Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Away from Home

,Mokoia Island at Lake Rotorua. Maori Legend tells us that Tutanekai, who was living on the island with his older brothers, and Hinemoa who was a high ranking maiden,  and lived with her family a little distance from Rotorua township as it is today, had feelings for  each other. Hinemoa, the daughter of an influential chief, was not allowed to visit Tutanekai. One evening she took 6 calabash( dried hollow shells of very large gourds) and using them as floats, swam to the island.When she arrived she was so cold, she went into the hot pool there.After some time Tutanekai found her, and as with all good  love stories, they lived happily ever after. 

This photo of Mokoia Island on a sunny day is courtesy of the Internet.

The Black Swan posed for me on that cold morning, waiting for food to be dropped down.

The  giant trees in The Redwoods, Whakarewarewa Forest, are Coastal Californian Redwood, the tallest standing at 219 feet ( 67 metres) tall and 66.5 inches( 169 cm) in diameter.  170 tree species were planted  there from 1899, it was the first exotic forest in New Zealand. The outcome of this was to find that Radiata pine  had great advantages and is grown widely in this area today. At the heart of this forest  is 6 hectares of Californian Redwood trees, planted in 1901. The area is much valued for the walks, tracks for cycle rides, areas that people can walk their dogs,  horse riding, orienteering and  the many explorer trails.Altogether a beautiful natural place to visit.
These people did not have much to say,but impressed me with their silence, their fixed pose, and the beautiful use of the wood,a superb entrance display as you  drive through. The day I visited there, it was wet, the ground sodden with overnight rain, but to my delight I met a friend from some years ago when we lived at Lake Tarawera.  The unexpected can be  a huge surprise, and that was so when I was recognised,I did so enjoy the family photo, Wendy.Cheers to you Andy as well.
The day continued with more rain, and I left there to go and do the after school  pick up  at Lynmore and Lakes.
More Photos another day, now home again after  a wonderful time with the family at Rotorua.
Cheers from Jean 

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