Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Pics from the Past

South of Waiouru the barren land is often covered with snow, and the frosts linger all day in the shady places. In September the  tree waits for spring and the summer to show its real colours.
Come summer, the grass is green at last, the leaves have arrived, and Hugh's brother Des is posing by the same old shed  which looks as though it is on its last legs. Maybe b-in-law was the same after some long hikes in the bush.
On the main road going to Palmerston North this shed had a flock of birds  flying away from their safe place inside.This was a moment that was just that, a single moment to get the shot, as one second later the birds had all gone, and the next week the shed was demolished. I guess it had been a wonderful  little home in its previous days, with a warm fire blazing on cold winter nights.If only it could tell us some stories of its life.

 The Purakaunui Falls, south of Dunedin, is a favourite place for photographers.The day we were there some overseas people bravely walked out onto the very slippery stones to get the best shots.One man was almost acrobatic in his manoeuvres to get out to the middle of the water, to lean on a perilous angle, and finally manage to capture that special picture. When we came home, I later saw the same Falls in a huge picture on canvas at Levin.No doubt that photographer had walked on water to get his shot. No overhanging leaves or branches, just water and the falls.

Latest bag updates. A  huge box of bags is at Queenstown(, not sure but probably from the sewers and quilters who were at Symposium and read a flyer ) and will  come up on Saturday .
 On Sunday I am going to Rotorua for a week,   so will take lots of "Tourist Photos'. When we lived at Lake Tarawera, the beauty of the scenic lakes, mountain, and other areas was no doubt taken for granted, we could see it every day.Now when I visit I look at it with a different view. I will be able to meet old friends,share  memories of days together at the lake, and hope they recognise me after many years away.

Photo courtesy of the Internet, of Lake  Tarawera, and it looks just the same as it did  almost 40 years ago when we first visited the area.  The home of huge trout,  many secluded bays, and one area with natural hot water perfect for a mid-winter dip. This time there will be no swimming  or fishing, just wonderful family time together.                Cheers from Jean

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Mackenzie Field said...

These pictures are amazing. It sounds like you have a wonderful life. Cant wait for more posts.