phone calls and emails. They are so appreciated, and knowing you care is a huge boost to my spirits.

The weather is definitely in winter mode,  we had an almost frost this morning, but sunny the rest of the day. Tomorrow morning  my favourite weather app, "ynr" tells me we will drop to 2 Celsius, so the down jacket will have a trip out.

Dinner, roast chicken, 3 roast veges, green beans ( need  my greens for tomorrow) and bread and butter pudding, I made 2, one went next door to our wonderful friends, Lance did a WHOOP of delight!!! 

So I hope I can see to do an update on Friday. Meantime , to all my friends north and south,

The Quotation of the day is

" Be thankful for every friend and all your family, 

diamonds and gold cannot compare"

Greetings from Jean


eileeninmd said...

Hello Jean,
Good luck and I am sending my prayers and healing wishes for a quick recovery.
Take care, have a great day!

Marie Smith said...

I am waiting for the same surgery. I will be eager to hear of your experience. Good luck.

Sandra Walker said...

Best of luck tomorrow Jean! Yay for medical advancements that will I'm sure have you exclaiming how colourful everything is. My dear dad said after he had his cataract op, "Sandra, your eyes are so blue! Have they gotten bluer?" and we all laughed but he was dead serious.

Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl said...

I'll be thinking of you; fingers crossed for no equipment failures and a quick and easy recovery.

Jenny said...

Best wishes for your eye surgery, I'm sure you will come out the other side "bright eyed if not bushy tailed!"

Susan Heather said...

As I am reading this it will be over and I expect you will be back home. I am sure you will find a huge difference. Hugs.

Mystic Quilter said...

Hope all went well for you today Jean!

Susan Heather said...

Thanks for call. So pleased to hear all went well.

Kathleen said...

I hope the surgery is done and a great success - my husband had trouble the first 24 hours and then it was nearly miraculous.

QuiltGranma said...

Hubby had cataract surgery a few years ago. That year he got both done. Turned out VERY good. I anticipate you will have the same happy results. Best wishes.

Tanya said...

I hope your surgery has gone by easily. I'll continue reading the blog feed to hear the story!

Fundy Blue said...

I'm going backwards again, so I know that your surgery went well, Jean. Yay! OMG, I love bread and butter pudding! Lucky neighborhood friends! That's off our menu for a while yet. I've been calculating salt, cholesterol, calories, fiber, added sugars, and fats for everything Terry eats. I've learned so much! We've both lost weight, and I am determined to loose five more pounds. Fingers crossed that your recovery continues well! XXX